في كل مرة يغادر فيها عميل من عملاء Agoda أحد الفنادق، فإننا نرسل إليهم بريدًا إلكترونيًا نتطلب منهم فيه تقييمهم لإقامتهم في الفندق. فهذه هي الطريقة الوحيدة التي يمكن تقديم التقييم بها. يتعين أن يحصل كل تقييم على مصادقة فريق المحتوى التابع لنا قبل نشره على موقع Agoda الإلكتروني. وبالتالي، فخلافًا لتقييمات العديد من مواقع السفر الأخرى، تكون جميع تقييمات Agoda معتمدة وأصلية.
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La Mirada Hotel

Dapdap, Lapu-Lapu, جزيرة ماكتان, سيبو, الفلبين 6015 (مشاهدة الخريطة)

!احجز الآن

La Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوف La Mirada Hotel سيبو - ردهة La Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوف La Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوف La Mirada Hotel سيبو - حمام السباحة La Mirada Hotel سيبو - المظهر الداخلي للفندق La Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوف La Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوف La Mirada Hotel سيبو - ردهة La Mirada Hotel سيبو - ردهة La Mirada Hotel سيبو - شاطئ La Mirada Hotel سيبو - المظهر الخارجي للفندق La Mirada Hotel سيبو - المظهر الخارجي للفندق
المنطقة: جزيرة ماكتان عدد الغرف: 40

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صنِّف حسب
Dennis I. عائلة مع أطفال صغار Philippines, 04 أبريل, 2015
nice place

The staff were very accommodating. The location of the pool is very nice because you won't feel the head the sun when you go swimming in the afternoon. nice place for a family vacation
I was very happy because we were upgraded to a suite room, quite a big room with sala, dining table and a kitchen sink. plus they sent an extra bed. The pool is very child friendly. It has also a very good location because you can't feel the heat of the sun when you go swimming in the afternoon. the staff were very friendly and accommodating.
Cheng S. زوجين Hong Kong, 04 نوفمبر, 2014
Transport is an issue

value for money, friendly staff, location
I have been staying at this hotel many times. And I have commented on the transportation issue many times. It used to be that we jave to pay 50 pesos extra to call a cab to the hotel, because the hotel is far away from the main roads. Starting in November, the surcharge increases to 100 pesos. To put things in perspective, the costs of the meter charge from the hotel to the biggest mall on Mactan Island is about 130 pesos, whereas from the Hotel to Ayala Mall in Cebu is less than 300 pesos. The 100 pesos surcharge is really outrageous. But guests have no alternatives! There is no shuttle bus (which I have literally advocated for years) or any form of transport. Plus the taxis are not always available. I had to wait more than 1/2 hours on Saturday night. So plan your activities with that in mind. Again I ask the management to consider orgainizing a shuttle service, even for a charge. Otherwise I need really seriously think about the alternatives.
Chee K. مسافر بغرض العمل Malaysia, 14 سبتمبر, 2014
Superb service but average room condition

Friendly staff
Staff are friendly and helpful...thumbs up! Room condition is a little under expectation. Wifi only available in the lobby area. Taxi must be pre-ordered with additional P50. Overall rating is ok.
Winniefred B. عائلة مع أطفال أكبر بالعمر Philippines, 04 أغسطس, 2014
A NEW HAVEN - La Mirada is a new haven in Mactan

big cozy rooms, friendly and accommodating staff, security
It was a pleasant stay all throughout. The staff was accommodating in extending our stay without extra charge, realizing the event, Ironman will finished late in the day, so, our check out was very late. They also prepared the breakfast as early as 3AM on the day of the Ironman, August 3, maing sure their guests are fed well before the long day, which ended at almost 5PM. And it was the only meal we had for the day. You are marvelous. The only thing we quite disagree with the place is its accessibility to the outside world. It is secluded and fenced off (security wise this is good though). Nevertheless, the place is worth coming back to.
Deborah S. زوجين Singapore, 26 يوليه, 2014
lousy hotel service

clean, spacious, nice views
The hotel is really out of the way. Need to call a cab everytime you want to go out, and sometimes there are no cab or there's a queue. Also, the reception staff is not very proficient in English. Although they updgraded our room, but they gave us a double bed instead of twin beds. Told them we booked twin beds, but told us we cannot change because the hotel is full. The breakfast service is terrible. On two occassions our breakfast was served late and with the wrong order as well.
H J. عائلة مع أطفال صغار United States of America, 19 يوليه, 2014
not so good

pool, big rooms, big compound
I would not reccommmend this hotel. big pool, rooms etc. but upkeep was very shabby. They were incorrect on our billing. Hot water heater did not work in the room. sinks not functioning. $50 dollars on laundry. No management on the premises. Sorry wish I could say something more nice but I would avoid this one.
Dale W. زوجين Australia, 18 يوليه, 2014
good but far away

good staff, excellent gym, room comfort
Overall a good stay as we were just looking for somewhere to relax. Its about a 25min drive to mactan airport and very far from city. Driving to the area it looks like a ghetto area but the hotel area is surrounded by large fences with security at the entrance. The only places to eat are the two hotels next door so expect to pay hotel prices. The staff here were excellent and the gym was a real highlight the hotel also has a large swimming pool. This place has some good points but is very isolated so it depends on what you are looking for.
H J. عائلة مع أطفال صغار United States of America, 18 يوليه, 2014
I'd rather stay in delhi

pool, big rooms,
We tried and tried but it just didn't work out. Of course, we did get a good price and there were a few helpful front staff but I think they have given up on the hotel as well. Broken water heater, broken sink, unkeep outside, cold breakfast... on and on. Staff mentioned that the hotel is plagued with problems. So let us all give up on this place in unison and we will be much better people for it.
H J. عائلة مع أطفال صغار United States of America, 15 يوليه, 2014
Not such a good deal after all

pool, price, big rooms
Unfortunately our stay did not turn out to well. Your options are limited on Mactan Island for more affordable accommodation but this is not the place. A lack of management, upkeep and food service are the top three reasons.
Wonmi J. مسافر وحيد South Korea, 08 يوليه, 2014
Great Hotel

It's beautiful and clean room, nice view, awesome swimming pools
It was beyond my thought because the price was lower than other hotels. It has beautiful view(It wasn't ocean view, but I could see wide spreaded houses and trees.)

!احجز الآن

اسرع - الغرف المتاحة محدودة

La Mirada Hotel سيبوLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوفLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - ردهةLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوفLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوفLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - حمام السباحةLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - المظهر الداخلي للفندقLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوفLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - غرفة الضيوفLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - ردهةLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - ردهةLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - شاطئLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - المظهر الخارجي للفندقLa Mirada Hotel سيبو - المظهر الخارجي للفندق