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MIA Cancun Resort

Boulevard Kukulcan KM 11.5, هوتيل زون, كانكون, المكسيك 77500 (مشاهدة الخريطة)

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  • المنطقة: Location: هوتيل زون
  • الغرف : 27

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للمسافرين الذين يرغبون أن يعيشو كل ما تقدمه كانكون, MIA Cancun Resort هو الخيار الأمثل. يمكن من هنا للضيوف الاستمتاع بسهولة الوصول إلى كل ما تقدمه هذه المدينة النابضة بالحياة. كما يمكن الوصول بسهولة إلى بلايا لانجوستا, بلايا ديلفينيز, هوسبيتل امريكانو.

إن الخدمات الممتازة وحسن الضيافة العالي في MIA Cancun Resort تجعل إقامتك تجربة لا تنسى. إن مكتب الاستقبال على مدار الساعة, تخزين الأمتعة, ركن للسيارات, خدمة الغرف, التوصيل من وإلى المطار هي جزء فقط من الخدمات التي تميز MIA Cancun Resort عن باقي الفنادق في المدينة.

يمكن للنزلاء الاختيار من ضمن مجموعة من الغرف المصممة بعناية لتعكس جواً من الراحة، والتي يتجاوز عددها 27. صممت خدمات الاستجمام في الفندق والتي تتضمن شاطئ خاص, مسار جولف - ضمن 3 كم, حمام سباحة خارجي, بلياردو لمساعدتك على الاسترخاء والراحة. استمتع بخدمات لا يعلى عليها وعنوان ذو اعتبار في MIA Cancun Resort .
الأطفال والأسرّة الإضافية
أطفال بعمر0-1سنة/سنوت
غير مسموح لهم بالبقاء

الحد الأدنى لعمر الضيوف هو 18 سنوات

يعتمد توافر الأسرة الإضافية على طبيعة الغرفة التي اخترتها لذلك الرجاء قراءة سياسة الغرفة الخاصة لمعرفة المزيد من التفاصيل.

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03:00 PM

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12:00 PM

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كافة التقييمات (12)
صنِّف حسب
Kate P. زوجين New Zealand, 15 أبريل, 2013
Pleasant boutique hotel.

Great location to the beach and shopping mall, and we enjoyed b
We appreciated the helpful, friendly staff who took an interest in us and wanted to make our stay enjoyable.
Liliya P. زوجين Bulgaria, 23 فبراير, 2013
Terrible place

If by any chance you are thinking to book thos hotel better reconsider... Although it is advertised as a 4 star hotel, it doesn't deserve even 1. Very, very old, needs a serious repair. When you enter you will immediately feel the smell of an ancient house and humidity. A/C in some of the rooms doesn't work. Rooms have also a ventolator on the ceiling, but it is somehow connected with the lights so if you wish to switch off the ventilator you have to turn off the lights as well. We also had ants in the kitchen, I asked the hotel manager to remove them, but that never happned. The cleaning lady does not wash the floor, at the 5-th day it was so sticky that i finally got where it's colour comes from :-( :-( Clean bath towels and toilet paper were very often missing, you will have to ask for them on the reception. The incline in our bathroom was somehow incorrect and to take a shower we had to cross a big puddle and the cleaning lady never took care about it. A very important clarification - you must know that a standard room means a room without ocean view, that is a room a street view .. believe me there was a terrible noise coming from the main street. This is nowhere mentioned and when I asked the hotel manager he explained that on their internet site all rooms types are explained in details. Of course I checked the site and ooohh.. such a sirprise .. there is not even a word mentioned neither for the hotel nor for the rooms. Having in mind all those "extras" I asked the manager if he would be so kind to change our room, but ... no ... no way ... unless we pay for an extension to get a suite... Well I really didn't want to invest more money in this hmmm let's hotel. At the end we just tried to stay as less time as possible there. Having in mind all those "extras"
Rita H. زوجين United States of America, 23 ديسمبر, 2012
Great Hotel

Not a "stale" high rise
Hotel is very unique, and located away from the high rises. We were upgraded to the top floor suite, which had spectacular views of the ocean and the bay. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The beach area is very nice. The bed was small and somewhat hard. There was a charge to use the computer internet access in the lobby, but the wireless service is free. However, the signal is only in the lobby. We wish we had planned a longer stay to enjoy the hotel and the area.
Restaurant Tip: We did not eat in the hotel restaurant, and instead walked to an Italian restaurant down the street. Other than that option, and a seafood restaurant, and an Outback Steakhouse, you'll need to take a taxi or bus to other dining options.
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