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Omega Beach Resort

Vagator Beach Road, Vagator - North Goa, Anjuna, North Goa, الهند 430715 (مشاهدة الخريطة)

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  • المنطقة: Location: Anjuna
  • الغرف : 26

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يحظى فندق Omega Beach Resort بمكان متميز في محور North Goa شواطئ, مطاعم, الحياة الليلية في منطقة Anjuna الفاتنة. يقع مركز المدينة المثير على بعد 20.00Km فقط. بالنسبة لمن يريد الخروج، هذه بعض المعالم السياحية المتوفرة للزوار شابورا بيتش, شبورا فورت, اوزران بيتش.

إن الخدمات التي يقدمها Omega Beach Resort تضمن للنزلاء إقامة مريحة. لضمان راحة ضيوفه، يقدم الفندق الخدمات التالية: جراج سيارات, مصعد, التوصيل من وإلى المطار, خدمة الغرف, مطعم .

في Omega Beach Resort غرف نوم يزيد عددها عن 26 صممت بذوق وعناية لتوفر لك كل وسائل الراحة كمثل تليفزيون بشاشة LCD/Plasma, دُش, زاوية للجلوس, ثلاجة, مكتب. يقدم الفندق مجموعة واسعة من وسائل الراحة المتنوعة، كمثل: حديقة, حمام سباحة خارجي, حمام سباحة (للأطفال). مهما كانت دواعي سفرك فإن Omega Beach Resort هو خيار ممتاز لإقامتك في North Goa.
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رضيع بعمر0-2سنة/سنوات
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أطفال بعمر3-8سنة/سنوت
غير مسموح لهم بالبقاء

الحد الأدنى لعمر الضيوف هو 18 سنوات

ضيوف أكبر من 18 سنة يعتبرو بالغين

يعتمد توافر الأسرة الإضافية على طبيعة الغرفة التي اخترتها لذلك الرجاء قراءة سياسة الغرفة الخاصة لمعرفة المزيد من التفاصيل.

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12:00 PM

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11:00 AM

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كافة التقييمات (8)
Prashant M. زوجين India, 01 يناير, 2014
totally worthless & unreasonable v/s the cost!

near to the beach, clean room
we stayed for 6 days during new year week 2013-2014. it was really bad. i would not like to call it a 'hotel' (calling it a 'resort' is out of question.)this hotel has two other hotels in the same compound run by the same owners. no in-house restaurant (food less hotel at night, no hotel reception,no drinking water, no wi-fi, no receptionist for assistance like showing rooms, keeping keys etc. all these work is done by security guard standing at the gate. the owners, 2 amateurs twenty something people, were seen as per their own wish. the hotel is mainly managed by this guard. guests have to requests for cleaning of room and fresh linens. clothes hanging on the staircase railing & unkempt lift passage. we had mentioned the manager once that we didn't find this like a usual hotel. it was not at all matching the per day cost paid by us and it appeared more like a medium level service apartment.
Dheeraj G. زوجين India, 17 أغسطس, 2013
It is a Good Budget accomodation.

Price, Near to Vagator Beach, Staff was good.
The room was ok but as it was closed for many days so there was some Seepage smell. Also the room got locked from inside so had to break that to come out of room.
Lynn M. زوجين United States of America, 21 نوفمبر, 2012
Nice room but far from the "action"

Big room, nice staff
upon arrival, we were confused by the signs on the building that said "goan clove" as we booked the "omega beach resort". after questioning if we were at the correct hotel, we were told that the management of goan clove had the top floor and the omega had the bottom floor. hmmmm - didn't quite makse sense to me and i was suspect. this building is also situated amongst 3 others - all with different names and some are apartments. with that said, overall our stay was pleasant enough. the room was big, the ac, fridge & tv worked and the shower always had hot water. i can't say enough nice things about ravindra the security guard. he was always helpful, accommodating and happy to help with a smile! he arranged for a motorcycle, helmet, tea, directions, the best places to go, etc. the cleaning woman did a very good job and was also pleasant and i apologize i didn't get her name. all in all, a decent enough place (the neighbors were a little noisy at times, but not the hotel's fault) but we prefer not to stay so far from calangute/baga where mostly everything is. it was just a hassle driving from vagator beach to there every day and signage wasn't the best as we often came upon lost travelers in this area. and watch out for the cows there in vagator - way too many and we had an accident with one!
Restaurant Tip: Rasa Restaurant in Baga is excellent! We ate there every day and well worth the 15 min. drive. It's multi-cuisine with an extensive menu and affordable prices. Excellent and tasty food! The staff there is fantastic and friendly! Kaka was an excellent waiter and super friendly!

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