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Palm Bay Resort

Lot 240A, Barangay Simpocan, Simpocan Beach, بويرتو برينسيسا, الفلبين 5300 (مشاهدة الخريطة)

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اسرع - الغرف المتاحة محدودة
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إذا كنت تبحث عن فندق بموقع جيد في Puerto Princesa City، فقد وجدت ضالتك في Palm Bay Resort . لا يبعد ...see more إذا كنت تبحث عن فندق بموقع جيد في Puerto Princesa City، فقد وجدت ضالتك في Palm Bay Resort . لا يبعد الفندق كثيراً عن مركز المدينة، فهو يقع على بعد 50.0 km منها. في حين يستغرق الطريق منها إلى المطار حوالي 120 دقيقة. يوفر الفندق بفضل موقعة الجيد وصولاً سهلاً إلى أهم معالم المدينة.

. إن Palm Bay Resort حريص على توفير الراحة للنزلاء، فلا يوفر الموظفون جهداً في تقديم أفضل الخدمات وضمان حسن الاستقبال. هذه بعض الخدمات الموجودة في هذا الفندق: جولات سياحية, تأجير دراجات, رعاية أطفال, مطعم, غرفة للعائلات.

تنعكس أجواء Palm Bay Resort في غرف الضيوف. غرف لغير المدخنين, تليفزيون, تكييف هواء, مروحة, شرفة/تراس هي فقط بعض من الخدمات الموجودة لضمان راحتك. يقدم الفندق مجموعة واسعة من وسائل الراحة المتنوعة، كمثل: شاطئ خاص, رياضات مائية (غير آلية), حديقة. إن Palm Bay Resort هو خيارك لخدمة الفنادق الراقية في Puerto Princesa City.
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Marina C. زوجين
Portugal, 15 فبراير 2014
It could be wonderful if the facilities were ok.

It's close to the beach and to the mountains.
Most of the facilities didn't exist. There is a lack of staff and they are not magic to put the resort at it's best, wich is a chame. Transport from and to the airport is crazy expensive. There is a jepeen/bus twice a day and it will take 2.30h to get there.
Elena S. مجموعة
Russia, 01 فبراير 2014
away of civilization and people

Friendly stuff, no other people, jungle
It was really nice rest for group. But it's 2 hours far from the city... So, no phone connection, no internet, no electricity in day time, no hot water, no shops. But amazing wild beach. Fresh coconuts!!! Beautiful waterfalls in 40 min walking .
Alisa I. مجموعة
Russia, 04 فبراير 2014
Awesome!!! Great experience of wild life!!!

Nature, no tourists, almost virgin
Definitely recommend for those who want to be away from civilization and rest in a paradise, surrounded by nature and nature only!
Patrick H. مسافر وحيد
United States of America, 22 أكتوبر 2013
Quiet, Isolated Resort in Beautiful Environment

The untocuhed environment and the beaches
To describe my overall stay I will first quote what one of the hotel workers said to me when we were coordinating my hotel pickup to go out to Palawan's west coast, where the resort is located: "Sir, this is the jungle." My main goal was to get away from civilization for a little while, and discover something new. That is exactly what I got while staying at Palm Bay. Everyday I hiked to, and swam in, an empty, quiet, crystal clear jungle beach. This place is not Boracay and there is no one telling you where you can, or cannot swim, hike or bike. Once you leave the resort area you are on your own and the experience is what you make of it. I had a great time and will go back to west Palawan again. The ride over the mountains to the resort, on the single lane dirt road, is 3000 pesos (round trip). But one can easily reach west Palawan's beautiful, wide open beaches on a dirt bike or motor bike from Puerto Princessa within 90 minutes--that's how the locals do it. The view as one goes over the mountain ridge is fantastic. The resort is a simple, quiet operation right on the beach on Palawan's west coast. It reminded me of how Thailand's Koh Chang, Koh Lanta or Koh Tao used to be 20 years ago. In front of the resort is a nice, crystal clear beach, and behind it are steep, high mountains covered with lush jungle. One kilometer south is another even better beach. If one walks 2 kilometers to the north on the road, just past the barrio, near the Simpokan High School, there are several more long, clean, quiet, absolutely empty beaches. The staff was friendly to me and did their utmost to make my stay memorable. I had a few drinks with the driver on some nights, and they asked many times whether I wanted to go to see any others sites. Don't forget to visit the cock fighter training camp near the resort.
Jeroen D. مجموعة
Belgium, 20 يوليه 2013
Nice hotel by beach, but far away from everything

Beach Relax Atmosphere
The resort is nice and relax, but it takes almost 2 hours to get there from the city, and costs you 30 USD.. It's a good place if you look for a deserted place with nice beach and nothing else. But if you want to have a bar, shop or internet (there is none at the resort), you shouldnt stay here.
Bisher A. زوجين
United States of America, 24 يونيو 2013
one of the worst .

nothing every thing is tourble
I don't know how they called it resort. not only they are 2 hours late from picking us up ,and they make sure to collect 3000p as a shuttle fee before we get on the shuttle, but when we get there was no electricity no water no internet no signal. we are the only couple in this resort, and when we asked about the electricity and water service, the manager said "sorry the generator is out of service and the pipe water's provider to the resort is Brocken, hopefully they will fix it soon(that mean no TV, No air condition No refrigerator, no shower, no WIFI and no telephone connection. no front desk, only three people operating the resort, the manager is the cook and the housekeeping. we have to run away from lack of services only we stayed almost 2 days which we should stay 3 days, and when we ask the manager to refund some of our money , the answer was " we can't do any thing about it, you booked with Agoda then deal with Agoda ( by the way we left ,still no water and no electricity).
andreas B. زوجين
Germany, 02 يونيو 2013
horrible bad experience.no network likekidnapping

avoid this hotel, no light, tv broken, no hot water, food high price! totaly wildness
Emmanuel A. زوجين
Philippines, 04 أغسطس 2014
Ambiance two thumbs up!!!

Ambiance, scenery, beach
Peaceful place and nice ambiance but very far from key places. Rough road going to resort for about 2 hours from the city. And no internet. Its okay to stay for 1 night but not more that that coz nothing else to do except swim and enjoy the beach. Food is not nice, but staff is very courteous and helpful. Place is not for the not adventurous type of clients. Electricity is from 6pm- 12mn only.
Kert K. زوجين
Estonia, 18 فبراير 2013
charging too much for the rooms

nice beach and nature
deluxe room with aircon: aircon was working, tv was not working, no hot water. we were almoust alone in the resort, no more visitors. we payed for 4 nights, but stayed only 3, too boring. the dining in the resort is badly organized, beacuse they don't have the food what stays in menu. you do not have anything nearby the resort, so i recommend to buy some things (snacks, soft drinks, sweets aso.)before you go there. the road to this resort is very stony and you drive 2 hours hopping with the minivan. me and my husband got bites of some insects. first we tought these are sandflies, but they could have been bedbugs also. two weeks after, we still suffer under very itchy desease. i strongly recommend to watch over your personal belongings, first of all the money. it seems that there is very private and you can trust the staff, but we had bad experience. the place is developing and i think maybe after 5 years it could be one of tourists destination points.
Luca G. زوجين
Italy, 29 يناير 2013
Nice location, awful services

I've been traveling in remote places since 10 years, and this is the first time I feel the need to say something about a resort. I write first the upsides, it won't take longer. The location is nice, isolated places far away from the civilization, wild beach and nice waterfall at just 30 min walking. Really bad services offer and staff behave, the worst experience I never had so far. The guest relation is always working in the office, which is in the city at 2 hours drive from Palm Bay. If you are lucky you can meet her just during the night. Ability to work out problems: 4 You have to ask for the tours, none will promote the resort activities. Guest interaction: 2 The house keeping service is just on request, funny considering during my stay there were just 2 room busy and the staff was messing around all time. Service: 4 The free breakfast consist in 1 egg and 1 slice of bread every morning. The menu in the restaurant is limited and they often run out of food and drink. Buy some food in the city is a must if you want to spend more than 2 days there. Sometimes the kitchen close earlier, one night i had to skip dinner. Kitchen: 3 Mostly the facilities they offer are not available or need to be fixed. Nice waves to surf outside the reef, but no wax and leash for the surfboard on renting. If you want to surf you must bring your own board. Facilities: 4 Electricity is working just from 6.30 pm to 11 pm (1 hour and half less is written in the brochure), and during my stay the generator wasn't working for 3 days. For this reason i don't suggest the room with air con, it's a waist of money. Overall it's a place I wouldn't suggest to anyone, you can find better accommodations around Palawan. But if you want to see Sampokan, Palm Bay is your only choice. In that case i wouldn't suggest to spend more than 2 days in this resort. Bring with you mosquito lotions and cash (no credid card accepted).

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