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Kenneth A.
المملكة المتحدة
25 يونيو 2016
Superb services and facilities
Staff of Remington are accommodating and polite, facilities are good and location accessible

Earlrich C.
25 يونيو 2016
Great location
Great location..

John B.
23 يونيو 2016
Close to terminal 3 of airport
Good stay

23 يونيو 2016
value for money
This hotel is near to the airport so we are not worry about going to or being late coz they provide a shuttle and that is one of the factor compare to other hotel.We are not amaze with the breakfast its limited,But still we are delighted since there is a near mall merely next to the hotel so there is a lot of option for dining..

Joseph A.
23 يونيو 2016
Good value
Not that expensive. Very close to airport. And with free shuttle buses.

Kimberly V.
23 يونيو 2016
Very bad
The room is not great. I think the laundry bags should be free. And also the comfort room is really small.

Danny L.
23 يونيو 2016
Okay for overnight
Nothing special but close t Airport and Casino, acceptable.

Stefan R.
20 يونيو 2016
Accessible to airport
Close to airport

Noel A.
20 يونيو 2016
Unfrendly basement 1 parking staff
For us first time on the hotel there were no signage for the on where else to park

Denise B.
19 يونيو 2016
great hotel
Recommended for families with children..