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The capital of the Turkish Riviera, Antalya is one of Turkey's top destinations and has been attracting visitors for centuries. Antalya Airport is just ten kilometers from the city so hotels near the airport tend to fill up fast during the holiday season. In recent years, as low-priced carriers have sprung up, the city has become a travel hub, with direct flights to many European capitals, particularly London and other UK cities.

Antalya is rich in history, art, and culture, with the old town, known as Kaleiçi, dating back many centuries. For visitors to Antalya, the first choice is whether to relax on the beach or explore this fascinating city with its archaeological ruins, ancient streets, and Roman baths. Accommodation in Antalya is varied, with most of the resort-style hotels along Lara Beach, and the rest located in and around the old town in Antalya city center. The Kemer-West Gulf is also a popular stretch of coastline with large-scale resorts that draws many visitors.

Once the attractions of Antalya have been explored, there are many lovely spots up and down the coast that can easily be visited on a day trip. Kemer is one such town – similar to Antalya, with a lovely stretch of beach and a historic town center. Buses connect Antalya to Kemer and it's a popular stop for people traveling up the Mediterranean coast. Golf is also a popular pastime around Antalya, and there are a number of fairways close to town, including Nobilis Golf Club and Antalya Golf Club.

Antalya is one of the best places to sample fresh, authentic Turkish food. Menus are normally rich in meat dishes, though seafood and vegetarian food are also easy to find and very fresh. For a local brew, try Raki, a strong licorice-flavored alcohol.

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