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This small province in the far west of Java has much to offer the tourist, from its unique culture and rich history, to lush mountains and spectacular beaches. Only three hour's travel from the capital Jakarta, anyone traveling overland on to Sumatra will pass through Banten, and a couple of days exploring the region is highly recommended.

Many centuries ago Banten was the ruling seat of the powerful Taruma kingdom and evidence of this once mighty civilization is found throughout Banten. Beside the Cidanghiang River in Lebak stands a stone inscription that dates back to the 5th century. Other important archeological sites are found throughout the region, and visitors with a keen interest in the history of Banten can visit the Archaeological Museum in Banten village.

The beaches here are typical of the Javan coastline, featuring strong surf and making it a popular spot for surfers. The Krakatoa volcano is also located here, and it’s possible to visit the volcano as a day trip. Most visitors choose hotel in Banten along one of its many pretty beaches, and travelers who stay right on the beachfront are assured great views.

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