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Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the world's largest urban centers, but this isn't what captivates visitors. Instead it's the city's unique character that makes it so appealing—such as its sometimes surreal architecture and the simple fact that it was built on the dry bed of Lake Texcoco.

Once the seat of the far-reaching Aztec Empire, Mexico City went on to become a hotbed of imperial activity under the Spanish conquistadors. The modern city has evolved from both of these realities, with a fusion of cultures that reflects both indigenous and distinctly Spanish influences.

Mexico City's attractions speak to the city's diverse background. The historic center sprang to the forefront in recent years with lively shops and restaurants housed in renovated colonial buildings. Take a side trip to Teotihuacan, an Aztec pyramid on the outskirts of town, to get a taste of what this region was like long before Cortez invaded. Hotels in Mexico City are well-versed in local highlights and can help arrange sightseeing excursions.

Of course, a city of this size offers more than sites and tourists attractions. It boasts unrivaled dining, drinking and shopping opportunities, with an entertainment scene that includes everything from Mexican wrestling matches (lucha libre) to authentic cantinas serving top-shelf tequila. In between are world-class malls, excellent museums and a host of international and Mexican restaurants. Accommodation in Mexico City offers excellent value for money, as several top-end hotels in the city center are priced well below their international counterparts.

Mexico City International Airport is the preferred gateway. It sits east of the city center and operates flights to major worldwide cities. A twin-terminal facility, the airport features onsite hotels and access to an extensive metro network.

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