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Toronto (ON)

Canada's most populous city is often undersold, but tourists are starting to see through the ruse. This is an eclectic, singular capital with more historic sites, cultural activities and high-endshopping on the agenda than visitors usually have time to contend with.

Old Town Toronto is thick with charming Victorian and Edwardian buildings housing hotels, but the scene is intermixed with enough Gothic highrises to give certain streets a New York City atmosphere. In recent years Toronto picked up the moniker, 'Hollywood North', as it's a popular filming location. In fact, Toronto plays New York City on screen more often than the Big Apple itself.

But that doesn't mean Toronto lives in its neighbor's shadow. On the contrary, this is one of the world's most evocative and relevant metropolises. Diversity is its hallmark, with half of all residents born elsewhere. Needless to say, the scope of restaurants here benefits from the more than 80 distinct ethnic groups that call Toronto home.

Attractions in this city are extremely cosmopolitan, consisting of world-class museums, art galleries and performance venues, such as the National Ballet of Canada. Evening entertainment options include ballet, opera, theater and, of course, plenty of drinking and dancing. One of the most exciting places for the latter is in The Village, a lively community that excels at throwing a good party.

The best accommodation in Toronto is located in the downtown and midtown districts. Several business-oriented hotels are not surprisingly located in The Financial District, home to international bank headquarters and Toronto's skyline.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is located outside the city center and has its own hotels district to suit late arrivals and business travelers. An impressive roster of flights serves cities around the world.

For more information on hotels and landmarks in the different areas of Toronto, click on the interactive Toronto map on the left-hand side of the page.