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Vienna is a rare European city in that it has managed to preserve its historic charm without losing its dynamic grasp on modern life. There’s as much for tourists here among the magnificent palaces and museums as for expatriates and locals. Above all, there’s something enchanting about enjoying excellent food and wine in the former haunts of some of the greatest composers and philosophers the world has known.

Innere Stadt is Vienna’s premier district and it exudes baroque charm. Much of it is reserved for pedestrians, making this an ideal place for walking tours. Major sites in Innere Stadt include the Habsburg palace, the parliament building and half a dozen museums. Innere Stadt is an especially attractive place to book accommodation in Vienna.

More charming architecture is featured in Landstraße district. Schwarzenberg Palace is the dominant structure here in Stadtpark, and it’s accompanied by a host of monuments and smaller palaces.

Vienna’s shopping scene sets the city apart. In the city center (especially Innere Stadt) is an eclectic spread of flea markets and street bazaars selling everything from fresh produce to exquisite handicrafts. Heading out form the historic core, Vienna has modern shopping complexes to rival the markets in its nostalgic center. The biggest attraction is Shopping City Sud, one of Europe’s biggest malls.

One great pleasure of booking hotels near Vienna city center is the access to nightlife it affords. The finest hotels are in walking distance of concert halls, theaters and old-fashioned wine taverns. Live music venues play everything from jazz to trance to the music of Beethoven and Mozart.

The most convenient way in is through Vienna International Airport, with direct flights to multiple European cities. Airport hotels are available for short-term visitors and business travelers, but virtually everyone opts for a charming hotel in the city center.

For more information on hotels and landmarks in the different areas of Vienna, click on the interactive Vienna map on the left-hand side of the page.