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Yiwu’s stake in tourism comes from its enviably moderate climate, and this draws more Chinese than international tourists. Those international visitors that do venture here come for the great selection of shops and markets.

Yiwu wasn’t even an official city before the 1990s, when it was promoted from its previous 'county' status. In ancient times, this mountainous area was famous for attracting poets and academics who would ruminate and create on the shores of the Xiuhu Lake. This is still a popular place to be based, and a few luxury hotels in Yiwu are on the shores with a view of the lakeside pagoda.

Most visitors in Yiwu are here to visit Futian Market, which is one of the biggest commodities markets in China. There is really no limit to what can be found, and the main network of markets covers an astonishing one million square meters. All of this buying and selling fosters a booming export market.

Most of Yiwu’s infrastructure, from Futian Market to Yiwu Airport, was built in the 21st century. Getting around the city is easy by taxi or bus, and the marketplace is accessible to cars at every level. Most of the accommodation in Yiwu is relatively close to the market.

Away from the shopping scene, there are only a few outright attractions that interest tourists. One of these is Luo Binwang Tomb, which honors a famous 7th-century poet. It was refurbished in the 1980s. Otherwise, Xuihu Park is a nice place to retire, and it has a few buildings that date to the early Ming Dynasty.

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