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Abandon any notion of Zurich as a city of bankers and little else. It may be home to one of the world's biggest stock exchanges, but Zurich is still an exciting and vibrant place for tourists, rich in culture and teeming with activities. Luxurious accommodation in Zurich dots the shores of Lake Zurich, while cozy inns and budget hotels are found throughout the historic core.

Zurich's city is divided into numbered districts, an unromantic notion that shouldn't be misinterpreted. The range of sites is outstanding, especially in District 1, the Alstadt. This is the old city with neighborhoods like Hoschschulen, Lindenhof and Rathaus. The Alstadt was built in medieval times and boasts beautifully restored monuments and cathedrals.

Touring the city leaves plenty of opportunity to learn about Zurich's history, art and culture. There are 20 major museums in town, along with many more art galleries. The quays of Zurich are a central attraction in the city center. They feature lovely promenades that pass through gardens along Lake Zurich.

Hotels near Zurich are found on both banks of the Limmat River. The right side provides access to the Alstadt, while the left bank is conveniently close to the rail stations along with major dining and shopping districts. Hotels are also widely available south of the city in District 11. Major neighborhoods here include Affoltem, Oerlikon and Seebach.

Zurich Airport is the biggest in Switzerland. It's modern and efficient, with ample facilities and airport hotels. The train connects to the city center in a mere 12 minutes. Zurich's main railway terminal is just as busy receiving as many international passengers as the airport.

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