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Holiday Inn Express Berlin City Centre West

Kurfürstenstraße 78, Τιεργκάρτεν, Βερολίνο, Γερμανία (προβολή χάρτη)

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22 Km

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14 EUR

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11:59 PM

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Aleksandr S. Μοναχικοί ταξιδιώτες Lithuania, 11 Φεβρουαρίου 2014
One night stay

Prisce and quality
One disappointment in our days of technology wifi is not free
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Jimmy J. Οικογένειες με μεγαλύτερα παιδιά Indonesia, 2 Ιανουαρίου 2014
all bad experience very small room wo free wifi

Bad experience bcause the small room but the price very expensive and not free wifi.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Paul H. Ζευγάρια Norway, 27 Μαΐου 2013
Great hotel for both shopping and sight seeing

Location, cleanliness of rooms and courteous staff.
We liked that our wishes were met. We asked for a room on a lower floor and got a room on the first floor right beside the stairs. The room was at the back of the building and therefore quiet. The front desk was always very helpful. The breakfast was basic but good. We would definitely book this hotel and recomend to others.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Mariana D. Γκρουπ Portugal, 1 Απριλίου 2013
Good stay

distance form airport, comfortable room, cleaness
The time I went there was Easter so all the shos were closed and the biggest advantage of this hotel is the proximity with the main shopping street. At this time was abit annoying taking the tubo/metro all the time...
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Rohan S. Με επαγγελματικές υποχρεώσεις India, 20 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012
Average Hotel, Average Breakfast, Poor Facilities

Good Location. Walking to UBahn & shopping area.
Well, considering i paid 300 GBP per night for this hotel, I expected i little more in facilities. I stay in Holiday Inn express, DC all the time. They are far better than this place. The staff was good. The rooms were small but clean. There was NO Clothes Iron in the room. And I did not get one from the reception the night i checked in. Because they just have 10-12 pecies, & all of them were already taken by guests. So I had to go with unpressed clothes to my conference next day, after begging for the iron 3 times in 2 days. Breakfast is totally cold cut. Except for boiled eggs. I swear not to ostay in any Holiday Inn in europe.
Hotel Feature Tip: Bring Your own Clothes Iron
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Chairat P. Με επαγγελματικές υποχρεώσεις Thailand, 27 Ιουνίου 2012
Lovely hotel and Execellence service

Near Shopping Center
Great location but small rooms. Execllence Services.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Tung H. Με επαγγελματικές υποχρεώσεις Malaysia, 4 Νοεμβρίου 2011
Basic hotel with all facilities needed

Clean and great location
Great location, only few mins away from U Bahn subway Wittenbergplatz station and famous shopping center Kadewe.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Paul G. Μοναχικοί ταξιδιώτες Australia, 11 Μαΐου 2011
A great place if you can find it

Helpful staff, free breakfast
a very pleasant hotel, but not luxury. this feels like a cheap business hotel or an upmarket hostel. the rooms are clean and very good, but they lack charm. thankfully the staff make a big difference, because they are always helpful and smiling. i speak german, yet i found that they are good with english too. the breakfast buffet is wonderful - lots of good food for free and visitors from other hotels come here. i was suprised that there is no iron in the room. you have to request this from reception and carry the iron and board up in the lift. very silly. it's a good hotel, but maybe you can find something better for this price.
Sightseeing/Attractions Tip: If travelling by train, you must use Wittenbergplatz station. This is the nearest station with the best connections. Do not use Kurfurstenstrasse station at night - this is in a red light district. It's not safe and very uncomfortable.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Robert B. Ζευγάρια Australia, 7 Μαΐου 2011
Good location

Location, reception staff helpful
our room was good and always clean.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Brendan L. Ζευγάρια Ireland, 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2010
Lovely safe-haven in nice location

short walk to U-Bahn, modern
two of us checked in here and found it to be a nice little warm escape from berlin's winter. comfy and excellent breakfast. good value for money!
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
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