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The Weinmeister Hotel

Weinmeisterstrasse 2, Μίτε, Βερολίνο, Γερμανία 10178 (προβολή χάρτη)

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Καλοτοποθετημένο στη ψώνια, πολιτισμικά αξιοθέατα, περιήγηση σε αξιοθέατα περιοχή της Βερολίνο πόλης, το The Weinmeister Hotel είναι το κατάλληλο μέρος για να χαλαρώσετε από τις πολυάσχολες μέρες σας. Από εδώ, οι επισκέπτες μπορούν να έχουν άμεση πρόσβαση σε όλα όσα η πόλη έχει να προσφέρει. Είτε πρόκειται για εκδρομές στην περιοχή είτε για επίσκεψη σε τοπικά αξιοθέατα, δεν χρειάζεται να ψάξετε πιο πέρα καθώς το ξενοδοχείο βρίσκεται κοντά στα Πούππενθιατερ Φίρλεφαντζ Θίατερ , Κτίριο Αννε Φρανκ Ζέντρουμ, Μουζίουμ Μπλίντενβεκστατ Όττο Βάιντ.

Με τις υψηλού επιπέδου υπηρεσίες και την μεγάλη ποικιλία ανέσεων, το The Weinmeister Hotel δεσμεύεται ότι η διαμονή σας θα είναι όσο πιο άνετη γίνεται. Το ξενοδοχείο σας παρέχει συσκευή φαξ, φωτοτύπηση, 24ωρη ρεσεψιόν, 24ωρη υπηρεσία δωματίου, εγκαταστάσεις για άτομα με αναπηρία.

για να εξασφαλίσει ότι οι πελάτες μας θα απολαύσουν την μεγαλύτερη δυνατή άνεση. Το The Weinmeister Hotel διαθέτει 84 δωμάτια. Όλα τους είναι διακοσμημένα με γούστο και πολλά από αυτά παρέχουν ανέσεις όπως δωμάτια για μη καπνίζοντες, κλιματισμός, θέρμανση, γραφείο, μίνι μπαρ. Κατά τη διάρκεια της μέρας μπορείτε να απολαύσετε την χαλαρωτική ατμόσφαιρα των σπα. Με την ιδανική του τοποθεσία και τις καταπληκτικές του υπηρεσίες, το The Weinmeister Hotel θα σας ευχαριστήσει σε πολλά πράγματα.
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Οι επισκέπτες άνω των 3 ετών υπολογίζονται ως ενήλικες.

Η δυνατότητα προσθήκης επιπλέον κρεβατιών εξαρτάται από το δωμάτιο που έχετε επιλέξει. Παρακαλούμε, ελέγξτε την πολιτική του δωματίου για περισσότερες πληροφορίες.

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18 EUR

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04:00 PM

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12:00 PM

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24 EUR

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Όλες οι κριτικές (43)
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Laura G. Ζευγάρια United Kingdom, 27 Αυγούστου 2015

Location; staff friendliness and helpfulness and cleanliness.
This hotel was a great choice. Best feature for us was the location, right in the heart of the centre with lots going on, an abundance of shops, bars and restaurants nearby. The hotel is within walking distance of many of the main tourist attractions and 100 yards from a metro station. Hotel staff were very friendly and helpful. The hotel was spotless. The double room was not very spacious but this was not an issue for us. The bathroom was a little unconventional, it had a sink and walk in shower which was not inside a bathroom but in the room itself, the toilet was separate in its own room, not sure this would be to everybody's taste. If this is not an issue for you, I would definately recommend this hotel and would return to stay here myself.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Carsten A. Μοναχικοί ταξιδιώτες South Africa, 24 Αυγούστου 2015
Exquisit Experience, Exquisit Location

Location, Atmosphere, Interior
Equisit Location, Exquisit Atmosphere, Exquisit Hotel. This hotel is chic/luxurious but not in an "overdressed posh" but rather in a cool/hip/modern/typical berlin -style. U can hang out in the Lobby in the evening and feel like in a trendy bar. The Hotel appears very young, very stylish and very hip and is the perfect match with the atmosphere of the area where its located!
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Sarah O. Ζευγάρια Denmark, 8 Αυγούστου 2015
Hipster hotel with very good location

The location, the beds and the staff were very friendly
We stayed at the weinmeister hotel for 5 nights. The hotel has a very nice location close to transport and major tourist attractions. We did not eat breakfast at the hotel. Instead we went out to the many lovely cafees in the area for breakfast. We especially loves "Zeit für brot" (3 min walk). The bed was nice with a double duve and Four pillows. The shower was nice as well. One minus is that the rooftop terrace was not open to the hotel guests, but only for privat parties:-(
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Heather M. Ζευγάρια Switzerland, 7 Αυγούστου 2015
Good location, but tiny/awkward rooms

Location, air conditioning
Overall we were comfortable. The beds were comfortable, the air conditioning was very nice in the midst of a heatwave. Overall our stay was good. However the room was quite awkward – e.g., it was impossible to get into the bed without climbing over a couch first. There was no place to put our suitcases, and there was probably only one square meter of space to stand in the room. We stayed for 8 days. This arrangement is OK for a 1-2 night business stint in the city, but as vacationers for more than a week, it was quite unreasonable.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Leslie W. Μοναχικοί ταξιδιώτες France, 2 Αυγούστου 2015
Great hotel

Location, design, comfort
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Jorge M. Με επαγγελματικές υποχρεώσεις Spain, 31 Ιουλίου 2015
Great experience, staff & design

Staff was extremely nice and helpful, location convenient, design of the signature room very quirky
Definitely recommended. Again thanks to the staff, very helpful and with such a welcoming attitude and sense of humour
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Johan H. Ζευγάρια Denmark, 31 Ιουλίου 2015
Perfect for a big city holiday

Location, hotel standard and staff performance were great. Everything was smooth from transport options to help at the front desk.
We had a lovely stay at the Weinmeister. U-bahn right outside the hotel, Alexanderplatz within walking distance, great neighbourhood with a warm, cozy atmosphere. The staff was very helpful, and we only saw smiles.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Maciej S. Ζευγάρια Poland, 26 Ιουλίου 2015
Excellent location, super nice staff

Location, staff, room
It's been 2 days only but despite short time if you stay in this hotel you'll be so close to everything that exploring Berlin, even in two days, would be really good experience. We've got medium size room which was really nice and spacious, staff was also super friendly. Good place for excellent price.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Michele T. Ζευγάρια Malaysia, 17 Ιουλίου 2015
Strategic location

Very near to subway (only 3min walk), near to many of the attractions and convenient
Will definitely return if I visit Berlin again.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
Maria H. Ζευγάρια Norway, 6 Ιουλίου 2015
Very good, but no fridge in the rooms

New hotel with Central location, good air condition. Very nice large Apple PC with excellent Wiifi .
Plus: Very nice, central hotel. New room and bath. Very good air condition in the extreme high temperatures during the weekend in Berlin. Very nice big Apple MacPC and excellent Wifi in the room. Minus: the hotel should at least place a mini-fridge in the larger (38m2) rooms. COuld not find english TV channels. Other: The breakfast look well presented,we did not see warm dishes. Cannot give a rating because we did not eat at the hotel.
Αναφορά αυτής της κριτικής
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