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Tietoja majapaikasta Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort


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Pääsy verkkoon

  • ilmainen WiFi joka huoneessa
  • WiFi yleisissä tiloissa


  • edestakaisia kuljetuksia
  • kyyti kentälle/-ltä
  • pysäköintitila

Tekemistä ja rentoutumista

  • hieronnat
  • hotellin oma uimaranta
  • kalastus
  • kiertoajelut
  • kylpylä
  • piha/puutarha
  • sukellus
  • uima-allas [sisällä]
  • uima-allas [ulkona]
  • vesiurheilu

Syöminen ja juominen

  • allasbaari
  • baari
  • huonepalvelu
  • huonepalvelu [24h]
  • ilmainen pullovesi huoneessa
  • minibaari
  • puitteet grillaukselle
  • ravintolat

Palvelut ja mukavuudet

  • concierge
  • kaapit
  • kaupat
  • kirjasto
  • kuivapesula
  • pesulapalvelu
  • sanomalehtiä
  • säilytys matkatavaroille
  • tallelokero
  • tupakointialue


  • leikkipaikka
  • perhehuone
  • uima-allas [lasten]


  • lemmikkieläimet sallittu
  • vastaanotto [24-h]

Puhutut kielet

  • englanti
  • filippiini
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Agodan arviot (366)

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  • Kunto/siisteys 8,5
  • Palvelut 8,1
  • Sijainti 8,4
  • Huonemukavuus/taso 8,7
  • Palvelualttius 8,6
  • Vastinetta rahalle 7,6
  • Ruoka/syöminen 7,2
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yhteensä 184 arviota
  • Kunto/siisteys 8,7
  • Palvelut 8,6
  • Sijainti 8,7
  • Huonemukavuus/taso 8,7
  • Palvelualttius 9,0
  • Vastinetta rahalle 6,8
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Grace, Filippiinit
Perhe, jossa pieniä lapsia
Yleellinen premiere
Majoittui 2 yötä, marraskuu 2015
The hotel has great rooms. We got a room right in front of the beach. I watched both sunrise and sunset by the hammock. The only downside is the food. I didn't like it much. Breakfast was OKAY but not a lot of choices. And the lunch, they could get a better chef. The location where we had the buffet lunch was great. it was right in front of the lagoon and the beach. Very beautiful! Also you have to make a separate beach front for day tour and hotel guest. It was bit annoying surrounded with day tour people who occupied the whole beach and left a lot of garbage!
Arvioitu: 26 lokakuu 2016


Dino, Kiina
Perhe, jossa pieniä lapsia
Glamping Bell -teltta
Majoittui 2 yötä, elokuu 2016
Very expensive and not worthy
Su Su
Arvioitu: 23 elokuu 2016


Jon, Yhdysvallat
Glamping Bell -teltta
Majoittui yhden yön, heinäkuu 2016
Beautiful. Relaxing. Overpriced
There's no denying the resort and island are stunningly beautiful. The lagoon is picturesque, the sand bar amazingly fun, especially with some decent-sized waves to body surf with and the water has some decent snorkeling as well. We paid over $200 for a "glamping" tent which included 3 meals. I think it was worth about $100 or $120. The tent was OK. Nothing fancy, and the beds only moderately comfortable. We were the only ones in the tent area. There was no staff anywhere nearby at night, which we didn't mind so much but others might. For the easily spooked, or horror movie buff, be prepared to get a bit freaked out by all the noises outside the tent in the darkness with nobody around to save you from your overactive imagination. Dinner was decent, breakfast was good, and lunch was great. A bit of a mixed bag on the food. I'd give it a "B" considering it's the Philippines, but in any other country, I would have been slightly disappointed in the quality and taste of the food. The two things which really bothered me the most: 1. Security guards telling us we couldn't snorkel without a life vest and couldn't swim at all on the windy side of the island with the sand bar due to the waves. Excuse me? Since when does a hotel staff have the authority to tell me I need to wear a life vest to swim in the ocean? We ignored him and did it anyway. 2. Be prepared to spend 105 pesos ($2.25) for a small bottle of water. Since you're on a secluded island, apparently the hotel thinks it a good idea to rape the guest's wallets by charging insane amount of money for drinking water. Pretty shameful to treat your guests that way, don't you think, Bluewater Management? Aside from these annoyances, the staff was friendly and certainly enthusiastic with their "good afternoon" greetings. 75% of the other guests were mainland Chinese but they were mostly well behaved and kept their voices at a reasonable decibel level and spitting to a minimum. Next time I think I'll stay
Arvioitu: 02 elokuu 2016


Allan, Filippiinit
Premier Deluxe
Majoittui 2 yötä, heinäkuu 2016
They need to eliminate the flies in the restaurant. It is so disgusting to eat with flies all over the place.
Arvioitu: 09 heinäkuu 2016


Gina, Filippiinit
Glamping Bell -teltta
Majoittui yhden yön, toukokuu 2016
Service at its best
Great customer service
Arvioitu: 23 toukokuu 2016


Eugene, Hongkong
Majoittui yhden yön, toukokuu 2015
Perfect island, beaches and rooms
Wonderful beaches. Great breakfast. Very big new rooms and big bathroom. A staff on his way to work (still off duty) helped us with our luggage, as we got off the same bus from the main road, and carried it down the slope and all the way to the island. Tho slightly pricy given its so remote from Cebu city and airport (around 3hrs drive..), but definitely worthy experience.
Arvioitu: 05 toukokuu 2016


wei, Kiina
Yleellinen premiere
Majoittui yhden yön, helmikuu 2016
nice trip
nice trip
Arvioitu: 18 huhtikuu 2016


YANG, Kiina
Sviitti 1 makuuhuoneella
Majoittui yhden yön, maaliskuu 2016
personal travel
really nice place!
Arvioitu: 29 maaliskuu 2016


Stephen, Singapore
Majoittui 3 yötä, maaliskuu 2016
Hell Hole beach which isn't what it seems!
We went here on the Easter holiday weekend (probably not the wisest weekend to visit Cebu admittedly) and generally it was a nice stay and pleasant weekend. The massive problem is that they let locals and tourists visit the hotel and islands beach, turning it from a quiet retreat to a hell hole with 500 plus people on the beach, rubbish everywhere, dirty nappies lying around. It's not the quiet haven you expect from the pictures on the web. Of course these numbers were exaggerated because it was the Easter weekend but when you're paying $550 SGD per night this is totally unacceptable. I pay that money for peach and tranquility, which you don't get here. They let the visitors everywhere, in the pool and in my opinion that just ins't fair to the guests. The plus side: the staff are nice (especially Clinton), the views are breathtaking and the rooms decent. Not amazing but the rooms are okay. The water is super clear and very blue. The bad side: Beach and pool is full of tourists and local people, The food is average, the pool is old and not really up to modern standards, what beach they have is very small, they have limited sun loungers (none on the camping beach) and none of them have cushions on which makes them super uncomfortable. All in all I just feel that this place is a tourist trap and I would steer well clear. We still had a nice time but if you're looking for luxury then you will be able to find many better places for your money.
Arvioitu: 28 maaliskuu 2016


joop, Alankomaat
Sviitti 1 makuuhuoneella
Majoittui 2 yötä, maaliskuu 2016
nice hotel, but to be honest....
the island, the view and the quietness
although we do not really have to complain anything we must say that is is not value for money. we stayed in the 1 bedroom villa, they claim over 100m2, but then they counted the outside area too we suppose. the room is nice and the bathroom too. having the 1 bedroom villa is nice because of the private plunging pool. still...... not really value for money. staff is very helpful and friendly. nothing to complain about them.
Arvioitu: 26 maaliskuu 2016


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