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88 Hotels & Serviced Apartments

88 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong Central, הונג קונג, הונג קונג

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YOUNSHIN K. בקבוצות
South Korea, 18 ינואר 2013
Excellent location, good room

located right next to ifc, room spacious enough
the location was excellent, doesn't even take 5 minutes to get there from ifc. it's also within 5 to 10 min walking distance to a famous egg tart place, famous restaurant yun ki, and nightlife area lan kwai fung. the room was clean and had a double and a single bed, perfect for a group of three (although the bed was kind of hard...). the bathroom was clean and the room came with a stove and fridge. although we never cooked, we found the spoons and forks useful. we never got to check out the breakfast because we always went out for eggtarts but i was overall very pleased with the hotel! oh and the old man downstairs was very sweet!
Darren C. מטיילים בודדים
Australia, 20 ינואר 2013
Stylish hotel / serviced apartment, good room

Modern furnishings, Central location, good size
Definitely worth the money. Excellent modern furnishings and decor. Location just on the outskirts of Central makes a 6-7 min walk to LKF. Size is decent for this price/area. Lift pass had some weird problems and the doorman was a bit odd at times... overall good stay
Chek L. זוגות
Singapore, 03 ינואר 2013
Lovely hotel in a nice location

Spacious room and convenient location
88 hotels & serviced apartments is conveniently located in the central area and is only around a 10 mins walk from the hongkong express station and ifc mall. the hotel room is clean and very spacious with your typical service apartment amenities. there is also free wifi in every room. the only down side is probably the unavailability of housekeeping on sun and public holidays. there are numerous nice eating places around the hotel making it very convenient for dinning. the mrt station (central) is also around a 5 mins walk from the hotel. we enjoyed our stay here and will definitely come back to the same hotel for our next hk trip.
Cynthia P. זוגות
United States of America, 04 ינואר 2013
Great location but aging product

Convenient location
The room has a good size for the location. However, the couch, carpet and general finishes of the room need updating. The carpet had spots that made the room feel unclean. The room also smelled a little when I checked in, which also made the room feel unclean. The bedding and linens were fine. Staff was helpful and efficient. The hotel does not offer toothbrush and toothpaste so had to run out and buy them. Also, had to request extra pair of slippers since there was only one pair in the room, yet I had two adults on the reservation.
Wiwan P. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
Thailand, 03 ינואר 2013
Accessible and convinient location

Roomy but a bit stuffy
Another good accomodation with partly required services if you overlook for full breakfast (also no breakfast and services on Sunday)and focus on prime and accessible location, this place deffinitely is an answer! You can easily take AE from the airport to Hong Kong station and get off at EXIT E2,walk thru Hang Seng Bank Building on the connection to Mid Level escalator, the 88 Serviced apartment and hotel is nearby the cornor of Des Vouex Road and Jubilee St.,only 5-10 min. walk. There are also many nice local restaurants in this neighboring area. Soho and Lan Kai Fung is also close to this place. We will deffinitely come back to this place again.
Christine P. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
Singapore, 06 ינואר 2013
Fantastic location with free wifi

room size is large by hong kong standards. basic toiletries are provided eg shower gel, shampoo and soap but they do not provide tissue paper. kettle, fridge, microwave and utensils provided for simple cooking. no tea or coffee in room and 2 bottles of mineral water provided in room but not replenished. friendly and helpful security guard helped with check in when office is closed. breakfast spread is very basic (tea, coffee, bread, cereals etc) and not available on sunday and holidays. tram station is right in front of the hotel entrance and provides cheap transport around hong kong island (hkd 2.3 for adult and 1.2 for child). easy to get to from airport express station if you know how to walk there. tsui wah restaurant 10 meters from hotel entrance provides cheap and good breakfast. many good eating places behind hotel within 5 to 10 mins walk.
Cherie T. בקבוצות
, 02 ינואר 2013
Good Location, Great Service, Big Room

Big Room, Good Service, Great Location
This services apartment is located within walking distance to Lan Kwai Fong and there is the world longest outdoor escalator just within 2 minutes walk. Many shops around the hotel and there is a tram station just right in front of the hotel.
Boonchai P. משפחות עם ילדים גדולים
Thailand, 23 ינואר 2013
Great Location Perfect room.

Lan Kai Fong nearby
The hotel entrance is doesn't look grand at all, but interior inside hotel and room are so nice.
sean Q. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
United States of America, 09 ינואר 2013
Nice room in a great location

Location and amenities
We stay for 2 nights and really enjoyed our stay. They have everything a family needs. Washing machines and even a small kitchenette in the room.
Kevin R. אנשי עסקים
United States of America, 28 דצמבר 2012
Good location and very convenient

Excellent location, good food all around.
A very short walk to the IFC Mall and Central Station. This is located in the heart of the CBD. The hotel itself does not have many amenities inside. However the rooms are clean and well equipped and you have all the restaurants and coffee shops you could want just steps away.

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