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Acacia Sunset Village Inn

Washington Street, Daorong, Danao, Panglao, Danao, Panglao Island, הפיליפינים 6340

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15 פברואר 2016 - 17 פברואר 2016 | 2 לילות
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  • מסאז'


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Acacia Sunset Village Inn הוא בחירה פופולרית עבור אנשי עסקים ומטיילים. מטיילים יכולים ליהנות מגישה ק...ראה עוד Acacia Sunset Village Inn הוא בחירה פופולרית עבור אנשי עסקים ומטיילים. מטיילים יכולים ליהנות מגישה קלה לכל האיזורים המרכזיים של העיר. אורחי המלון אוהבים את מיקומו המיוחד עם האטרקציות המרכזיות של העיר, כמו הקרבה לAlona חוף, The Philippine Tarsier Foundation, כנסיית Panglao

. בAcacia Sunset Village Inn, השירות מעולה ובלתי נשכח! המלון מציע גישה למגוון רחב של שירותים כולל Wi-Fi חופשי בכל החדרים, אחסון מזוודות, רשת אלחוטית באזורים ציבוריים, חניון, שירות חדרים.

האורחים יכולים לבחור מבין 3 החדרים המציעים אווירה של הרמוניה מוחלטת. במהלך היום תוכלו ליהנות מהאווירה המרגיעה של בריכה חיצונית, מסאז', בריכה (לילדים), גינה. לא משנה מהי הסיבה שלך לביקור ב-Panglao Island, Acacia Sunset Village Inn הוא מקום מושלם בשביל הפסקה מהרוטינה היומיומית.
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Lorraine H. זוגות
New Zealand, 14 דצמבר 2015
Quiet basic hotel with nice pool.

Helpful, friendly staff. Nice pool, and reasonably clean.
This place is a long way from anywhere so you need transport. The staff were very good. However the room equipment and furnishings were substandard. The cooker was old and rusty and the pots supplied were so thin everything you cooked was burnt very easily. Only supplied with absolute basic cutlery and crockery but staff happy to supply items asked for such as can opener, wine glasses. The bed itself was completely beyond it's used by date. The bed was bamboo with a foam mattress which was caved into a body shape so was rock hard and not worth having. The Internet only worked occasionally. I think something better could be found closer to town.
Francisco L. בקבוצות
Philippines, 01 אוקטובר 2015

price, spacious, quiet
This hotel is quite far from the beach or restaurants, so unless you don't mind walking or spending or transportation, you're better off finding another hotel. Rooms feel old and cheap, the bathroom drain was clogged so it filled our bathroom with water while showering. The bed is very uncomfortable, the mattress is too thin but there are adequate pillows. Air conditioning is terrible, it doesn't make the room cool, but they've provided an electric fan to help divert some of the air towards you. One good thing I can say is that they let us extend our check out time for no extra charge. But that's probably because it's the off season and we were the only ones there. So don't expect that they'll be that generous.
YIKE W. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
China, 16 אוגוסט 2015

Peter L. זוגות
Switzerland, 07 אפריל 2015
Comfortable and quiet pension

Friendly staff, quiet
More a pension than a hotel, it lies in a quiet place of the island. Staff is very friendly and helpful. You can rent motobikes there, which is very helpful for gettong around.
Anders J. זוגות
Norway, 05 פברואר 2015
Good value

The staff, the location and the room
Elva M. זוגות
Philippines, 15 יוני 2014
Quiet place

They clean the room everyday. Quiet. Have a private terrace.
It was ok. But far from the beach.
soyun K. בקבוצות
South Korea, 17 אוקטובר 2013
it was best place ever!

comfortable, like home, very friendly
i was lost my cell phone but the host call the police and touch friend who are tricycle driver. so we can look around fast and we found that!! they are kind and room is vert big, i think you can not find such a big, comfortable hotel with this price. you should stay at least 2 days cause it has beatiful sea so you can enjoy dive and go to valikasak and vergin island. Reversation with this site and i stongly recommend this hotel. i missed them a lot!!!
Jesse R. זוגות
Canada, 19 פברואר 2013
Comfortable accommodations and very helpful staff

Great price and good location
we stayed 3 nights in this hotel and would have stayed longer if we hadn't already booked our other hotels. great price for what you get. comfortable and clean rooms. provide rental of motorbikes which you need to get around. a quick ride to the beach from the hotel. rooms have balconies overlooking the small pool in the back. not very many rooms in this hotel so no one ever in the pool. we would recommend this hotel for others to stay in. downside is that there is no onsite restaurant but they do have drinks available and they will help you order in food from a nearby restaurant. a little slow in coming but good food.
francois D. זוגות
France, 25 פברואר 2013
place charmant, isolé

a 3km du centre de alona beach, mais reste tres accessible. hotel familial, a la hauteur de son budget, et personnel tres serviable. les chambres sont correctes, le cadre sympa, la piscine est pratique.
francois D. זוגות
France, 25 פברואר 2013
nice hotel

a 3km du centre de alona beach, mais reste tres accessible. hotel familial, a la hauteur de son budget, et personnel tres serviable. les chambres sont correctes, le cadre sympa, la piscine est pratique.

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