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acama Hotel + Hostel Kreuzberg

Tempelhofer Ufer 8/9, קרויצברג, ברלין, גרמניה 10963 (הצג מפה )

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"Price,free coffee and tea during the day in common area..."

Joerg, Germany 04 יוני 2015
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לא כלול במחיר החדר מס 7%, מס עירוני 5%
04 אוקטובר 2015 - 06 אוקטובר 2015 | 2 לילות
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בחירה פופולארית
חדר לארבעה (Quadruple Room)
ILS 563.08 471.22
תנאי ההזמנה
3 החדרים האחרונים שלנו
חדר לארבעה (Quadruple Room)
ILS 563.08 511.39
מחיר מבצע! ללא החזר כספי
3 החדרים האחרונים שלנו
חדר קלאסי (Five-Bed Room)
ILS 637.87 522.05
תנאי ההזמנה
2 החדרים האחרונים שלנו
חדר קלאסי (Six-Bed Room)
ILS 739.04 606.24
תנאי ההזמנה
2 החדרים האחרונים שלנו

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אם אתה מחפש מלון נוח בברלין ,acama Hotel + Hostel Kreuzberg הוא המלון עבורך! מטיילים יכולים ליהנות מ...ראה עוד אם אתה מחפש מלון נוח בברלין ,acama Hotel + Hostel Kreuzberg הוא המלון עבורך! מטיילים יכולים ליהנות מגישה קלה לכל האיזורים המרכזיים של העיר. המבקרים במלון יכולים להנות מהאטרקציות העיקריות של העיר: מרכז מדע ספקטרום, המוזיאון היהודי, המוזיאון הגרמני לטכנולוגיה

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בacama Hotel + Hostel Kreuzberg ישנם 149 חדרי שינה. כולם מרוהטים בטעם, ורבים אף כוללים שירותים כמו חדרים ללא עישון, הסקה, שיחת השכמה, שולחן כתיבה, שעון מעורר. עם מגוון הצעות הבילוי שהמלון מציע, תהיו בטוחים שלא יהיה לכם משעמם! מצא שירות מקצועי ואווירה מענה ב- acama Hotel + Hostel Kreuzberg.
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מיין לפי:
Lilia H. מטיילים בודדים
Sweden, 11 אוגוסט 2015
Good area, clean, nice staff

Good area, clean, cheep
Joerg H. מטיילים בודדים
Germany, 09 יולי 2015
A good, safe and clean hostel.

Price,free coffee and tea during the day in common area breakfast
I had a lovely stay at this hostel. It was the week of the Champions League Finals so other hotels where I would normally stay were booked out or HEAVILY overpriced. I managed to get a single room for less than 50 bucks. I also had a look at the shared dorms and they seemed fine. My single room was not very spacious, but had a comfortable bed with ensuite bathroom & shower and there was a TV. Breakfast was good and location convenient. Recommend!
GREGORY J. זוגות
Australia, 13 יוני 2014
Quite a good place. Liked the free tea and coffee.

Breakfast, open all the time and location.
Enjoyed the three days in the area. Did most things by walking and the public transport system is good.
Ebrahim M. זוגות
Singapore, 19 דצמבר 2013

Price Staff Location
Brett W. מטיילים בודדים
United States of America, 02 דצמבר 2013
Simple and Comfortable

This place is really a hostel. There seemed to be a mix of all kinds of people there. Families, as well as older travelers. It was decent enough. The location is ok, but you'll need to walk a few blocks to get to most places which means it could be a little rough in the middle of winter. No internet in the room. You need to go down to the common area to use the wifi.
Scott C. זוגות
United Kingdom, 14 נובמבר 2012
Basic and clean - unfriendly staff

Unlimited coffee - clean - luggage storage
Upon arrival the reception staff tried to charge my card again even though I had already paid, in addition to this they were rather unfriendly and could do with some training on how to make guests feel welcome. The breakfast was basic but edible. Wifi should be available throughout and not only in the shared areas - in 2012 this is pretty absurd as for example in Romania Wifi can be accessed anywhere, yet in a modern western country like Germany only in the lobby and common room? I booked a twin room and received a room which had two single beds as requested, but also another 2 sets of bunk beds - this was not the room I asked for. Also be aware you could be placed in a room with a train line running right outside your window - so you may want to take earplugs. On a final note the lift is the slowest in the world, take the stairs.
Martin L. זוגות
Sweden, 11 אוגוסט 2012
You get what U pay for

Cheap, good location.
You get what U pay for. Had the possibility of sleeping 4 in each room which could be nice if you are a larger group travelling and like sleeping together. Easy to reach from Tegel airport only hade to make one switch from the coaches too the U-bahn. So if U prefer spending your money on food or drinks instead of hotels. This is the place for U.
Howard H. זוגות
United Kingdom, 12 אפריל 2012
Very nice hotel

Very good location
Well situate to main areas of Berlin. Very clean hotel, excellent breakfast. Would visit again.
Dermot F. בקבוצות
United Kingdom, 25 פברואר 2011
Good enough place, but definitely a hostel

Price and location
This was a good enough place to stay, A better option is the Meininger Hostel opposite which seems to have more control on their patrons.
Lin S. משפחות עם ילדים גדולים
Hong Kong, 25 יולי 2010
Very clean place

Very clean, close to underground station
I enjoyed staying in the hotel, though I'd say it's more like a student hostel than a hotel. The hotel has attracts lots of young customers, so at night when the youngsters gathered for a drink in the courtyard, it was quite noisy. The hotel is very very clean and it is quite comfortable staying there. I recommend this hotel to anyone. The price is very cheap indeed. So if I go to Berlin in future, I'll choose to stay in this hotel again.

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