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נעים 6.5
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  • מצב/ניקיון בית המלון 6.3
  • מתקנים 4.9
  • מיקום 7.6
  • נוחות ותנאי החדר 6.7
  • תפקוד סגל העובדים 6.5
  • תמורה ביחס למחיר 6.1
  • מזון/חדר אוכל 5.7

Vikneswaran N.
28 אוגוסט 2014
Paradise for couples
Amazing sunset, private beach and large swimming pol
Excellent stay in Damai. The location of the hotel between the sea and the mountain was picturesque. Amazing sunset, private and beautiful clean beach and warm sea and widespread pool made the resort an excellent choice for couples who needs privacy especially during the weekdays.

Poh S.
22 אוגוסט 2014
Room not clean, toilet sink stuck.
beautiful beach & sea.

Jo T.
18 אוגוסט 2014
Short getaway
Scenary, Pool, Beach
Pleasant stay but room has a musty/moldy smell. Otherwise nice pool and beach with beautiful surroundings.

Joanne M.
16 אוגוסט 2014
comfort, location, room service
nice spot for a weekend getaway, few activities in house to while away your time but the staff are new and keeps u waiting unnecessarily during counter services

Li T.
07 אוגוסט 2014
Beach and relaxing
Normal feeling

Ellis D.
05 אוגוסט 2014
beach pool sunset

Eddy S.
05 אוגוסט 2014
good private beach
private beach, family pool, nice view
not very perfect as i expect...

04 אוגוסט 2014
Food so so only
Nice site seeing
No comment

Gladwena J.
01 אוגוסט 2014
Great location
the pool the beach and the view is terrific.
Dining choices value for your money. Fountains were only switched on in the evening upon request. Beach / sea activities non existant. Parking too far from covered walkway when it rained heavily. Food at the nearby Buntal village and Palm Garden made up fo the lack of good food.

June P.
31 יולי 2014
Poor Manage Hotel
We booked for 3 rooms, all 3 got the same problem. Keycard, phone is not working, some wall plug not working. NO WIFI in-room. room not clean properly. Air-conditioned is not cold. hotel staff poor service. taking an hour to get a working room after run 3 round to reception.