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Bohol Sunside Resort

Tawala, Panglao, Tawala, Panglao Island, הפיליפינים 6340

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15 פברואר 2016 - 17 פברואר 2016 | 2 לילות
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Bohol Sunside Resort אשר נבנה בשנת 2010, הינו תוספת ייחודית לPanglao Island ובחירה חכמה למטיילים בה....ראה עוד Bohol Sunside Resort אשר נבנה בשנת 2010, הינו תוספת ייחודית לPanglao Island ובחירה חכמה למטיילים בה. מרכז העיר הוא רק במרחק של 20.0 Km משדה התעופה. ניתן להגיע לשדה תעופה תוך 25 דקות. אפשר לבקר בקלות רבה בAlona חוף, The Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Momo חוף.

Bohol Sunside Resort מציע שירות ברמה מקצועית ומתקנים איכותיים כדי להבטיח ששהותך במלון תהיה נעימה. ניתן ליהנות ממבחר של מתקנים, כגון Wi-Fi חופשי בכל החדרים, רשת אלחוטית באזורים ציבוריים, חניון, שירות חדרים, הסעה אל/משדה התעופה.

כל החדרים מאובזרים היטב כדי להבטיח מקסימום נוחות. המלון מציע מתקנים פנטסטיים, כולל ג'קוזי, בריכה חיצונית, מסאז', בריכה (לילדים), גינה, כדי לסייע לך להירגע אחרי יום גדוש פעילות בעיר. תהנו משירותים ברמה גבוהה ב- Bohol Sunside Resort.
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Stefan K. זוגות
Germany, 09 פברואר 2016
sharing experience

cleanliness,quiet place,friendly staff
was so great ,,bcos of friendly staff and people there,,and clean place
Stefan K. זוגות
Germany, 09 פברואר 2016
experience sharing

was great and nice experience
Linas S. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
Lithuania, 22 ינואר 2016
Perfectly organised resort with great pool

Quality of the rooms, food, staff
We had a great stay here. It was a bit far for walking, but with the motorbikes available on site or with the tricycle it's absolutely no issue. Very good quality of the rooms (all appliances from German or other well known vendors) and all the resort perfectly taken care of by the staff, so you don't even want to leave it throughout the day :) Food is great & delicious, so overall very good value for money. Highly recommend.
roger N. זוגות
Sweden, 30 דצמבר 2015

Management , food , Weissbeer, pool,
Good value for money
Robert R. מטיילים בודדים
Switzerland, 08 דצמבר 2015
Nice and quiet Place

Swimmingpool, quiet Place, friendly owner.
It was a very pleasant and peaceful stay at the resort. The owner Peter is very friendly and helpful in all matters. Thank you for all.
Aurora M. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
Philippines, 01 דצמבר 2015
Basic, straightforward

Cleanliness, food available on site, Happy Hour!
Enjoyed the laidback vibe -- our room had its own terrace, pool is nearby, bar and resto make things convenient, presence of trees, plants and grass. The room was spacious enough and clean, and provides the basics - a refrigerator, AC, fan, cabinets, a safe, TV. The room could definitely do some sprucing up without a significant investment on management's part - a better choice in tile design, sheets, warm lighting, additional light bulbs (with only 1 ceiling bulb working in a spacious room, it was pretty dim) and sheets would've added to a homier and more pleasant atmosphere. But it was really nice to hang out outside. A bit of a distance from Alona Beach. For better value, food could be priced a tad lower. Accommodating and genuinely warm staff.
Marie S. זוגות
Philippines, 02 נובמבר 2015

Staff, Accommodation, Value for Money
Based on other reviews we're not expecting much. We were lost on the way there because its out of the way. But its peaceful, staff and the owner Peter is accommodating. We had an early check-in since we were late from the tour because of delayed flight. I suggested we will have an early check-out but they let us check-out late too because of island hopping tour we booked. Will definitely stay there next time.
Terry T. מטיילים בודדים
United States of America, 23 אוקטובר 2015
Paradise Lost

The staff,
OK = I think only small improvements could make Bohol Sunside Resort a really great place. However, the traffic noise is present when outside. This is because the road out front is busy from 5:30 AM on & the new airport is coming soon = it will tie in right there. I do not see how this will ever be solved. Sorry to see this happen not only to Bohol Sunside Resort, but to the island of Panglao = paradise lost.
Rhea C. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
Philippines, 22 אוקטובר 2015
Big apartment room

Spacious, and a nice kitchen.
It was okay, chose the apartment so I can cook for my toddler, who's very picky. Most of the basic toiletries are not provided (better bring your own as I didnt see stores near it). Food and drinks in their resto are a bit pricey. On the other hand, shower heater is working, room is spacious, resto-bar is inviting, staffs are accomodating, no fuss checking in and out.
Ela K. זוגות
Israel, 03 אוקטובר 2015
Very nice people very nice staff, very clean.

it's rooms, the pool, the staff.
great place, a 2 minute drive to Alona beach.

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