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Bruuno מפינלנד
חדר זוגי
שהה לילה אחד ב- ינואר 2013
Hotel/hostel for those who come and go
Maybe young people like it best
A double room was reserved but we got a four person room for two, nothing against it, bathroom very good, kitchen in the room but facilities poor, a better table would be needed, breakfast quite good but breakfast room is little, metro stop at opposite side of hotel which is a big plus especially for older people
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 03 פברואר 2013


Alya מצרפת
שהה 2 לילות ב- דצמבר 2012
Great hotel with best price
low price but include kitchen even bathtub inside
Low price good facilities, kitchen, bathtub, nice breakfast, but if you want to cooking its better for you to bring pan and spatula for cooking because its not included
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 06 ינואר 2013


Ang מסינגפור
חדר זוגי
שהה לילה אחד ב- אוקטובר 2012
Huge apartment at an amazingly affordable price
The location was just superb, right next to the U-bahn and the Bistro downstairs served awesome tasting food
t'was just the two of us but we were issued a huge apartment that has double storeys and perhaps 8 beds or so in total? with a writing desk and even a kichenette. but it would have been even better to provide some pots and pans, or else the stove really defeats the purpose. location was superb, reception was friendly too, was happy with everything, didn't mind having to lug my 15kilos luggage up the stairs for 4 storeys, good exercise in the cold autumn weather! :) a pity the wifi was only available in the lobby reception though.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 22 אוקטובר 2012


Johanna מפינלנד
מטייל בודד
חדר ליחיד
שהה 4 לילות ב- אוקטובר 2012
Centrally located budget hotel with clean room
Priz, location, inner court
Stayed four nights in a very clean and comfortable room with a small kitchenette. The hotel consists of several buildings centered around a beatiful inner courtyard. The neighbourhood felt quiet and there is nothing much to see, but the underground station Schwartzkopffstrasse is literally 50 m from the door and takes you to lively Friedrichsstrasse in a few minutes. You can also easily reach Mitte by foot and the Mauerpark at Bernauerstrasse is very close. Really would recommend City Hotel & Hostel for a budget stay. The prize included a basic breakfast and free Internet in the lobby, which was very small and sometimes crowded.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 11 אוקטובר 2012


NORAZRI ממלזיה
חדר זוגי
שהה לילה אחד ב- ספטמבר 2012
Quite Area of the City
In Front of U Train Station
would be great if the breakfast is included in the deal.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 13 ספטמבר 2012


Wing מהונג קונג
חדר זוגי
שהה לילה אחד ב- יוני 2012
Noisy night!
big room
i was happy when i was being notified that i can upgrade to an apartment while i had just booked a double room. probably the rooms were full. however, i was living in the ground floor and it was horrible. i was suffered with noise whole night and people were running and knocking and banging the doors loudly until 3am.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 02 יולי 2012


TU מטייוואן
מטייל בודד
חדר לשלושה
שהה לילה אחד ב- מאי 2012
good position but bad service
easy to find, close to subway
The hotel is close to subway. But when we in the room, their staff came into our room to do some works, and conter says it is their right to let their staff come in and out rooms.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 20 מאי 2012


Eugenio מניו זילנד
חדר זוגי
שהה לילה אחד ב- מאי 2012
Convenient Location, value for money,
As above..... the train station is located just outside the hotel to go to all around Berlin.
What was I thinking!!! Value for money, but you get what you pay for. This is a mixed hotel and hostel. I'm not sure if it's just my timing. During my stay, the hostel part was filled with middle school teens who were up and shouting outside the patio until 4am!!!!! No signs of the hotel management (much less school authorities) to discipline these people (not kids). I never had exeprienced this in my life!!! I thought I was in a third world hotel!! No sleep at all. Good I was only in for the night. I could imagine other guests who weren't.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 18 מאי 2012


Uday מהודו
מטייל בודד
חדר ליחיד
שהה לילה אחד ב- דצמבר 2011
Very bad service at the hotel
the breakfast was good
i booked single room online at city54 hotel and when i went to the hotel on 8th dec, the hotel staff gave me a room, and when i went inside the room with the key given to me, to my shock, there were two bags already inside the room !!, the room was not checked out yet but the staff gave me the key to that room ! what a disaster and crappy service is that ? then i was given another room with four beds all to myself and to my shock, the room's emergency exit lock was broken and the door opened from outside without any key !!.. so i was in a room which had no lock ! the hotel staff said they had no other room and i was forced to sleep in an unlocked room for the night !!! very bad hotel which doesnt deserve a three star status .
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 12 דצמבר 2011


חדר זוגי
שהה 7 לילות ב- אוגוסט 2012
Emplacement idéal
Emplacement idéal et bon rapport qualité prix
Hôtel idéalement situé, le métro à la porte de l'hôtel permet de rejoindre facilement le centre ville en 2 stations et tout aussi facilement le S-Bahn périphérique. La présence d'un gardien assure la tranquillité nocturne.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 23 אוגוסט 2012


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