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אודות Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant


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  • מתקנים 8.1
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  • שירות 8.8
  • תמורה ביחס למחיר 8.2
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Kenneth מאוסטרליה
חדר סופיריור
שהה 2 לילות ב- ספטמבר 2016
Fantastic staff
The hotel is a little out of the way but one can easily get a tricycle for around 50 pesos into town. The room was very clean. Breakfast was satisfactory and was served by staff who are deaf. They are wonderful and are a credit to their workplace. The staff at the reception were also brilliant. I had an issue arise regarding payment and it was all sorted out perfectly. Would I stay here again - Definitely
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 03 אוקטובר 2016


EDUARDO מהפיליפינים
משפחה עם ילדים גדולים יותר
חדר סטנדרט
שהה 3 לילות ב- יוני 2016
The place is very near the airport and accessible to some tourist spot.
Staff are very accommodating and very quite place to stay.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 23 אוגוסט 2016


Maria מהפיליפינים
משפחה עם ילדים קטנים
חדר סופיריור
שהה לילה אחד ב- יולי 2016
Peaceful stay
The room is clean, has a mini ref. Staff are nice. Buffet breakfast was good. The pool was under maintenance at the time which was a bummer. We enjoyed the free shuttle to the airport.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 24 יולי 2016


Mauricio מקולומביה
משפחה עם ילדים קטנים
חדר סופיריור
שהה 2 לילות ב- פברואר 2016
Excellent for Kids
Nice location
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 11 יולי 2016


Dean מאוסטרליה
חדר סטנדרט
שהה 4 לילות ב- יוני 2016
A diamond by name and nature
I will be honest, i was tossing up between this motel and a beachside resort and the only reason I chose Dao Diamond was because of a warm fuzzy feeling for helping the deaf in a country with limited welfare for people with disabilities. From the time we arrived I found the stay absolutely perfect. The staff, other than the reception, are all deaf. They are extremely attentive and eager to please and, it shows by their actions, extremely happy. Tours of the island are on offer at short notice and are good value. Restaurant wise, foods are delicious and reasonably priced. In the time we stayed there we tried most of the menu and it was all very good but the pork steak was amazing and the pizza is to die for. Facilities are good and provided entertainment and fun. The only thing lacking was a fully fledged bar for anything other than beer. All in all the experience was excellent and knowing that my money was going to a good cause as opposed to corporate profits makes it even better.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 09 יוני 2016


Kean ממלזיה
מטייל בודד
חדר סטנדרט
שהה 3 לילות ב- מאי 2016
Nice hotel but the location is a bit far off from the main tourist attractions
Nice hotel and friendly staff. But the location is a bit far off from where the main tourist attractions are. No nearby eateries, so basically you have to dine in at the hotel cafe or go to Island City Mall (around 20 to 30 minutes walking distance).
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 30 מאי 2016


Brendon מהפיליפינים
משפחה עם ילדים קטנים
חדר סטנדרט
שהה לילה אחד ב- אפריל 2016
Peaceful and relaxing place to stay
The hotel has friendly, deaf mute staffs to serve you which is good as they give working opportunities to these people. The lounge and restaurant is very welcoming as you enter the hotel, ambience is really cool that could ease off your worries. They also have a nice pool at the side of building if you want to refresh yourself. The best part is their free buffet breakfast which starts at 6:30am, lots of choices (Filipino or Western). The rooms are spacious and very comfy, worth the value of your money. Will stay here again if time permits of another Bohol trip. 😄
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 22 אפריל 2016


Philip מאנגליה
חדר סופיריור
שהה 2 לילות ב- מרץ 2016
Lovely Hotel
This is a very nice hotel, very clean and set in beautiful gardens, it is a little out of town thus very quiet and peaceful. It's only a 10 peso tricyle ride to the mall or town and the help staff will call you one. This hotel has many deaf people working there and they are very helpful. Good value and highly recommended.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 26 מרץ 2016


Bea מהפיליפינים
חדר סטנדרט
שהה 2 לילות ב- מרץ 2016
Quiet and Relaxing
We got a spacious room near the garden and fish spa. While eating at the Chico cafe, we'd listen to their instrumental music and the chirping of the birds. It was definitely a relaxing stay. Their deaf staff are very friendly. Although we could not communicate well, their professionalism is something I applaud. They even allowed us to check in as early as 10 am and check out as late as 1 pm without extra charge. Free airport transfers as well. One tricycle away from Island City Mall but there aren't much to see within walking distance.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 18 מרץ 2016


Joas מאוסטרליה
מטייל בודד
חדר סטנדרט
שהה 2 לילות ב- דצמבר 2015
great hotel and staff
Location, native decor and overall service
Great place to stay with very helpful staff
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 04 ינואר 2016


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