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Desak Putu Putera Homestay

Tebesaya 30 Peliatan, Ubud, באלי, אינדונזיה (הצג מפה )

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  • האזור: Location: Ubud
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Marcos W. מטיילים בודדים Brazil, 12 ספטמבר 2015
This review is not for Desak Putu Putera

Super Friendly staff, comfortable bed with mosquito net, good location
** This review is not for Desak Putu Putera, but for the accommodation across the road ( I think its name is Nyoman Warta. Or something like that) ** I arrived to Desak Putu Putera and a woman from the shop beside it came to ask me what I was looking for. I mentioned the name of the accommodation and she didn't say anything else to me, just made gestures to follow her. She took me to the reception of the homestay, talked to a boy in Balinese and signed to me again to follow her. We left the place, crossed the road, and entered another property, where she talked to another woman. Then I realised she had overbooked her homestay and was transferring me to another one. When I asked if the price was the same, she said "yes". For this reason, I can't write anything about Desak Putu Putera, but I can tell the staff is not friendly and irresponsible. Now, the review for the homestay across the road. The woman from the new place showed me in 2 minutes that she is way friendlier than the woman from Desak Putu Putera. Even though she could barely speak English, she showed me the place around, the bedroom, the bathroom, she asked me what time I wanted to have breakfast in the morning... It was an ok place, with air conditioner and a comfortable queen size bed (and a good mosquito net). The bathroom is kinda old, but clean. The best part of it is the really beautiful garden, that can be enjoyed from the table and chairs located in front of the bedroom. The breakfast was also great, served at the table in front of the bedroom. The lady cooked a very tasty omelette with toasts. She also brought a cup of good fresh coffee and a stack of fresh sliced papaya, pineapple and watermelon. The place is quite close to Ubud Central, you can easily walk there. There are some Warungs around and also some small local convenience stores. I am sure this place is cheaper than the one I booked, but I did not really care about it. I just hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.
דווח על הביקורת הזאת
Lisa L. בקבוצות Indonesia, 10 ספטמבר 2015
It was worth the price.

The family, the cleanliness, the service
דווח על הביקורת הזאת
Elodie L. מטיילים בודדים France, 22 אוגוסט 2015
Ok Homestay for a couple nights

The nice veranda, location, price
The comments are so high that I was expecting a wonderful time. Well, chill out, don't expect too much! It's a little homestay with a few rooms available, there is just a little panel on the street, so watch out because the driver may don't find it easily. My favorite thing about that place is the nice veranda / chill out area with a very beautiful view on palm trees and roofs surrounding . It's relaxing and green, I loved it ! Apart from that, unfortunately I had a twin bed room on the street side , it was noisy (big traffic) and there were some insects in the room. Be careful with the ants, don't let any food !! But the room was ok... Not dirty, not smelly . Location was actually pretty great, close to amenities and central Ubud, you can easily go by foot to the Ubud Palace and museum, and find some nice places to eat. Try the "Warung India" in the same street , it's just 5 min walk and the place is really cute and good food. Highly recommend if you are tired of nasi goreng. There is also the Jazz Cafe in this street, nice place and good music. The breakfast was ok but I've tried better ones . You can choose between fruit salad, banana pancake, rice pudding... It's like a dessert menu more than a real big breakfast. But anyway the price is pretty cheap so I guess it's a good place for backpackers on a low budget looking for a Balinese place to stay with local atmosphere and a little room. Staff was nice , they have a little dog really cute and funny. Guests were playing with it all time . Oh and they also call a driver for me because I couldn't use a Uber drive (don't know why it doesn't work in Ubud) and I paid 50k .
דווח על הביקורת הזאת

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