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אודות Heritage Crab House Tourist Inn & Restaurant


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Paula מהפיליפינים
חדר סטנדרט
שהה 2 לילות ב- נובמבר 2015
Spacious room, package tour, wifi
It's far from the main city. 15-20min tricycle drive and it's isolated from everything. We had trouble grabbing a tricycle going to anywhere. But the hotel is ok. The room is pretty decent. Though I wish they have heater in their shower. And the breakfast is A-ok! They have a tour package which you can avail at a reasonable price though! 6.5/10 really.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 26 נובמבר 2015


thien ממלזיה
חדר סטנדרט מפואר
שהה 2 לילות ב- אוקטובר 2015
got taglibapan second bridge view
wifi, got carpark ,got roop top sunset view
my room no hot water for shower
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 23 נובמבר 2015


Jamie מארה"ב
סוויטת סופריור
שהה 6 לילות ב- אפריל 2015
freindly staff. have all you need. great breakfast
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 05 מאי 2015


Ian מאנגליה
מטייל בודד
חדר סטנדרט
שהה לילה אחד ב- יוני 2014
Good apart from the breakfast
Good restaurant, value and location
I chose this hotel for its location just outside the city of Tagbilaran. The room was a good size, with a reasonable shower room, aircon and TV. The Crab House restaurant was very good for main meals but the breakfast was a big disappointment. The free breakfast is very poor but if you want a better one, you get no credit - in reality, for most people, breakfast is not included. Service at breakfast was also very poor - I was left alone for 15 minutes. This was in contrast to the good service for my evening meal. Overall I enjoyed my short stay but my breakfast experience was a big let down.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 25 אוגוסט 2014


oliver מטייוואן
סוויטת סופריור
שהה 3 לילות ב- אוגוסט 2014
old hotel
that is heritage hotel, but not use new management. no everyday clean room, no hair dry, no drink water. receptionist are friendly but not many facility can supply, always get a high price.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 11 אוגוסט 2014


john מצרפת
חדר סטנדרט
שהה לילה אחד ב- יולי 2014
overnight stay for convenience
restaurant serving fresh crab
Staff OK nothing more nothing less. Hotel decor Philippino kitch, high on christian artefact replicas. Room OK as just before. Bathroom a disaster. Triangle in shape. 60cm step up to get in. End to end row of broken tiles. blocked sink. rusty towel holder. Where the ceiling extractor fan should have been there was a gapping big hole with a bare wire hanging out of it, just plain disgusting.... I short more and more budget hotels in the Philippines provide good quality rooms even for this low price but this is not one of them. would not recommend this hotel to anyone. Cheap and nasty.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 19 יולי 2014


Lauralyn מהפיליפינים
משפחה עם ילדים גדולים יותר
חדר סטנדרט
שהה 2 לילות ב- מאי 2014
A comfortable stay despite minor problems
Huge room! It was very spacious. We didn't have problems laying down our luggages without it feeling cramped. The toilet was huge with a new,looking toilet bowl. The window allowed us to let sun in.
Overall it was great. The only complaint we really have about the place us the water. When showering, the hot water didn't seem much different from cold water. It seemed like I would get sick after showering in the morning. If you're a light sleeper, be warned, the walls are really thin. You can hear what's going on in the next room and also outside. It got really noisy in the morning. Also, if you're particular about comforters, the bed doesn't have one. They only have pieces of cloth that's big enough to cover your body. The pillows are also super thin. The buffet dinner we had wasn't so great though. It wasn't well,organised and the food was cold.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 14 מאי 2014


Cecilia מהפיליפינים
חדר סטנדרט
שהה לילה אחד ב- ינואר 2014
Fun,nice and great
The room was clean,spatious and has a great art.
Esta Villa is nice to stay. If you want to relax and eacape from reailty,this is great. The staff are attentive and friendly.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 10 פברואר 2014


suong ממלזיה
חדר סטנדרט
שהה לילה אחד ב- אוקטובר 2013
very helpful staff, well done.
quite, relax, peice of mind
I just spend a night at the villa. But it was very nice staying here, the staffs were very kind and helpful.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 29 אוקטובר 2013


Darin מארה"ב
סוויטה סטנדרטת
שהה לילה אחד ב- יולי 2013
Never Again, Nickel and Dimed, Staff is Rude
Clean, Clever Design with Pull out beds below the beds, Restaurant
I will never stay here again and I do not recommend you do either. The rooms have queen size beds with 1 pillow and 1 single sheet? Additional pillows are extra, queen size sheets are not available. The staff are unhelpful and enforce this nonsense. No hot water, hallway is loud. The included breakfast is gross. The restaurant, Crab Shack, is good. I ate dinner here and ordered a good breakfast after my friends free breakfast was terrible. The "free breakfast" is a gimmick as is this entire hotel. We had a couple rooms and 5 of us stayed here. I spoke with the Manager about the multiple issues, he promised to look into it and I never saw him again. On a 18 day trip with 5 people and multiple rooms at each property this was the only terrible hotel.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 24 יולי 2013


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