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  • Mactan-Cebu נמל התעופה הבינלאומי (1.4 ק"מ / 17 דקות הליכה)
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  • קניון Mactan Marina (1.2 ק"מ / 15 דקות הליכה)
  • Mactan Island מועדון הגולף (1.5 ק"מ / 18 דקות הליכה)
  • Mactan Island (2.5 ק"מ / 30 דקות הליכה)
  • שוק מאכלי הים Sutukil (5.2 ק"מ)

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Hotel Cesario

M.L. Quezon Highway, Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, Mactan Island, הפיליפינים 6015 (הצג מפה )

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"Location, Free Airport Transfers, Free Unlimited..."

FREDERICK, Australia 15 נובמבר 2015
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לא כלול במחיר החדר מס 12%, מס עירוני 0.75%, דמי שירות 10%
26 נובמבר 2015 - 28 נובמבר 2015 | 2 לילות
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בחירה פופולארית
חדר סטנדרט (Standard)
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  • מיטה נוספת לחדר 1 (+ILS 82.45)
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ILS 98
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עם מיקום נוח בMactan Island, Hotel Cesario מהווה בסיס נוח לטייל ולגלות את העיר. רק 1 km משדה התעופה ...ראה עוד עם מיקום נוח בMactan Island, Hotel Cesario מהווה בסיס נוח לטייל ולגלות את העיר. רק 1 km משדה התעופה למלון 2 כוכבים. המבקרים במלון יכולים להנות מהאטרקציות העיקריות של העיר: Fashion TV Asian HQ, Mactan Marina Mall, Mactan Island מועדון הגולף

Hotel Cesario מחויב למתן השירות הטוב ביותר על מנת להבטיח שהשהייה שלכם תהיה נוחה ככל שאפשר. ניתן ליהנות ממבחר של מתקנים, כגון רשת אלחוטית באזורים ציבוריים, חניון, הסעה אל/משדה התעופה, חדרי ישיבות, מרכז עסקים.

בנוסף, כל חדרי האירוח כוללים מגוון שירותי נוחות. חדרים רבים אף מספקים חדרים ללא עישון, מיזוג אוויר, שולחן כתיבה, טלפון, מאוורר בכדי להבטיח נוחות לכל סוגי האורחים. עם מגוון הצעות הבילוי שהמלון מציע, תהיו בטוחים שלא יהיה לכם משעמם! Hotel Cesario הוא מקום אידיאלי למטיילים המבקשים לבקר בMactan Island.
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Australia, 16 נובמבר 2015
Great Value, Convenient to Cebu Airport

Location, Free Airport Transfers, Free Unlimited Breakfast
Always stay here when travelling in and out of Cebu. So convenient to the airport and also to the Hilton to Bohol ferry which runs 3 times a day. The free breakfast is usually very good, the room service or service in the restaurant at other times is slow but the food is reasonable and tasty
MENINI A. משפחות עם ילדים גדולים
Philippines, 11 נובמבר 2015
Nice place and accesible

Location, food and staff
Sakari K. זוגות
Finland, 11 נובמבר 2015
You get what you pay for

Proximity to airport, shuttle service, decent breakfast
You get what you pay for. The hotel is not great, but then, it is not expensive either. Rooms (at least those two we were given during our two stays there) are small, the ones we had were in the basement with hardly any window (can't actually even remember if there was a window!), and the walls are very thin so you can easily hear what is happening around you in other rooms. But, the staff are friendly and the place is clean. Breakfast at the adjoining Bellavista Hotel is ok.
Bjorn B. זוגות
Sweden, 28 אוקטובר 2015
Near airport

Near airport,
No good hotel very high noisy, and no good bed and no twinbed
Bjorn B. זוגות
Sweden, 24 אוקטובר 2015

The beer pub near
No good no twin bed
Australia, 20 אוקטובר 2015
Great for Short Stopovers in Cebu

Close to Airport, Free reliable pick up and drop off service, free all you can eat breakfast
Excellent - this is my 15th stay at the Cesario, and I'm beginning to know the area well. Not only convenient in and out of the airport but also to get to Bohol on the little Hilton to Getafe not far away.
Bjorn B. זוגות
Sweden, 16 אוקטובר 2015
No WFI in the room

Good food, near airport, near highway.
Australia, 09 אוקטובר 2015
Comfortable Cheap and Convenient to Cebu Airport

Free Airport Pickup, Free Unlimited Breakfast, Free WiFi
Excellent - totally reliable airport pick up. They gave me my favourite economy room with a double bed and use of the next door Bella Vista five star breakfast for free. Just a short trip up the road by jeepney to Gaisano - Or you can walk. Two good massage places across the road or a short walk away.
Raymond M. מטיילים בודדים
United States of America, 04 אוקטובר 2015
Decent budget hotel near airport

Close to airport, fair price, attentive staff
Very hard to rate because I feel some things were excellent and others were poor. Overall I feel the value is ok compared to the other nearby hotels which are more expensive and I would choose this place again to save money unless one of the better nearby hotels offers the same low rate. Bathroom was not filthy but not sparkling either. The shower dials were dirty and I did not like touching them, the water had a very slight smell which was much fainter than other cheap hotels I've stayed in in Singapore and Hong Kong. Other than that the room looked old but clean. A/c was good. No insects or anything like that. Bed was adequate, not too thin. The service was good - the guy at the desk really worked to make sure I had everything I needed including scheduling my free airport shuttle for the exact time I requested. They give you a free breakfast which for me consisted of rice, scrambled egg, subpar pineapple and something that looked like bacon. I didn't eat it but I would have if I was hungry. There's a pool and a gym but you have to walk across to the other hotel and up several flights of stairs. It took me a while to find and the door was locked when I tried to enter the gym, probably because it was nighttime. By that point I was a bit frustrated and I didn't bother to walk all the way back to the front desk to ask if they would open the door for me. The neighborhood is a main road and a mall to the west is within walking distance of you're willing to walk past some slums along a thin sidewalk that is often blocked. I personally walked to the mall and back no problem but it was during the day and I am male. The girl I was with endured cat calls both ways but hey it's the Philippines you can't really expect any better.
mario M. זוגות
Portugal, 05 אוקטובר 2015
Just one night after arrival

breakfast incl. Close to airport
Just OK nothing special only the price is cheap

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