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26 מאי 2016 - 28 מאי 2016 | 2 לילות
סוגי חדרים מבצעים והטבות. מקס' תעריף
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סטודיו (Studio)

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30 מ"ר.
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  • ILS 323
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אודות KV Mansion


KV Mansion הינו המלון האידיאלי לנופש רגוע ושלו. הוא ממוקם בסוקומוויט בבנגקוק. מטיילים יכולים ליהנות מגישה קלה לכל האיזורים המרכזיים של העיר. המבקרים במלון יכולים להנות מהאטרקציות העיקריות של העיר: שגרירות נפאל, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, QiSS Mall

השירותים הניתנים על ידי KV Mansion מבטיחים שהות נעימה לאורחים. המלון מספק Wi-Fi חופשי בכל החדרים, רשת אלחוטית באזורים ציבוריים, חניון, שירות חדרים, חדרי ישיבות כדי להבטיח לאורחים שירגישו בנוח.

כל החדרים מאובזרים היטב כדי להבטיח מקסימום נוחות. בין אם אתה אוהב לעבוד בחדר כושר או סתם מחפש דרך להירגע אחרי יום קשה, תוכל להשתמש במתקנים, כגון סאונה, ספא, מסאז'. אם הינך מחפש חדר מלון ברמה טובה בבנגקוק, המלון KV Mansion הוא הבית שלך מחוץ לבית.
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8.4 Aaron F.
United States of America
17 מאי 2016
Good hotel
Good hotel...hasent next day laundry service , massage palor, hair saloon,and resturant. This is not just a hotel, but also a residence for expats. Cheaper to rent by the month... The decor is dated, but everything is clean. They give you two full size waters everyday, plus toilet paper, q tips, kleenex tissues, soap... Only complaint is no desk person after 8pm...so if you are checking in or out and need a taxi at 2am, it's a problem. The consiglarie is the Man!!!

9.6 james G.
United Kingdom
15 מאי 2016
Great no problems.

8 chris W.
11 מאי 2016

8 chris W.
07 מאי 2016
Good worth the money
Good good value for money

10 William M.
United Kingdom
07 מאי 2016
Location is A1 not far from skytrain. 7/11 just opposite. Hotel is designed more for long term residence but there is still an excellent restaurant, rooms are cleaned and spacious. Value for money is top rate. Reception I do not hink they speak much english but it does not matter as long as you do not expectations of full type hotel service as opposed to a kinda top class residency stay as a cost of next to nothing. We could not arrive until in the morning so i had sent an email. (No confirmation but I have found even a four star hotel does not reply so normal) and wheb we got there the night caretaker.porter (whatever) had key and everything ready. So he handed it to us and we went to our room no problem. No minibar so easy to check out drop off key and a/c control and go. So if you are a traveller who likes littleattention and yet to have a great fantastic room and place to stay then this is the place. We stayed there twice now. If you late arriving and need food then just get something from the 7/11 who will heat up a number of delicious foods.

7.6 arnel T.
30 אפריל 2016
Good bang for the buck

10 Ryan M.
25 אפריל 2016
1 night stay in bangkok
Kv mansion is very close to the bangkok bts skyttrain. Hotel was very clean and secure. Staff allow us to leave bags with them afyer checking out, provided insight to activities in the area and also helped provide a laundry service while we explored bangkok.

10 William M.
United Kingdom
11 אפריל 2016
Easy Access Skytrain - Value For Money
Excellent location near Onnut skytrain station. 7/11 convenience 24hrs shop and ATM opposite. I emailed the hotel that I would not arrive until 2.00am and security guard had key and everything ready when we arrived. This place is more of lodgings long stay rather than the usual hotel so service is more casual but for the price I have given it full rating if one expects more attention then of course one would expect to pay more. Room size fantastic with a lovely sofa and the shower was an instant heat type so always instantly hot. As stated more a lodgings so no mini bar but rooms servied and bottled water proved plus the usual towels. There is a balcony, interior style of the hotel is really lovely as well. To go shopping food etc there is the skytrain and it will get you to Siam Square area in about seven stops where there are loads of food and shopping places. Underground station not too far either.

6.4 CHOON L.
11 אפריל 2016
Stay number of times at this hotel past few years, this time around, there are few baby cockroaches both in the room & the bath room which never happened before for the past years.

7.6 CHOON L.
11 אפריל 2016
Regular for past few years
Stay number of times at this hotel past few years, this time around, there are few baby cockroaches both in the room & the bath room which never happened before for the past years.

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