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Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort

Sitio Pasil, Logon, Daan Bantayan, Malapascua Island, Malapascua Island, הפיליפינים 6013 (הצג מפה )

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"Dive school, beach front, happy..."

Daniel, Australia 24 אוקטובר 2015
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לא כלול במחיר החדר מס 12%
02 דצמבר 2015 - 04 דצמבר 2015 | 2 לילות
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בחירה פופולארית
חדר סטנדרט עם מיזוג אוויר (Standard Air Conditioning Room)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
ILS 328 205
תנאי ההזמנה
חדר אחרון!
חדר סטנדרט עם מיזוג אוויר (Standard Air Conditioning Room)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
ILS 328 242
תנאי ההזמנה
חדר אחרון!
חדר דלוקס עם מיזוג אוויר (Deluxe Air Conditioning Room)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
ILS 411 249
תנאי ההזמנה
חדר דלוקס עם מיזוג אוויר (Deluxe Air Conditioning Room)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
  • מיטה נוספת לחדר 1 (+ILS 82.1)
  • ראשית אנא בחר מספר חדרים)
ILS 411 279
תנאי ההזמנה
סופר דלוקס (Super Deluxe Air Conditioning)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
ILS 264
תנאי ההזמנה
סופר דלוקס (Super Deluxe Air Conditioning)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
ILS 396
תנאי ההזמנה
חדר דלוקס הפונה לחוף הים (Beachfront Deluxe Air Conditioning Room)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
ILS 509 286
תנאי ההזמנה
4 החדרים האחרונים שלנו
חדר דלוקס הפונה לחוף הים (Beachfront Deluxe Air Conditioning Room)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
ILS 509 337
תנאי ההזמנה
4 החדרים האחרונים שלנו

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במיקום טוב בMalapascua Island , Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort הוא המקום המושלם לקחת ב...ראה עוד במיקום טוב בMalapascua Island , Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort הוא המקום המושלם לקחת בו הפסקה אחרי יום עמוס. רק 160. Km ממרכז העיר, מיקומו האסטרטגי של המלון מבטיח כי האורחים יכולים להגיע לאיזורים המעניינים בקלות. מלון מודרני זה נמצא בקרבת אטרקציות כגון Evolution Diving, Bounty Beach, Dakit-Dakit Coral Reef.

בMalapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort, השירות מעולה ובלתי נשכח! חלק ממתקני המלון הזה הם רשת אלחוטית באזורים ציבוריים, שירות חדרים, הסעה אל/משדה התעופה, חדרי ישיבות, בייביסיטר.

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Joseph M. מטיילים בודדים
Canada, 02 דצמבר 2015
Fun in the Sun

1. location 2. staff 3. food
It was a great place to visit. The Happy Hour was disappointing as beer was NOT included - only a set list of cocktail drinks. The breakfast was great and the staff were very polite and conscientious.The room was very clean and well appointed, but expensive considering the fact that it is a 3 Star. I would recommend this hotel.
Daniel J. זוגות
Australia, 28 אוקטובר 2015
Very nice but needs more finer details

Dive school, beach front, happy hour
We had an enjoyable stay at Exotic but we felt it needed a bit of extra oomph. We booked a Super Deluxe Room and obviously didn't do our research because it was more suited for a family with two queen beds and lots of space but not much else. We would have just booked a double if we'd realised (plus the location didn't seem any better) Pros: - location is good as it's a bit further away and on a bit of a corner along the nice beach - comfortable, spacious rooms with balcony - friendly staff - welcome drinks - good wifi (public areas only) - 400 php worth of included breakfast - good food and good value happy hour Cons: - we advised that our outside light was broken but it did not get fixed - no bathmat for inside the bathroom and it really needs one - barely hot water and very little water pressure - no wifi in room - mosquito issues I also could have used an actual blanket in the room as the air con at the lowest temp got very cold at night but it was too hot to turn it off We also did a dive with the resort which was all well organised. We were two divers and had two instructors with us for our Adventure Dive - Fish ID. You either need to be Advanced certified or do the dive as an Adventure Dive (you need your Open Water and you need to do study towards this dive) in order to do a Thresher shark dive. We saw 3 Threshers up fairly close and a few fish as well. I would recommend Exotic and we would stay again. If they could add a few more luxuries to the rooms (longer shower curtain, bathroom exhaust, bath mat, hand towels, wifi in rooms) and if some of their staff were a little more upbeat, this place would get 5 stars.
Robert J. זוגות
Australia, 30 ספטמבר 2015
Threshers first dive

Great dive location, great value, however long trip to get to the Island from Cebu 6 to 7 hours required.
Stanton S. אנשי עסקים
Singapore, 28 ספטמבר 2015

The girls, a more privatised beach, quiet environment
It was okay. Not excellent. Service could be improved. Bartender was great though. He livened the environment. Something the resort really needs is interactive and fun staff. Oh a live band or singer would be good too
Karen S. זוגות
Philippines, 30 ספטמבר 2015
Relaxing stay

Location is right in front of the beach, friendly staff and clean room and surroundings, great food selection
We had a most comfortable stay. It was great that the beach was literally outside our room. Thanks for the upgrade! The resort and restaurant staff are very friendly and accommodating. Would definitely stay here again!
rolf H. זוגות
Germany, 08 ספטמבר 2015
No internet in the room, waitresses slow and don't

There is nothing specifically good - it's nice with some problems
Service is a bit slow at times and saying "I have to inform you, that ... " came across a bit aggressive but that local style and happened before when the person collecting extra money felt it might be unreasonable ... BTW: a smile by the waitress would have been nice in addition to the OK-ish breakfast. The beach is nice, the area in front of the hotel was clean as the water, but be careful in the seaweed area - better wear shoes. :-) I did like the little washing pans to clean shoes and feet from the sand. :-) It is not really possible to check the bill on departure.
EARL P. זוגות
Philippines, 09 אוגוסט 2015
Quite a journey to get there but worth it

Private beach, happy hour and fine white sand
The resort was great for its price! A perfect place for divers and those who want to unwind in a not so developed and crowded place. Just be careful from tour guides roaming around who will offer you overpriced tours and trips.
William R. מטיילים בודדים
United States of America, 24 יולי 2015
Ok Hotel but not worth the money.

Location, nice rooms and decent breakfast
suchan L. זוגות
South Korea, 25 יולי 2015
very not good

beach, restaurant, activity
i'm long time trip another country in 10years. but very not good this time. very dirty and dont clear. i 3times call and order clearning room. but naver try. and staff is very unkindness. dont smile dont greeting i think only star one resort.
darryl C. זוגות
Austria, 29 יולי 2015
beach resort

location.staff,relaxing atmoshere
the staff here are really nice location is great and the chilled atmosphere is great.

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