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אודות Sukun Bali Cottages


הצג עוד הצג פחות



  • Wi-Fi חופשי בכל החדרים
  • רשת אלחוטית באזורים ציבוריים


  • חניון
  • הסעה אל/משדה התעופה
  • השכרת אופניים

שחייה וטבילה

  • בריכת שחייה - חיצונית

ספורט ימי

  • ספורט ימי (לא מוטורי)


  • בריכת שחייה - ילדים

מזון ומשקאות

  • שירות חדרים
  • מסעדות
  • בית קפה

חיות מחמד

  • ידידותי לחיות מחמד

שירותי ניקיון

  • שירותי כביסה

שירותים לאורחים

  • סיורים
  • שוער

מתקנים במקום

  • חדר משפחה
  • גינה
  • אזור עישון

בריאות וביטחון

  • כספות
הצג עוד הצג פחות


הצג עוד הצג פחות

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הצג עוד הצג פחות

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הצג עוד הצג פחות

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  • מצב/ניקיון בית המלון 6.7
  • מתקנים 7.3
  • מיקום 7.7
  • נוחות ותנאי החדר 7.4
  • תפקוד סגל העובדים 7.5
  • תמורה ביחס למחיר 7.5
  • מזון/חדר אוכל 6.0
מיין לפי


Lynette R. מאוסטרליה
שהה 5 לילות ב- אוגוסט 2016
Slice of paradise!
What a lovey place, with a beautiful pool and gardens......so serene! The staff are very friendly and polite....there's always a smiling face to greet you! Our large room was beautiful, and serviced daily.....very clean bathroom! Great location only a 6min walk to the beach. Close by there are plenty of cheap eating places, mini marts and ATM. Wifi very slow and no connection in our room. Thank you Kadek and your staff for making our stay very enjoyable!
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 18 אוגוסט 2016


Alexandra S. מאוסטרליה
שהה 12 לילות ב- יולי 2016
Property owner needs to sort out noise
The bar directly behind the property on road started the loudestbass dance music I have ever had to endure- the glass was literally shaking in the Windows and it continued to wind up louder all night till 3.30-4.00am in the morning! Very sad for staff as it was obviously out if their hands- but no sleep on your holiday when you spend the money on air tic & accom - NOT good.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 14 אוגוסט 2016


Benjamin S. מגרמניה
שהה 2 לילות ב- יולי 2016
We had great and chilled days there, thanks for everything!
Everything was great :)
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 21 יולי 2016


graham M. מאוסטרליה
שהה 14 לילות ב- יוני 2016
Great place to stay
Ideal location, close to beach and pub/restaurant strip. Good facilities, rooms, pool and excellent staff. Have stayed here every year for three years, usually for two to three weeks. Second home when in Bali.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 08 יולי 2016


Zoe C. מאנגליה
שהה 2 לילות ב- יוני 2016
Gorgeous Balinese cottages with great staff
Me and my friend (we are both 21 year old girls) stayed here as part of our back packing around Asia. We loved the cottages how they are set amongst trees and there are flowers everywhere. The room was a superior (an offer meant it was the same price as a standard), the bed was large and comfortable, we had a tv, great air con, and all the regular amenities. The room was beautifully decorated with hand painted ceilings. The bathroom was basic, looked nice but water pressure was very low- not sure if this is everywhere in Bali or just our hotel, the toilet only flushed once every hour or so and the shower made it hard to wash long hair. Overall it was fine though. The pool is lovely and the swim up bar is a nice feature too. It was quiet when we went and often only a few people round the pool which meant you got to know others and it was very personal. The breakfast was basic but tasty and there is a small shop close by where we got lunch from. The location within sanur is great, it's a 5 minute walk to the beach, and only 2 minute walk to the bars/restaurants/markets/massage places. Larger resorts such as kuta were only a 15 minute taxi ride away. The airport was only about half an hour too. Everything in Bali is very cheap and good for your money- especially Bali sukun cottages! The staff were great- couldn't do enough to help us, would definetly recommend and I will be going again.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 21 יוני 2016


Geoffrey J. מאוסטרליה
מטיילים בודדים
שהה לילה אחד ב- מאי 2016
Hidden Treasure
Must admit, driving down the lane I was a little concerned but my fears were unfounded when we got to see the complex. We upgraded from the basic room as we wanted a fridge and that only cost $7. Room had 2 bathrooms and was neat and clean. The pool is excellent. Breakfast also good. Hotel about a 10 minute walk to the beach which has plenty of great restaurants to eat at. Walk up to roundabout and go left for the best ice cream shop in Bali and being gluten free was surprised to see a Pizza shop over the road with GF pizza's. Nice pizza.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 29 מאי 2016


Hionati H. מאוסטרליה
שהה 2 לילות ב- מרץ 2016
Very Average
What you see is not what you get. Photos exaggerate the pool size. Breakfast poor.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 12 אפריל 2016


Andre C. מאינדונזיה
שהה 3 לילות ב- ינואר 2016
Nicw exterior
exterioe design, room size, friendly staff and owner
This hotel offer a nice baliness feel,you can see it from the exterior. The room is spacious. Their staff are friendly and so do the owner. The shortfall from this hotel are their electricity. In 1 of the night out room experienced power failure because of their water pump for their pond. The shower in the bathroom or maybe their water pump also need some fix/upgrade. The food there was so-so,but eatable. I think they also need to put on a bigger signage on the street because in the night it's hard to find their location.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 17 ינואר 2016


Angelia L. מאינדונזיה
משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
שהה 2 לילות ב- דצמבר 2015
Rum down hotel but good location
Location, pool and location
Room was ok, definitely need upgrade and no fridge. For the rate that we pay for a standard room we can get a room with fridge at other hotel. Breakfast was very ordinary not buffet style. Pool was good.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 30 דצמבר 2015


Ben K. מדרום קוריאה
מטיילים בודדים
שהה לילה אחד ב- דצמבר 2015
No fridge 2 or 3 star level
pool, bf ok, location
One of the best budget hotels on this trip. Near the beach and the bars etc. Great swimming pool. The hotel is really old and wearing out but the sheet was cleaner than some 3 or 4 star hotels. You get a padlock to lock your room and the space is good. The only problem was TV which had no cable and the remote had batteries worn out.
נחוותה חוות דעת בתאריך 17 דצמבר 2015

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