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The Front Village Hotel

566 Patak Road, Karon, פוקט, תאילנד 83100

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14 פברואר 2016 - 16 פברואר 2016 | 2 לילות
סוגי חדרים מקס'
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חדר אורחים (Studio With Pool View)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
USD 103.78
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חדר אחרון!
חדר אורחים (Studio With Pool View)
ארוחת בוקר כלולה
USD 124.06
תנאי ההזמנה

חדר אחרון!

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אם אתה מחפש מלון נוח בפוקט ,The Front Village Hotel הוא המלון עבורך! המלון שוכן 0.5 km ממרכז העיר ומ...ראה עוד אם אתה מחפש מלון נוח בפוקט ,The Front Village Hotel הוא המלון עבורך! המלון שוכן 0.5 km ממרכז העיר ומספק גישה קלה למקומות שונים בעיר. המלון ממוקם רק כמה צעדים מן האטרקציות הרבות של העיר, כגון מקדש Suwankeereeket, Karon חוף, אצטדיון Commemoration of Princess Mothers.

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מיין לפי:
Mario A. מטיילים בודדים
Australia, 19 אוקטובר 2015
Quality for the price

Service, pool and spa
Very enjoyable although it is time they did a make over on the bathrooms which looked very jaded.
Umaira R. זוגות
Singapore, 23 ספטמבר 2015
Not up to my expectations

The room, the view and the staffs
Firstly, i was shocked when i got to knw that the wifi is not free! However, everything was okay and the staff, if im not wrong her name was something Jang, she was so kind and approachable. To rent a bike, we need to walk 5min and it cost 250 baht. The taxi from the hotel was quite expensive and the price we paid was 500 baht but the front desk said max it shld be 300 +baht. Not going to come here again.
Yeuk H. מטיילים בודדים
Hong Kong, 29 אוגוסט 2015
Nice staff

Staffs are very nice, they welcome us with a big simle and a welcome drink. The room is okay with a gazebow and sea view. Swimming pool is also nice. Good location near the beach
Early check out will charge you 200b. Chairs on the gazebo are not clean. No tooth bushs, you need to buy that from mart nearby.
Riny M. זוגות
Indonesia, 20 אוגוסט 2015
Wifi must be free.. no only 10 min limited

Sam B. זוגות
Australia, 12 אוגוסט 2015
boz review

location. Staff. room.
This hotel was fantastic. The rooms were clean and generous in size. The layout of the entire hotel is great and the staff couldn't be more helpful. I'll definitely stay there again if I go back to Phuket.
Chelsea C. זוגות
Australia, 14 יוני 2015

staff, location, food
Had a great stay. The only downside was having to pay for WiFi but everything else was great
Neil G. זוגות
United Kingdom, 24 אפריל 2015
Nice place

Food ,pool,and check in
Our stay was very good , nice rooms and pleasant staff,would stay again
Claudia E. זוגות
Austria, 11 אפריל 2015

Location, pool, pool bar
Sonya D. זוגות
New Zealand, 09 אפריל 2015
Management Excellent, Great Location

Cleanliness Location View
Excellent as usual
Charles M. זוגות
United States of America, 15 מרץ 2015
Clean and friendly, and pretty quiet

Clean, friendly and pretty quiet
Lovely clean rooms, big beautiful bed, good flow shower, nice pool, and very friendly staff. We enjoyed our stay here very much, and there are a lot of regulars who come back year after year.... Particularly Northern Europeans. Pool view room is very nice with the pool right outside your room on the 1st level. Advantages: 1. Great staff. 2. Very nice bed and spacious room. 3. Great pool. 4. Proximity to the beach - don't miss the sunsets. 5. Proximity to the entire town. Disadvantages: 1. breakfast was very uninspired to us, thoug other seemed to enjoy it well enough. 2. Wifi was not free. 200 baht per day....can add up over a week... A little road noise, but not bad at all. Tips: see a travel person downtown about getting a taxi pick up for the airport. It will save you 200 baht (800 vs 1,000). 2. Get bargains from the travel agents downtown.... They will take some off for the island trips...even car rentals. 3. See the Buddhist monastery market, and try some street food 4. Spend all day at the beach... But watch the tides and currents...pay attention to the flags indicating safety... 5. Beware the sun! Bring lots of suntan oil, and use it! 6. Walk facing traffic... The roads are narrow...the drivers are good... But your reaction time could be the factor that saves your life. 7. Be gentle and kind... It is a bit of a tourist town, and prices are inflated... But the people are very nice...

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