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V Causeway Bay

(Entrance is a golden door on Sugar Street) No. 9 Yee Wo Street, קוזווי ביי, הונג קונג, הונג קונג

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15 פברואר 2016 - 17 פברואר 2016 | 2 לילות
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חדר סופיריור עם מיטה זוגית (Superior Room (Double Bed Only))
USD 468.29
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חדר סופיריור עם מיטה זוגית (Superior Room (Double Bed Only))
USD 482.93
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חדר דלוקס עם מיטה זוגית (Deluxe Room (Double Bed Only))
USD 505.26
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חדר דלוקס עם מיטה זוגית (Deluxe Room (Double Bed Only))
USD 521.05
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סטודיו אקזקיוטיב (Executive Studio (Double Bed Only))
USD 554.56
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סטודיו אקזקיוטיב (Executive Studio (Double Bed Only))
USD 571.89
תנאי ההזמנה

חדר אחרון!

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V Causeway Bay הינו המלון האידיאלי לנופש רגוע ושלו. הוא ממוקם בקוזווי ביי בהונג קונג. רק 40.50 Km מש...ראה עוד V Causeway Bay הינו המלון האידיאלי לנופש רגוע ושלו. הוא ממוקם בקוזווי ביי בהונג קונג. רק 40.50 Km משדה התעופה למלון 4 כוכבים. המבקרים במלון יכולים להנות מהאטרקציות העיקריות של העיר: Windsor קולנוע, קניון Park Lane, Jardine's Crescent מרכז קניות

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מיין לפי:
Joerg A. מטיילים בודדים
Switzerland, 26 נובמבר 2015
Room in bad condition

it's all about the location
It’s an old building that definitely needs some maintenance and renovation and so do the rooms. The rooms look pretty nice on a first look but once you get closer you recognize the dirt and bad maintenance. My bed (pillow and blanked) were full with some funny stuff that looked like some bug poo to me. There were also hair and dust in all corners. Not to mentioned the AC that did not work and unfortunately I only realized when returning to my room in morning hours. Also to mention the shower where the used water is not draining and stays in the bathroom for several hrs. I had the impression that this room was prepared few days/weeks before my arrival and no one cared about it on my arrival. Luckily I had to stay only one night at this facility otherwise would have had to request another room.
Judy L. מטיילים בודדים
Australia, 26 ספטמבר 2015
a good stay

location, comfort and location.
I was surprised how convenient the location was. However, I was quite disappointed with the bathroom is together with the toilet. It doesn't work as everything gets wet after the shower. All and all, the stay was acceptable for the price.
Hu T. אנשי עסקים
Taiwan, 21 ספטמבר 2015
Small room and small bathroom

Good location
Great location! But the room is too small. We couldnt even open two luggages at the same time. The bathroom is very small.. Once u go shower, the toilet paper, towels... actually everything gets wet.
Pieter C. אנשי עסקים
Netherlands, 19 ספטמבר 2015
Too expensive, too small and too warm

This is no value for money, too small room in which you can't turn
Classical Hong Kong con job aided by Agoda. Busy period prices go through the roof and quality of the properties down Under no circumstances one should pay USD 200/ night for a 18sgm (at best) apartment
teresita K. זוגות
Philippines, 28 אוגוסט 2015
Not going back

Location only
Sarah Y. בקבוצות
Singapore, 12 אוגוסט 2015

the room a bit small, toilet cleaniness is good, location very accesible
Yvonne L. זוגות
Hong Kong, 13 אוגוסט 2015
It's good for the location

Location location and tiny
I had stayed in V around 5 times, tried their different rooms. The room 714 was the most disappointed. There was no way you can shower without getting the towels wet. And the aircon was very weak, it was HK Summer with over 35 degrees everyday... So we requested for a change and the staff changed for us, but it seems they didn't really see that as a problem. We requested in the morning, they agreed to change for us and would help us to move the luggage to the other room. Ended up when we came back around 17:00, we spent time at the reception and explained again and they agreed to change for us now. Which meant our luggage was still in the old room......
Philip W. אנשי עסקים
Australia, 08 אוגוסט 2015
3rd Time here

Location, price
Good location, the room i was given this time was far ahead of previous visits
Tung L. אנשי עסקים
China, 16 יולי 2015
very convenient, clean

very convenient,, nearby Sogo
Joao S. זוגות
Macau, 27 יולי 2015
Bad Service

V Causeway Bay
The location is really good, there are many shopping malls and supermarkets just around, less than 2 minutes. There are some rooms need to be improved. We were being upgraded to a bigger room however that room was a last sell room with defects. There were some visible cables underneath the cabinets which was not so presentable (suppose to be linked with visual devices) Also after we checked in and when we were inside the room, there was a staff enter into our room without knocking the door. Then the staff close the door again. The hotel has the smart phone inside the room however the staff didn't ask us for deposit nor provide the information to us on how we can use the smart phone. We got to know that guest need to pay $2000 for deposit of using the smart phone, however the staff didn't offer this service to us. Then what is the purpose to install the smart phone inside all rooms?

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מיסים ודמי שירות הם בדרך כלל העמלות שאגוֹדה משלמת לספק או נגבות בידי הספק. לפרטים נוספים אנא קרא את תנאי השימוש של אגוֹדה. מיסים ודמי שירות יכולים גם לכלול עמלות על טיפול בהזמנה.