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V Wanchai Hotel

180 Jaffe Road, ואן צ'אי, הונג קונג, הונג קונג

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12 פברואר 2016 - 14 פברואר 2016 | 2 לילות
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Christopher M. אנשי עסקים
Australia, 22 ינואר 2016
V-Wan Chai HK

Location, Room Size @ Staff
Room was comfortable & Clean. The hotel probably needs a bit of work but it suited my needs. I have stayed here on other occasions, so I have no issues really. The staff are very accommodating as well. The Hotel does not cater for Breakfast as they have done in the past [limited] so you will need to head out for early morning food. Recommendations from staff for Dim Sum were spot on.
Henry O. זוגות
Singapore, 02 ינואר 2016
Big room but not well maintained

Room is quite big, bed is comfortable, and overall it is clean
The room is quite big and clean, but a few dusty corners here and there. Bed and pillows were very comfortable and clean. But the TV was not working properly and their cable TV eems to be having problem. It was a very old TV model, therefore there was no HDMI input at the sides for me to plug in my laptop. Bathroom shower curtain is disgusting, dustbin is damaged, but shower is hot which is very important during winter.
Eka S. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
Indonesia, 20 דצמבר 2015
Nice hotel

the staff upgrade us to a bigger room
The staff is very friendly and polite... room is big with 4 people stay in that room...nice stay
Lawrence C. זוגות
Philippines, 14 דצמבר 2015
Home away from home...

Size of the room, value for money, good location
Most travellers opt for budget hotel rooms even if it is very small for the simple reason that you tell yourself "We're just gonna sleep there anyway." If so, this is not the hotel you're looking for. But if you're willing to spend a little bit more than usual for some comfort and convenience, then you should definitely check this out. V Hotel Wanchai is not your typical hotel, it's more of a service apartment. Why? Because they don't have a lobby, they don't have a dining restaurant for you to have breakfast, heck I'm not even sure if they have a receptionist! But why do you need a very expensive dining restaurant if food is just right around the corner? Kam's roast good is a must try! MTR Wanchai station is 2mins walk from the hotel. Mcdonalds is very near and convenience stores are just about everywhere. Receptionist to assist you with concerns? Well, they atleast they have 1 person manning the front desk who is more than happy to assist you. The room features a handy phone which is internet-ready and you can bring this with you when you go around HK so there's no need for you to ask the receptionist for directions to wherever because you can just basically search it online yourself. And the room? Well, most budget hotels offer 12sqm rooms, 4-star hotels about 20-30sqm, but V hotel Wanchai offers you 40sqm just like a condo unit with complete amenities! And to top it all off, it can go as low as US$100/night! So overall, yes there's still room for improvement for this hotel when it comes to service and what not. But for us, the size and comfort of the room, as well as the convenience in location and value for money are what's going to bring us back to this hotel in our future HK trips. Home away from home, indeed.
Kah L. זוגות
Malaysia, 14 דצמבר 2015
Value for money in terms of its spaciousness

Clean, spacious, quiet
Lim J. אנשי עסקים
Singapore, 11 דצמבר 2015
Business Travellers - Good Choice

Near HKCC, Near MTR, Friendly front counter
It's truly value for money. Like the front desk service, friendly and smiley day and night.
Faizal R. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
Malaysia, 13 דצמבר 2015
Good value moderb Hotel

Its quite hard to get a decent to generous size room in HK for the prices being offered in VWanchai. Although it is a small hotel the design is contemporary and rooms including hallways are kept clean
The staff at the counter was always helpful though not that fluent in English. Our microwave had problems but he managed to get the thing fixed within the time we were out aightseeing. Location is not so great for family with a toddler however access to public transportations i.e MTR, tram, ferry,bus are within 5-10 mins max. Overall the hotel is good value for the size of the rooms and are always clean, at least while we were there. Thumbs up!
sharon O. משפחות עם ילדים קטנים
Singapore, 23 נובמבר 2015
Value for money

location, bed, room size
Joerg A. מטיילים בודדים
Switzerland, 18 נובמבר 2015
spacious room in HK for low $

the location is great for nightlife and close to MTR
the reception is poorly occupied and whenever you have problem opening the main door you have to call for help, not having a HK mobile number this can become expensive. Room was very spacious for HK.
Tak C. זוגות
Hong Kong, 04 נובמבר 2015
Good Hotel

Large Room, convenient location

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