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  • साफ-सफाई 7.3
  • सुविधाएं 6.3
  • स्थान: 9.0
  • कमरे में आराम/मानक 7.4
  • सेवा 7.6
  • पैसावसूल 7.8
  • खाना/भोजन 6.9
निम्नानुसार छांटें


यूनाइटेड किंगडम से Miranda
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
अक्तूबर, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
Excellent snorkling, resort slightly lacking
We had a great time at Balicasag, mainly due to the stunning reef and sea turtles that lie all around the island. The hotel itself is a bit run down, the equipment in the dive shop is not of the greatest quality, my snorkel leaked and the fins were cracked. The restaurant does a fairly good breakfast but the rest of the food is not that great. Essentially the hotel is saved by the excistence of the reef and the snorkelling is some of the best.
20 अक्तूबर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


स्पेन से Eloi
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
अक्तूबर, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
The place needs reforms.
Things look old, forgotten. Needs investment. Diving center has no equipments: the few equipments available have become obsolete and there is a lack of maintenance. Food is very bad. We love the Filipino cuisine, we ate very well all over the Philippines, but here we have eaten bad. Besides, food and drinks are too expensive, even for being in an island. A positive thing to note is the kindness of the staff. Very nice people.
15 अक्तूबर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


ऑस्ट्रेलिया से Steve
अकेला पर्यटक
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
सितम्बर, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
Island Paradise
You cannot get friendlier, warmer people than the islanders of Balicasag. Had a wonderful short stay. Great diving and great people everywhere on thistiny island. Definitely a place to return to.
03 अक्तूबर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


फिलिपींस से huayuan
छोटे बच्‍चों वाला परिवार
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
अगस्त, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
aut 5 to 7
we like to come again
08 अगस्त 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका से Peter
बड़े बच्‍चों वाला परिवार
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
जुलाई, 2016 में 3 रात रहे
Great diving, interesting island, average resort
This place is OK for what it is and a one of a kind being the only real place to stay on the island. But, staff seemed a little tired at times, diving is absolutely by the book (OK given the delicate and protected nature of the reef) and the food was mediocre. Walking around the small island and seeing daily life there (as well as cheap stock up on water and beer) was a bonus.
16 जुलाई 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


चीन से Pan
अकेला पर्यटक
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
जुलाई, 2016 में एक रात रहे
Value for money and good place for divers
I love this hotel more than those located in Alona beach, even though the facilities in the hotels in Alona are better. The view is good because the resort is benefited from the whole beach, no other hotels. It is very quiet and relaxing. You can dive any time, take a boat go away from the beach for 15-20m, you can snorkeling or scuba diving easily. The food is delicious in the restaurant and the staffs there are helpful. Please do not complain the limited supply of drinking water because it is a small island! Remember to take some mosquito repelling spray when you stay there, it will make your trip happier.
14 जुलाई 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


चीन से Xin
अकेला पर्यटक
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
जून, 2016 में एक रात रहे
Right and unique place
We are the only two clients in the resort that night, really quiet and everything is in harmony. Joyful snorkeling experience in the morning. Recom
30 जून 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


चीन से JINJIE
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
जून, 2016 में एक रात रहे
amazing view but pool facilities.
good services and the food is delicious. the air-condition sounds like maching gun! especially there is a light on top that can not be turned off and it is shining like sun all over the night!
25 जून 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


रूस से Sergey
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
जनवरी, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
dark, dirty, expensive
1. very dark, dirty, poor but expensive houses 2. private beach is deception, there will always be 20 boats with tourists (it's a parking), heads hited by oars.
27 मई 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


जापान से Ryosuke
डुप्लेक्स कॉटेज
मई, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
Good cottage for snorkeling
Facility and amenity is not enough. Low shower water pressure since water is rationed in summer. But toilet flush is ok. Window is not able to be open. No beach parasol for sun shade.However, sandy beach and house reef with a lot of corals & fishes are advantage of the resort. Also fresh fruit shake is available anytime.
25 मई 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम चुनें

लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम ए लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम ए
लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम बी

मेनू में प्वाइंटमैक्स पर क्लिक करें और अपने पंसदीदा लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम को चुनें।


प्वाइंट ऑफर चुनें

होटल रुम ए
कमरे की जानकारी
अर्जित करें
5,000 प्वाइंट्स

अपने चुने गए प्रवास के लिए रुम व प्वाइंट विकल्पों को चुनें।


मेंबरशिप आईडी दर्ज करें

पासपोर्ट जारीकर्ता देश
प्रोग्राम की मेंबरशिप आईडी

अपना रिजर्वेशन पूरा हो जाने पर अपने चयनित प्रोग्राम के लिए मेंबरशिप नंबर भरें। आपके चेकआउट के बाद आपके खाते में अंक जुड़ जायेंगे।

यहां से शुरू करें और अपना पसंदीदा प्रोग्राम चुनें:
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