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निम्नानुसार छांटें

मलेशिया से choon Y.
व्यवसाय यात्री
जनवरी, 2014 में एक रात रहे
average good
nice environment
04 अगस्त 2014 की समीक्षा की गई

यूनाइटेड किंगडम से Sarah G.
जून, 2014 में 3 रात रहे
Nice rooms but no aircon
Design of the rooms, good amount of foliage about, good food
The stay was fine, nothing special but comfortable. The receptionist was very slow and unhelpful. Food was good but very expensive - I guess because of the captive market.
16 जुलाई 2014 की समीक्षा की गई

मलेशिया से Chuah C.
जून, 2014 में 3 रात रहे
swimming pool, decoration, setting
24 जून 2014 की समीक्षा की गई

सिंगापुर से Kent T.
व्यवसाय यात्री
जून, 2014 में 4 रात रहे
Easy going
Easy going, eay going, easy going
Easy going,
17 जून 2014 की समीक्षा की गई

ऑस्ट्रेलिया से LEEANN K.
जून, 2014 में 5 रात रहे
Great atmosphere, friendly staff willing to help
Surrounds staff atmosphere
Relaxed, staff spoke English and it was a haven amongst the hustle and bustle of Kuching
11 जून 2014 की समीक्षा की गई

मलेशिया से Afdzal A.
अकेले यात्री
जून, 2014 में 3 रात रहे
Relaxing. Minimal facilities.
Nature inspired surroundings. Private. Spacious.
No wifi access at Courtyard rooms. Porter service necessary as path not suitable for rollers. Relaxing stay nonetheless.
10 जून 2014 की समीक्षा की गई

मलेशिया से Cheong Y.
व्यवसाय यात्री
मई, 2014 में 2 रात रहे
good area
clear and bigger room
All are good, but the bad thing is to go to the room from the Lobby is no top. Every time it rains we have rain back to the room
02 जून 2014 की समीक्षा की गई

मलेशिया से Yi Y.
मई, 2014 में 3 रात रहे
Comfortable but far from everything.
Comfort. Food. Environment.
It was alright, but the location is quite far off from restaurants and such. It was comfortable but the walls are thin so if you're a light sleeper, it may be tricky as the floorboards creak.
24 मई 2014 की समीक्षा की गई

मलेशिया से Eric Y.
व्यवसाय यात्री
अप्रैल, 2014 में एक रात रहे
A peaceful stay
Clean, historical and lovely.
Not much can be said of Basaga. It was a good stay. Friendly staffs, good food and drinks and the room and swimming pool are comfortable.
21 मई 2014 की समीक्षा की गई

मलेशिया से Shien L.
अक्तूबर, 2013 में 3 रात रहे
Relaxing and peaceful being close to nature
Ambience not pretentious or trying too hard, great hotel manager and staff, good bar and breakfast.
We did not do any research prior to staying at Basaga, therefore we arrived without expectations and was blown away by the hospitality and the ambience. I love my breakfast and beer and was surprised with the quality of breakfast and choices of beer available at the bar. Overall a great experience and the best getaway I've ever been to.
20 मई 2014 की समीक्षा की गई