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  • खाना/भोजन 6.6
निम्नानुसार छांटें

Matthew W.
09 अगस्त 2016
Good for short stay
Stayed here a few times, upgraded to the higher level floor, not too far from MTR station, McDonalds opposite to the hotel. I like the Handy Phone provided for free mobile access.

Yu L.
09 अगस्त 2016
This is a good Hotel
The check in was smooth and efficient, the staff know what they are doing. The room was clean The design of the room appeal to me, you can sit right by the window and watch the night sky Location wise, it about a 10 min to 15 min walk to Mong Kok depending on your walking speed. The path to nearby station can beabit confusing. It has a 24Hour reception so there is always someone around for security, anybody coming into the hotel around or after midnight will be checked The hotel also provided shuttle service to nearby train stations A Mobile phone is issued for the room, you can take it out to explore Hong Kong using the GPS on the mobile phone, make local/overseas phone call, use it as a wifi hotspot at no extra charges. There is a Taxi stand just in front of the hotel which makes going to the airport easier. The only weakness i would say is the shower, the glass used is kinda translucent, transparent can see inside the top(can see ceiling) and below part(can see the foot) I tried to be unbiased as possible. Hopefully it help with other traveler looking at staying at Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong

Sian L.
08 अगस्त 2016
Value for money
great location with lots of local food around and also provide us a mobile smartphone with free online hotspot. great for overseas traveller.

Paradee A.
07 अगस्त 2016
Nice location
Many good congees around

Ping-Hsiu W.
05 अगस्त 2016
I like the free handy phone, very convenient for me.

Ping-Hsiu W.
05 अगस्त 2016
The free handy phone is really convenient!

chong H.
02 अगस्त 2016
Convenience, Easy to get food

Grace Y.
01 अगस्त 2016
Recommended! Good Choice!~

Grace Y.
01 अगस्त 2016
Really super satisfied with the hotel , worth more than the money that i pay for . The shutter bus is very convenient for us to reach the MTR. Definitely will go again! The phone with 3G provided is also good for us to find the location!

Yael E.
01 अगस्त 2016
Great option in the Mong Kok area
We were there for only two nights but our stay was still very pleasant. Easy to get to thanks to buses and trains. You won't run out of dining options around the hotel (we never got to try their restaurant). The staff were great, very accommodating, easy to talk to and very helpful. The smartphone provided was indeed handy, but the apps are in need of updating. Their bathrooms need a redesign, though; it was rather dark in the shower area and the sliding door does not seal completely as it was outside the glass wall rather than inside. Overall, it's a great option and will definitely consider staying at Dorsett again.


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