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Global Viilage Backpackers Youth Hostel

460 King Street West, Trinity - Niagara, टोरंटो (ON), कनाडा

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टोरंटो (ON) में सुविधाजनक स्थान पर मौजूद Global Viilage Backpackers Youth Hostel एक शानदार स्थल है ज...और देखें टोरंटो (ON) में सुविधाजनक स्थान पर मौजूद Global Viilage Backpackers Youth Hostel एक शानदार स्थल है जहाँ से इस जीवंत शहर का नज़ारा किया जा सके। यहाँ से, अतिथि शहर के उन सभी स्थानों पर आसानी से जा सकते हैं जो इस जीवंत शहर के पास हैं। एक सुंदर वातावरण और Calphalon Culinary Centre, Diesel Fitness, Art at 80 से इसकी समीपता इस होटल को एक अलग सौंदर्य देती है।

Global Viilage Backpackers Youth Hostel पर, अतिथियों को सुविधाजनक महसूस कराने के लिए हर प्रयास किया जाता है। ऐसा करने के लिए, होटल श्रेष्ठ सेवाएँ और सुविधाएँ प्रदान करता है। होटल की कुछ सविधाओं में लॉन्‍ड्री सेवा, दरबान, यात्रायें, सुरक्षित जमा बॉक्स, सार्वजनिक क्षेत्रों में वाई-फ़ाई शामिल है।

होटल में 185 सुंदर अति‍थि कक्ष हैं, प्रत्येक में धूम्रपान रहित कमरे हैं। आपके प्रवास को यादगार बनाने के लिए होटल में गेम्स रूम, बगीचा जैसी शानदार मनोरंजन सुविधाएँ हैं। Global Viilage Backpackers Youth Hostel टोरंटो (ON) में गुणवत्तापूर्ण होटल प्रवास के लिए सभी सुविधाएँ एक स्थान पर देने वाला विकल्प है।
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NOHA M. अकेले यात्री
Canada, 24 मार्च 2014
The Worst Place ever - stay away from it

the location is ok , close to many food areas in the middle of china town
The Pace is very dirty , staff are very rude , the rooms are very small and smell very bad , linen is dirty with burns and rips , no feeling of safety at all .Try to stay away even if it is the last possible place , sleeping in the street is better than being there
Nor S. अकेले यात्री
Singapore, 27 सितम्बर 2013
Great location with good price

Location, Price and clean
I enjoyed my stay here. Location was good. Value for money
Lisa L. अकेले यात्री
Canada, 14 जनवरी 2013
Above Average

Afforable, Safe, Clean, Nice, Good Location
This hostel was great, very affordable and clean. I don't understand why it has such a low rating online. I found it completely acceptable for a short term stay. Beware, though, clean as it might be, don't come here expecting the bed to be as nice as one at the Ritz. It has a great location. Sure, parts of it were a little old and shabby, and my roommates were a little smelly, but it's a hostel. Everyone was extremely nice and I found it quite safe. In fact, I had the communal washroom to myself the whole time and didn't lack for privacy. I highly recommend staying here if you want a cheap place to stay in Toronto and don't mind spending a little time being friendly with your fellow travelers.
Vincent L. अकेले यात्री
Hong Kong, 09 जनवरी 2013
nearby and convenient

good location to nightlife and center of town
This hostel is good for backpackers in Toronto, it is easy to find and easy to book with their central booking system. I found the showers and toilets a bit run down though, apart from that it offers great social facilities, computers, bar and outdoor drinking area.
Yosuke S. अकेले यात्री
United States of America, 31 मई 2012
crazy room mate

not really
crazy wasted room mate he broke my suits case. almost pumch me, hotel just change the room, don't help me anything.
Law C. अकेले यात्री
Hong Kong, 28 फरवरी 2012
good location but poor wifi connection in room

reasonable price
good service, good location but needa go to common room to connect to the internet.
Makiko Y. अकेले यात्री
Japan, 23 जनवरी 2014

建物の前にストリートカーの駅が有り、空港から公共機関を乗り継いでほとんど歩かずにたどり着けます。 スタッフはフレンドリーで丁寧な対応をしてくれますし、ルールが明確なのでキッチンも片付いていて、水周りも掃除されています。 冬場だったので4人部屋を1人で使用できました。 立地と値段を考えたら、とても良い施設だと尾もます。
Shinichiro F. अकेले यात्री
Japan, 10 दिसम्बर 2013

YOHEI K. अकेले यात्री
Japan, 14 मई 2013

GABSEOK S. अकेले यात्री
South Korea, 02 जनवरी 2012
최악의 유스호스텔

다운타운과 CN타워와 가까운 위치라 좋았다.
유스호스텔 자체가 오래되고 낙후된 시설이라서 사용하기에 정말 껄끄러웠다. 게다가 침대 메트리스와 린넨들 자체가 너무 오래되고 낡고 난방도 안되서 한겨울에 정말 얼어 죽을뻔 하였다. 정말 이런거 생각 안하고 싼 가격에 이용하시려면 사용하시기엔 최적의 장소라 생각되어진다.

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