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Lotus Hotel Masjid India

No 45 Jalan Melayu, Golden Triangle, क्वालालंपुर, मलेशिया 50100 (मानचित्र दिखायें)

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Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - होटल बाहरी सज्जा Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - अतिथि कक्ष Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - अतिथि कक्ष Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - अतिथि कक्ष Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - बाथरूम Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - अतिथि कक्ष Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - होटल आंतरिक सज्जा Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - रिसेप्शन Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - होटल बाहरी सज्जा
स्थान: Golden Triangle कमरों की संख्या: 93
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Afalinda Y. युगल Malaysia, 02 मार्च 2014
Nice, clean and comfortable.

Nice, clean and comfortable.
Nice, clean and comfortable. Friendly staff. Nearby major shopping places.
Izizi R. युगल Malaysia, 23 फरवरी 2014
Easy. where it is located near to the public trans

ok, easy and nearest to the public transport
it is ok staying with a nearest to public transport and middle of the city. however, only cleanliness is important thing. noticed on the bed sheet still have a stain. but everything was okay and great.
Francois D. युगल Canada, 03 फरवरी 2014
Room was clean. Staff was attentive.

Close to public transport. Clean. Near shopping markets
The Lotus is a clean quiet hotel with good staff. It is very near to the rapid transit in the city.
Afalinda Y. व्यवसाय यात्री Malaysia, 02 फरवरी 2014
Nice, comfortable and cozy

Nice, comfortable and cozy
Nice, comfortable and cozy. Will recommend to my budget friend
Ricardo F. अकेले यात्री Philippines, 19 जनवरी 2014
Clean, comfortable, convenient

Clean, comfortable, convenient
I needed a place to stay when I went to KL to participate in a cycling event. I emailed them ahead and was glad to hear they'll allow me to bring my bike stuff into my room. I picked this place because its near the starting point of the event. At the same time, it is also very convenient as its just beside a train station which can easily take me to KLCC and may other shopping/eating places and places of interests. The hotel itself, for the price, is quite okay. Room's clean. Bed's not fancy but comfortable. The other furnitures are nothing to write about, if so, its more on the negative though. Functional, but... The light inside the room, I don't like much. The light near the table doesn't work so it doesn't give me other options, I never called to service it. I liked the bathroom. Roomy. Clean. The room had just 1 small tall window. The view outside - a close view of the multi-storey carpark of a big building beside it, the back of another dirty old building, and a small back alley between those two. Its in the middle of the city. So, at night, lamp post light seep by the sides the curtain. I just think of them as night light. Not too bright as the curtain blocked most of it. I was annoyed at some vendor downstairs playing music or TV up to the 4th floor. It stopped at midnight. Final say - I was there just for a cycling event. I just needed a place to put my stuff, a place to shower, a place to rest, and a place where I can easily roam around the city. For the price, its worth it.
Livia M. अकेले यात्री Australia, 16 जनवरी 2014
Comfortable, affordable hotel

Across the road from the markets, Friendly accommodating staff, Comfortable room
The staff were really lovely and helped me organise my airport transfers I pre-paid the reception directly for a taxi to the airport. The hotel is across the road from the Muslim markets, I picked up some great bargains. I had a lovely Indian meal close by to the hotel, very authentic, fresh and delicious.
Mohamad N. युगल Malaysia, 03 जनवरी 2014
Relaxing and enjoyable

Location,local restaurant and easier transport
Relaxing as not many people at the hotel so a bit quiet.Enjoyable as I spent more time with my wife on shopping as this hotel is closer with Jalan TAR and not far from Sogo.
Zulkarnain B. अकेले यात्री Malaysia, 01 जनवरी 2014
great comfortable

the bed, the cleanliness and the location
It was good for money. Its comfortable and clean. The srvice was fast, I really enjoy my stay. It is easy to access to public transportation and great for shopping
Venkatesh K. युगल India, 29 दिसम्बर 2013
Not value for money

1. Photos show rooms are spacious but actually not 2. Cockroaches sucks 3. Pillow covers are not changed once the customer vacates 4. Used towel ( with hairs were kept ) , when asked it was changed 5. Bathroom with strains Hope the management takes care off.
Elkana H. अकेले यात्री Belgium, 24 दिसम्बर 2013
too e^xpensive for what you get

friendly staff, rooms not that clean, noisy rooms
The first room I got was full of bugs so I asked another which I got without any problem, this one was better but I still found some bugs however. next to that are the rooms noisy. However the staff is very friendly.

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Lotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुरLotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - होटल बाहरी सज्जाLotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - अतिथि कक्षLotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - अतिथि कक्षLotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - अतिथि कक्षLotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - बाथरूमLotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - अतिथि कक्षLotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - होटल आंतरिक सज्जाLotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - रिसेप्शनLotus Hotel Masjid India क्वालालंपुर - होटल बाहरी सज्जा