प्रत्येक बार जब कोई Agoda ग्राहक होटल से चेक-आउट करता है तो हम उन्हें उनके प्रवास के बारे में एक समीक्षा लिखने के लिये कहने हेतु एक ई-मेल भेजते हैं। यही एक तरीका है जिसके द्वारा समीक्षायें लिखी जा सकती हैं। प्रत्येक समीक्षा को Agoda वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित किये जाने से पहले हमारी सामग्री टीम के द्वारा अनुमोदित किया जाना चाहिये। अतः, अन्य यात्रा वेबसाइटों से अलग, सभी Agoda समीक्षायें प्रमाणित और सच्ची होती हैं।
उपलब्धता देखने के लिए अपनी तिथियाँ दर्ज करें और यह होटल बुक करें

M Hotel

81 Anson Road, Chinatown / Tiong Bahru, सिंगापुर (मानचित्र दिखायें)

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M Hotel सिंगापुर - अतिथि कक्ष M Hotel सिंगापुर - अतिथि कक्ष M Hotel सिंगापुर - अतिथि कक्ष M Hotel सिंगापुर - अतिथि कक्ष M Hotel सिंगापुर - बॉलरूम M Hotel सिंगापुर - बॉलरूम M Hotel सिंगापुर - बॉलरूम M Hotel सिंगापुर - बॉलरूम M Hotel सिंगापुर - कॉफी शॉप/कैफे M Hotel सिंगापुर - कॉफी शॉप/कैफे M Hotel सिंगापुर - प्रवेश M Hotel सिंगापुर - एक्जीक्यूटिव लॉउन्ज M Hotel सिंगापुर - फिटनेस रूम M Hotel सिंगापुर - पब/लॉउन्ज M Hotel सिंगापुर - पब/लॉउन्ज M Hotel सिंगापुर - रेस्त्रां
M Hotel सिंगापुर - रेस्त्रां M Hotel सिंगापुर - स्पा
क्षेत्र Chinatown / Tiong Bahru कमरों की संख्या: 413
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Mike H. व्यवसाय यात्री South Korea, 25 जनवरी 2015
M Hotel

Joshua C. युगल Malaysia, 25 जनवरी 2015

Location, rooms, food
Nirfizyantie T. युगल Singapore, 25 जनवरी 2015
Best experience

1. Friendly and fast staff 2. Splendid clean and huge room value for money! 3. Room service and housekeeping responded very quickly
A short staycation with my fiance and I was upgraded to Premier room for free. A huge room i didnt expect. Our toilet door was spoilt but the engineering guy came within 10mins of my call. Housekeeping staff was very polite when they came to clean the room. Frontdesk staff was nice too ensuring i got everything i need. Thumbs up! Will come back again.
Andre F. व्यवसाय यात्री Sri Lanka, 23 जनवरी 2015
Good value for money

Location, easy check in and cleanliness.
I was on business and found the location of the hotel very convenient. Check in and check out both was quick and I found the room clean, staff were friendly. I do not hesitate to recommend this hotel for anyone.
Pin Y. युगल Singapore, 23 जनवरी 2015
Good location

Location, room cleanliness and friendly staff
Very good location and the room is very clean. Breakfast buffet comes with wide variety of food.
Pang W. युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार Malaysia, 18 जनवरी 2015
Overall is good

Mattress, aircond, tv
Nelson T. युगल Singapore, 18 जनवरी 2015
Birthday Weekend staycation

Very comfortable room, Good spread of their breakfast buffet, Clean
Staycation was pleasant, and valued for money. Celebrated my gf birthday, and requested/remarked that i would wish for a small cake to surprise her. None of that was done. A reply could at least be given, so i could plan otherwise. Just a simple cake as a surprise~
Sharon S. व्यवसाय यात्री United Kingdom, 18 जनवरी 2015
Luxury Prices for Standard Accommodation

Leaving it
I have stayed in a few hotels in Singapore and I would stay in them all again except this one. The first person I met was the door man who tutted because I had two cases and then left me to take them up to my room myself. Apart from the staff at breakfast, I found them to be unfriendly and gave the general impression that everything was too much bother - that was just from asking directions! I was given 1 single set of toiletries in the whole week. Some days I returned to my room to find my belongings moved and left in an untidy way when they had previously been tidy. The TV didnt work property and hardly ever switched on.
Qiu Y. बड़े बच्चों वाले परिवार Singapore, 18 जनवरी 2015
Charges for basic needs

good location, comfortable beds, good swimming pool
Generally i like M hote, and this is the second time i booked M hotel. But this second time was a much disappointment, when i called the house keeping for 1 additional pillow and towel and ice cubes. The officer answered in a way, Mdm, sorry to inform you that there will be charges of SGD $5 per item. Imagine ice cubes, basic needs, all other newer hotels which i stayed, eg: Sentosa(Michael Hotel), they have ice dispenser at each floor lift lobby and the ice cube container is placed in every room. We need not call to ask for ice cubes, we can help ourselves to the ice cubes. And we have friends who visited us during the stay, not overnight in the rooms, we asked for 4 additional towels and they suppiled to the room without any charges. I don't understand why the staff is telling me the charges when i only asked for 1 additional pillow, towel and some ice cubes. Imagine, ice melted and we need to pay SGD $5 for ice??? All hotels are trying to perform better by years, therefore this staff reply really shocked me.
Sek H. युगल Singapore, 17 जनवरी 2015
comfort staycation

quiet surrounding. worth for money. good service
very enjoyable for couples stay over a tiring and stressful week. very quiet and no disturbance. Keep it up

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M Hotel सिंगापुरM Hotel सिंगापुर - अतिथि कक्षM Hotel सिंगापुर - अतिथि कक्षM Hotel सिंगापुर - अतिथि कक्षM Hotel सिंगापुर - अतिथि कक्षM Hotel सिंगापुर - बॉलरूमM Hotel सिंगापुर - बॉलरूमM Hotel सिंगापुर - बॉलरूमM Hotel सिंगापुर - बॉलरूमM Hotel सिंगापुर - कॉफी शॉप/कैफेM Hotel सिंगापुर - कॉफी शॉप/कैफेM Hotel सिंगापुर - प्रवेशM Hotel सिंगापुर - एक्जीक्यूटिव लॉउन्जM Hotel सिंगापुर - फिटनेस रूमM Hotel सिंगापुर - पब/लॉउन्जM Hotel सिंगापुर - पब/लॉउन्जM Hotel सिंगापुर - रेस्त्रांM Hotel सिंगापुर - रेस्त्रांM Hotel सिंगापुर - स्पा