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Motel One Wien Westbahnhof

Europaplatz 3, 15. Rudolfsheim-Fünfh., वियना, ऑस्ट्रिया 1150 (मानचित्र दिखायें)

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  • क्षेत्र 15. Rudolfsheim-Fünfh.
  • कमरे : 438
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24-घंटा फ्रंट डेस्‍क


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15. Rudolfsheim-Fünfh. के केंद्र में स्थित, Motel One Wien Westbahnhof एक आदर्श स्थान है जहाँ से वियना को देखा जा सकता है। यहाँ से, अतिथि शहर के उन सभी स्थानों पर आसानी से जा सकते हैं जो इस जीवंत शहर के पास हैं। होटल के अतिथि शहर के प्रमुख आकर्षणों पर जाने का आनंद पा सकते हैं।

Motel One Wien Westbahnhof द्वारा प्रदान की जाने वाली सुविधाएँ और सेवाएँ अतिथियों को एक सुखद प्रवास देती है। यह होटल सबसे सूक्ष्मदर्शी अतिथि को भी संतुष्ट करने के लिए कई सारी ऑनसाइट सुविधाएँ देता है।

Motel One Wien Westbahnhof के वातावरण का यहाँ के हर कमरे पर प्रभाव देखा जा सकता है। वातानुकूलन, हीटिंग, डेस्क, ध्‍वनिरोधन, सेटेलाइट/केबल टी.वी. पूरी प्रोपर्टी में उपलब्ध है। इसके अलावा, होटल में मनोरंजन की कई सुविधाएँ हैं जो यह सुनिश्चित करता है कि आपके प्रवास के दौरान आपके पास करने के लिए बहुत सारी चीज़ें हो। आदर्श स्थान और सुविधाओं के साथ Motel One Wien Westbahnhof कई आवश्यकताएँ पूरी करता है।
बच्चे और अतिरिक्त बिस्तर:

अतिरिक्त बिस्तर उस कमरे पर निर्भर है जिसे आप चुनते हैं, कृपया अधिक विवरण के लिए व्यक्तिगत कमरे की नीति देखें।

5 से अधिक कमरों की बुकिंग करने पर, विभिन्न नीतियां एवं अतिरिक्‍त सप्‍लीमेंट्स लागू हो सकते हैं।

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होटल की स्थिति/साफ-सफाई
कमरे में आराम/मानक
सभी समीक्षाएँ (69)
इसके द्वारा सॉर्ट करें:
Jing Z. समूह Singapore, 07 जुलाई 2015
Nice Location

इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
Shih S. व्यवसाय यात्री Taiwan, 30 जून 2015
I love Motel One Wien Westbahnhof

Location, staffs and everything
Location was excellent !! Very nice staff and very nice counter people !! We were arrived too early and afriad got to wait until 3 PM to check in, but a gentleman from counter helped us to check in at the 11 AM. We were so appreciate !! The room is not so big but it was very clean !! I'm sure I will stay there again if I visit Vienna in the future.
इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
Prateep V. युगल Thailand, 22 जून 2015
Motel One

Close to bus stop and train. Convenience!
Good in average because it is convenient to go anywhere by train and bus
इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
Deng K. युगल Singapore, 14 जून 2015
Comfortable and convenient

Convenience cleanliness breakfast
Good! Near to shopping street, train station and easy access to supermarkets.
इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
Chen S. समूह Hong Kong, 10 जून 2015
Good location

Convenient, Clean & Comfort
Very convenient, near the train & metro stations, next to the mall. Modern design, clean and comfort.
इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
Chuanpit C. समूह Thailand, 01 मई 2015
Best transportation center hotel

1. very close t transportation
इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
Gerhard P. युगल Austria, 10 अप्रैल 2015
average, but good location..

Location, breakfast, wifi
- couple days before arrival I have sent a request to the hotel how to get to the parking garage and where to park the car for check-in (as I read in advance online that is quite complicated if you arrive by car)- NO REPLY OF E-MAIL=great customer service...:( When I mentioned it at the reception that I did not get a response, the lady did not say a word, she just ignored my comment. WOW-what kind of rudeness is that???? - checked in and paid the room for us 2 but only 1 towel, 1 blanket in the room (usually you pay when you check-out not when you check-in!) but no phone in the room, had to run down to the reception again..;) The location is the only big plus for that motel..;)
इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
Fei T. अकेले यात्री China, 07 जनवरी 2015
Unfriendly front desk reception

close to the center, convenient
इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
Catherine T. व्यवसाय यात्री Philippines, 05 दिसम्बर 2014
SAC - simple, accessible, clean

there it is on my title. simple no frills, location is great, very clean
Let me start with good points. I enjoyed my short stay in Motel 1 WB for 1) location which is just next to U and also train station. Transportation is extremely convenient, the city center is just 10 mins away by US and shops are just next door with a supermarket too. 2) it's very clean and also clear of clutter with nice ambience and color motif. 3) breakfast at my 7 euros is value for money considering there are lots of choices and quality is good. However for longer stay it maybe boring since food is the same daily. I must commend their Eggs. Perfectly cooked egg all the time! Love it! 4) a bunch of sweets are always there for you to have in the lobby. 5) the lobby lounge is open 24 hrs 6) the TV in the room is all in one TV, radio and alarm as well. The screens show a virtual fire place and is a nice touch as I am here in winter. Now for the not so good side, 1) simplicity is sometimes not do ideal as there is no bathroom amenities, there is not enough place to put things in the bathroom and there is no provision for water coffee or tea. 2) staff are ok but they are not as friendly and helpful perhaps partly us Bec of language barrier Taking cost into consideration, I would still recommend this hotel if luxury is not important and if you are travelling alone or a couple maximum. I think those with children may find this challenging Bec of the lack of amenities. There are a handful of very bad comments and reviews for this hotel but I think they are asking too much for a very affordable rate in Europe. One has to see the benefits and disadvantage as well and suit your needs. The rooms are not so tiny as explicitly mentioned in some reviews. My room has a nice view of the town.
इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
Sui K. युगल Hong Kong, 02 अक्तूबर 2014
Motel One Wien Westbahnhof

location, clean room, user friendly
इस समीक्षा की रिपोर्ट करें
< पिछला पृष्ठ 69 समीक्षाओं में से 1 - 10 अगला पृष्ठ >

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जल्दी करें- सीमित उपलब्धता!

जिन ग्राहकों ने इस होटल को देखा, की इनमें भी रूचि रही......

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  • Kunsthistorisches Museum (1.9 किमी / 23 मिनट की पैदल दूरी)
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