प्रत्येक बार जब कोई Agoda ग्राहक होटल से चेक-आउट करता है तो हम उन्हें उनके प्रवास के बारे में एक समीक्षा लिखने के लिये कहने हेतु एक ई-मेल भेजते हैं। यही एक तरीका है जिसके द्वारा समीक्षायें लिखी जा सकती हैं। प्रत्येक समीक्षा को Agoda वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित किये जाने से पहले हमारी सामग्री टीम के द्वारा अनुमोदित किया जाना चाहिये। अतः, अन्य यात्रा वेबसाइटों से अलग, सभी Agoda समीक्षायें प्रमाणित और सच्ची होती हैं।
उपलब्धता देखने के लिए अपनी तिथियाँ दर्ज करें और यह होटल बुक करें

Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel

No 43-45 Rua da Caldeira, Macau City, मकाओ, मकाऊ (मानचित्र दिखायें)

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Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्ष Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्ष Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्ष Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्ष Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्ष Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - होटल आंतरिक सज्जा Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - बाथरूम Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - लॉबी Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - रेस्त्रां Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - रिसेप्शन Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - पब/लॉउन्ज
स्थान: Macau City कमरों की संख्या: 40
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होटल की स्थिति/साफ-सफाई
कमरे में आराम/मानक
सभी समीक्षाएँ (1531)
Lai W. समूह Malaysia, 12 अप्रैल 2014
Staff with no smile face

small room, hard to locate, tv located very high
First of all this hotel is hard to access even though we ask local hawker, staff without smile face when attending customer. Room too small. The bed is facing toilet bowl, omg. TV channel just have few and located very high from the bed.
Pei Y. युगल Malaysia, 09 अप्रैल 2014
Adequate hotel in a great location

Clean, Very comfy beds, Good Showers
Very surprised to find out that the beds are very very comfortable for a 3 star hotel, and they use new and branded appliances in their bathroom! Also, very centrally located, just 3-5 minutes away from Senado Square with lots of restaurants nearby.
Tingyao L. युगल Taiwan, 06 अप्रैल 2014
Clean and comfortable with high C/P ratio !

Close to attractions, very clean and comfortable, close to shopping areas and restaurants
Lay Y. समूह Malaysia, 05 अप्रैल 2014

near to the major attractions
Lim S. युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार Malaysia, 03 अप्रैल 2014
good but expensive compared to other country

Erin K. अकेले यात्री United States of America, 02 अप्रैल 2014
Great Location But Service Without A Smile

Centrally located to numerous restaurants and major tourist attractions; hotel is clean and new; reasonably price
The hotel is very close to major attractions such as St. Paul's Ruins and Senado Square. Just walk about 5 minutes and you can reach both attractions. The hotel is also surrounded by numerous local restaurants and the famous Koi Kei Bakeries. Major bus stops are also just a few minutes walk. Some major casinos such as the Grand Lisboa, Wynn and MGM are just a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel or a short bus ride. I took a taxi to the hotel from the airport and didn't have any trouble. I had the hotel name printed out in English and Chinese with the address in both languages and gave it to the driver. He knew exactly where it was. It cost about US$10 to get to the hotel by taxi. The front desk staff were not friendly when I encountered them. I arrived around 11am and knew the room may not be ready but I checked just in case as I had requested in my reservation for an early check in. I was standing at the front desk for about 30 seconds while the two girls were talking to each other and didn't even acknowledge me. When the one girl did, all she said was check-in isn't until 2pm. She didn't say, "Welcome" or even "Hello." It's fine that the room isn't ready, but a welcome is something you should give to all guests. I stored my luggage and went sightseeing. I came back at 2:45pm and my room was ready and yet the girl still didn't welcome me. She just took my credit card and had me sign the registration card. After my two-night stay, I checked out and the other girl was the one who "helped" me. She also didn't say "Hello" or "How was your stay?" She just took back the key and that was it. Being a former front desk manager at a hotel in Honolulu, I am a little more particular when it comes to hospitality. I took bus #26 back to the airport. The bus stop for this bus is about a 5-minute walk. The ride was around US$.60 so much cheaper than the taxi but not recommended if you have big luggage.
Wenwei A. युगल Singapore, 31 मार्च 2014
Pleasant stay and good location

Clean,Good customer service ,good location
Tung K. युगल Macau, 29 मार्च 2014
You dont have much choice around that price

just renovate, city center, restaurants surrounding the hotel
Do research before you go to the hotel, it is inside an alley, may take some times to find it. if the price around HKD 600-700 will be great.
Ana C. युगल Philippines, 27 मार्च 2014
Budget wise but very comfortable!

Clean, comfortable beds and near to exciting places!
Our stay in this hotel is worth it. :) Near tyo Senado square and shopping district. Near to cheap restaurants :)
Risin E. युगल Indonesia, 27 मार्च 2014
fun close to every tourist point and Transport

Clean, near transportation, friendly staff
Clean, near transportation, friendly staff

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Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्षOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्षOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्षOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्षOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्षOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - होटल आंतरिक सज्जाOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - बाथरूमOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - लॉबीOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - रेस्त्रांOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - रिसेप्शनOle Tai Sam Un Hotel मकाओ - पब/लॉउन्ज