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Patong Merlin Hotel

44, Thaveewong Road, Kathu District, Patong, फुकेत, थाईलैंड (मानचित्र दिखायें)

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Patong Merlin Hotel फुकेत - तरणताल Patong Merlin Hotel फुकेत - लॉबी
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इसके द्वारा सॉर्ट करें:
Andi H. युगल Australia, 01 जुलाई 2015
A good location

Location, close to beach, great market over the road
The rooms were quite small. Location was good. The breakfast was just.
David W. युगल Australia, 15 जून 2015
Beds are hard and wifi is hopeless. Bath & shower?

Amy W. युगल Australia, 12 जून 2015
Great resort!

The location is great, we love all the pools and the staff are lovely and make your day by being so happy and helpful
Elizabeth D. युगल Ireland, 03 जून 2015
Great hotel spacious, clean and very modern

Room size, staff and pools
We had a great stay here and would definitely stay again. Rooms are spacious, modern and comfortable. Staff are very friendly and helpful. We had a room where tve air con was a bit noisy. When we told reception they quickly moved us to another room which was perfect.
Christine V. युगल Australia, 25 मई 2015
Merlin hotel stay

Pools. Breakfast. Cleanliness
Very good. However our shower drain kept clogging and backing up. Not good
Elaine Y. समूह Australia, 11 मई 2015
Location was great but room needs to be renovated

Location, pools, large resort style feeling in the middle of Patong
Kerri H. युगल Australia, 06 मई 2015
Lovely Stay

Pools Close to beach Comfortable Rooms
Really enjoyed our stay at Patong Merlin, really liked the pools. It was good that is is right opposite beach, close to money changers, restaurants and shopping. Rooms were comfortable, nice polite staff.
Leanne M. युगल Australia, 05 मई 2015
Patong Merlin experience

Pools, staff, food
I love this hotel, the staff are wonderful, the food is great, the only criticism I have is the air conditioning. It really needs an upgrade!
Hafid H. युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार France, 25 अप्रैल 2015
very light

Derek B. युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार United Kingdom, 21 अप्रैल 2015
Poor Rooms / Reception Staff

Hotel Grounds & Swimming Pool, Kids Club Staff, Housekeeping Staff
Overall the hotel is quite good however for the last 15 Years I have stayed at hotels throughout Asia more than 300 Days each year and I'm sorry to say is the worst value for money I have came across in that time, the staff at reception also need some lessons in customer service, it's the first time in Thailand I have checked out a hotel without receiving the traditional Wai greeting, they didn't even say Khob Khun Ka. Hotel Grounds are great, staff in the restaurants are efficient, housekeeping staff are friendly and a special mention for the girl who runs the kids club, she was great at keeping the children entertained. Sorry to say I wouldn't go back as the room standard was so bad, I would also like to point out that I seen inside another guest room and the standard was far better than ours, best to avoid this block if possible as it's in serious need of some renovation works.

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