प्रत्येक बार जब कोई Agoda ग्राहक होटल से चेक-आउट करता है तो हम उन्हें उनके प्रवास के बारे में एक समीक्षा लिखने के लिये कहने हेतु एक ई-मेल भेजते हैं। यही एक तरीका है जिसके द्वारा समीक्षायें लिखी जा सकती हैं। प्रत्येक समीक्षा को Agoda वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित किये जाने से पहले हमारी सामग्री टीम के द्वारा अनुमोदित किया जाना चाहिये। अतः, अन्य यात्रा वेबसाइटों से अलग, सभी Agoda समीक्षायें प्रमाणित और सच्ची होती हैं।
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Royal Hotel

Estrada Da Vitoria 2-4, Macau City, मकाओ, मकाऊ (मानचित्र दिखायें)

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Royal Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्ष Royal Hotel मकाओ - सुइट कक्ष Royal Hotel मकाओ - सुइट कक्ष Royal Hotel मकाओ - बाथरूम Royal Hotel मकाओ - बाथरूम Royal Hotel मकाओ - बाथरूम Royal Hotel मकाओ - होटल बाहरी सज्जा Royal Hotel मकाओ - रिसेप्शन Royal Hotel मकाओ - रेस्त्रां Royal Hotel मकाओ - तरणताल Royal Hotel मकाओ - होटल बाहरी सज्जा Royal Hotel मकाओ - खाद्य और पेय पदार्थ Royal Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्ष Royal Hotel मकाओ - रेस्त्रां Royal Hotel मकाओ - रेस्त्रां Royal Hotel मकाओ - रेस्त्रां
Royal Hotel मकाओ - अतिथि कक्ष Royal Hotel मकाओ - फिटनेस रूम Royal Hotel मकाओ - रेस्त्रां Royal Hotel मकाओ - लॉबी Royal Hotel मकाओ - कॉफी शॉप/कैफे Royal Hotel मकाओ - रेस्त्रां Royal Hotel मकाओ - रेस्त्रां Royal Hotel मकाओ - रिसेप्शन
क्षेत्र Macau City कमरों की संख्या: 380
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Joyce K. समूह Malaysia, 31 मार्च 2015
Good sleep

Nice bed, nice toilet and friendly staff
The hotel facilities are quite good, nice bed and quite spacious. However, it is a bit hard to get taxi at the hotel. You will need to walk down the street to have better chance to get a taxi. I would say the price for this hotel is too expensive. But I think overall the hotel at Macau was expensive.
Lee C. युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार Malaysia, 29 मार्च 2015
Good Location, Room clean & comfortable.

Good Location, Room clean & comfortable.
Good Location, Room clean & comfortable.
Carolyn C. व्यवसाय यात्री United States of America, 29 मार्च 2015
Comfortable Stay

Quiet, clean, and convenient
Benny C. युगल Indonesia, 28 मार्च 2015
Comfortable and Nice location

Comfortable, Nice Location, Clean
Very nice hotel, it was "budget" hotel in Macau, 5 stars and the location is very good (near Ruins of St paul church and Senado square for shopping). Distance to that place is about 500metres. You just walk 30 seconds to seek food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and the price is low (about HKD 26 - HKD 38), but very delicious and the best is it opened almost 24 hours (7.00 am open, closed at 3.00 am)
Delun J. युगल Singapore, 27 मार्च 2015
Big room and bed, nice location

Big Room and Price
Big Room and Price, not too bad, would come back again
Chan L. युगल China, 27 मार्च 2015
Royal Hotel

room keeper manager and customer service(email) are very nice to prepare my order of two hotel pillows even few stock!
Gillian C. अकेले यात्री United Kingdom, 27 मार्च 2015
Fantastic Staff

Staff, location, room
Staff well-selected and trained to high standard; friendly, helpful and courteous. Location within walking distance of most things. Room comfortable, well-equipped and clean....WiFi worked well despite others' comments. To make it even closer to perfect I would suggest: biscuits/snack in room with the tea & coffee more prominent signage at the airport to locate the desk for the shuttle bus arrange for the airport shuttle to drop off at Taipa ferry terminal which is very close-by. I enjoyed my stay and would stay again and also recommend to others
Hazel B. बड़े बच्चों वाले परिवार Philippines, 26 मार्च 2015

It has a very good location. Hotel facilities are well maintained and has good amenities. Hotel staff were very polite, kind and accomodating.
It was excellent. I have been staying at this hotel every time i visit macau. It is centrally located to some hotel-casinos like grand lisboa, hotel lisboa, mgm grand, wynn hotel and star world hotel. It is 5min away from the macau ferry terminal where all casino shuttle buses (offering free transpo) are found. Royal hotel is also surrounded with restaurants offering good food for a good price. Just a block away from the marketplace. Few mins away from ruins of st paul and senado square. All the hotel staff are very kind, polite, respectful and very accomodating. They also give you tips on how to explore macau. Hotel price for a night stay is also affordable. They also have a casino (mocha) at the 1st floor. And swimming pool and fitness gym at the 3rd flr. Housekeeping staff also did excellent jobs in cleaning our room. Ambience is likewise excellent.
Yiu K. अकेले यात्री Hong Kong, 25 मार्च 2015
good vaule

staff hotel location
Michael L. अकेले यात्री Malaysia, 24 मार्च 2015

1) location 2) staff friendly. 3) cleanliness
Overall good accept the free shutltle bus driver was unfriendly and never send us to the destinations ( twice).

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