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Royal Orchid Guam Hotel के बारे में


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इंटरनेट उपलब्धता

  • सभी कमरों में नि:शुल्‍क वाईफाई
  • सार्वजनिक क्षेत्रों में वाई-फ़ाई

आसपास की देखने लायक जगहें

  • कार पार्क
  • किराये की कार
  • शटल सेवा
  • होटल/हवाई अड्डा स्थानांतरण

करने वाले काम, आराम के तरीके

  • गर्म टब
  • फ़िटनेस सेंटर
  • यात्रायें
  • स्पा
  • स्विमिंग पूल [आउटडोर]

खाना-पीना और जलपान

  • आदरस्वरूप पानी की बोतल
  • किचनेट
  • कॉफी/चाय मेकर
  • कॉफी शॉप
  • छोटा बार
  • बार
  • माइक्रोवेव
  • रेफ़्रिजरेटर
  • रेस्‍टॉरेंट/रेस्‍टॉरेंट्स
  • वेंडिंग मशीन

सेवा और सुविधाएं

  • दुकान/नें
  • मुद्रा विनिमय
  • लॉन्‍ड्री सेवा
  • सामान रखने की जगह
  • सुरक्षित जमा बॉक्स
  • स्मोकिंग क्षेत्र

बच्चों के लिए

  • परिवार कक्ष
  • बच्चों का क्लब


  • एलिवेटर
  • पालतू पशुओं की अनुमति
  • फ्रंट डेस्‍क [24-घंटे]
  • विकलांग मेहमानों के लिए सुविधाएं

बोलचाल की भाषा

  • अंग्रेजी
  • चीनी (मेंडेरिन)
  • जापानी
  • रूसी
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345 समीक्षाओं में से
  • साफ-सफाई 6.1
  • सुविधाएं 6.6
  • स्थान: 7.9
  • कमरे में आराम/मानक 6.5
  • सेवा 6.9
  • पैसावसूल 7.0
  • खाना/भोजन 6.6
निम्नानुसार छांटें


फिलिपींस से Samantha
अकेला पर्यटक
ओशन व्यू
जुलाई, 2016 में 4 रात रहे
old hotel
Front desk staff not that friendly. They dont allow early checked in even there are vacant rooms. Room need to renovate, it feel so old. No breakfast. You have to go outside to have breakfast. Will i recomend this hotel? No. Go somewer else.
13 अक्तूबर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


फिलिपींस से raymund
समुद्र का आंशिक दृश्‍य
अक्तूबर, 2016 में 5 रात रहे
We hiked at Mt Lamlam and injured my knees and i was petrified i might end up in bed for the duration of our 6- day vacation. Upon arriving at the hotel and explained my predicament at the front desk I requested for ice cubes to reduce my getting-swollen knees . More than a bucketful was delivered at our room! Wow! So i dumped the ice cubes in the bathtub half- filled with water where I immersed my legs for super- cold treatment for an hour or two. I was able to walk and enjoy the rest of my stay after that. What a great feeling of being taken care of away from home! Kudos to the entire staff! You were all wonderful- from the front desk to housekeeping, and everybody! You were all smiling and ready to serve the guests!
12 अक्तूबर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


फिलिपींस से Luz
अप्रैल, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
Value for Money
It was good for our budget.
10 अक्तूबर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


फिलिपींस से ROLDAN
सुपीरियर डबल रूम
सितम्बर, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
Overall good stay
Little bit old hotel but in a nice location, near the city center. Buffet breakfast charge of usd15 is expensive given the limited choices, on top of the room charge which is also expensive as the hotel has seen better days.
01 अक्तूबर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


फिलिपींस से Christine
सितम्बर, 2016 में 4 रात रहे
Complimentary water only on 1st day
Good location, 5-minute walk to K Mart and across the street from the beach. All cab drivers know the hotel. Staff very kind and helpful with inquiries. Rooms are a bit old (TVs are not flat screen yet) but cleaned well everyday. We paid the same rate for all days so I don't understand why they only provided complimentary mineral water bottles on the first day. We tried asking but they confirmed that this is only provided on the first day. Towels smelled of bleach, but at least you know they are clean! Toiletries not good quality. Toilet electric outlet busted on our last night. Bath tub looked old and dirty so we used the shower. "Partial sea view room" had no view of the sea. The regular room had a better view. Don't bother paying the additional fee for the "upgrade".
30 सितम्बर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


हाँग काँग से pui
एग्ज़ीक्यूटिव डबल या ट्विन रूम
सितम्बर, 2016 में एक रात रहे
good hotel location easy to find many fooding and stores nearby , good hotel air-conditioning
1. day-time front desk staffs are helpful and friendly , 2. room wi-fi not stable even on Executive room , 3. back-yard electricity generator need to be improved since we experienced 2 to 3 times sudden cut-off electricity supply during our stay when the room went darkness for a short while .
23 सितम्बर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


हाँग काँग से pui
व्यू वाला डबल रूम
सितम्बर, 2016 में 4 रात रहे
good location , convenient to somewhere like K-Mart , good air-conditioning over the lobby and the r
1. daytime duty front desk staffs are nice and helpful but night time 's are not . 2. room wi-fi not stable and always cut off suddenly even on Executive room that need to be improved . 3. we experienced short time electricity supply cut-off on which the hotel went darkness for a short while which seemed not good .
23 सितम्बर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


हाँग काँग से pui
व्यू वाला डबल रूम
सितम्बर, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
reasonable room pricing , good location , front desk staffs are helpful
In general , everything seemed okay but one thing to point out the front desk staff servicing need to be improved because we experienced when we have some request to seek for assistance , just answered will send someone to come but in fact no staffs to come and serve later on .
23 सितम्बर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका से Penny
कारोबारी पर्यटक
ओशन व्यू
सितम्बर, 2016 में 2 रात रहे
Not as expected
When I booked my room, I was supposed to have more than 1 bed in the room. When I checked in, they only had a room for me with 1 bed. Not funny having to sleep in the same bed with someone else. The other person traveling with me did not appreciate that the hotel offered to add a rollaway bed, when this room should have had 2 beds and a king bed to start with. So the room I received was cheaper than the one I paid for. At checkout, front desk refused to give me a receipt for my stay because I didn't book my room directly with the hotel. What I thought I was going to receive was definitely misleading as to what I actually got when I stayed at this hotel.
22 सितम्बर 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


गुआम से Raychelle
ओशन व्यू वाला किंग रूम
अगस्त, 2016 में 6 रात रहे
Brief Stay
Staff tried their best to accommodate. Rooms felt "wet."
31 अगस्त 2016 की समीक्षा की गई


लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम चुनें

लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम ए लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम ए
लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम बी

मेनू में प्वाइंटमैक्स पर क्लिक करें और अपने पंसदीदा लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम को चुनें।


प्वाइंट ऑफर चुनें

होटल रुम ए
कमरे की जानकारी
अर्जित करें
5,000 प्वाइंट्स

अपने चुने गए प्रवास के लिए रुम व प्वाइंट विकल्पों को चुनें।


मेंबरशिप आईडी दर्ज करें

पासपोर्ट जारीकर्ता देश
प्रोग्राम की मेंबरशिप आईडी

अपना रिजर्वेशन पूरा हो जाने पर अपने चयनित प्रोग्राम के लिए मेंबरशिप नंबर भरें। आपके चेकआउट के बाद आपके खाते में अंक जुड़ जायेंगे।

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