प्रत्येक बार जब कोई Agoda ग्राहक होटल से चेक-आउट करता है तो हम उन्हें उनके प्रवास के बारे में एक समीक्षा लिखने के लिये कहने हेतु एक ई-मेल भेजते हैं। यही एक तरीका है जिसके द्वारा समीक्षायें लिखी जा सकती हैं। प्रत्येक समीक्षा को Agoda वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित किये जाने से पहले हमारी सामग्री टीम के द्वारा अनुमोदित किया जाना चाहिये। अतः, अन्य यात्रा वेबसाइटों से अलग, सभी Agoda समीक्षायें प्रमाणित और सच्ची होती हैं।
उपलब्धता देखने के लिए अपनी तिथियाँ दर्ज करें और यह होटल बुक करें

Sanur Avenue

By Pass NGurah Rai no. 198 , Denpasar, बाली, इंडोनेशिया 80572 (मानचित्र दिखायें)

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Sanur Avenue बाली - होटल बाहरी सज्जा Sanur Avenue बाली - अतिथि कक्ष Sanur Avenue बाली - होटल आंतरिक सज्जा Sanur Avenue बाली - अतिथि कक्ष Sanur Avenue बाली - अतिथि कक्ष Sanur Avenue बाली - अतिथि कक्ष Sanur Avenue बाली - अतिथि कक्ष Sanur Avenue बाली - होटल बाहरी सज्जा Sanur Avenue बाली - सुइट कक्ष Sanur Avenue बाली - होटल आंतरिक सज्जा Sanur Avenue बाली - होटल आंतरिक सज्जा Sanur Avenue बाली - अतिथि कक्ष
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सभी समीक्षाएँ (105)
इसके द्वारा सॉर्ट करें:
Sabir S. युगल United Kingdom, 26 अप्रैल 2014
Need more improvement

Friendly staff clean room nice breakfast
Need more improvement a lot of things a specially staff more friendly
Ayu W. युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार Indonesia, 22 दिसम्बर 2013
This Villas was comfortable and clean

Cheapest, Largest room and clean
The great places but need improvement in Breakfast menu
Iin K. युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार Indonesia, 13 अगस्त 2013

Clean, friendly staff, and quiet place
Overall it was good place to stay...cheap but clean...
Jacqueline S. अकेले यात्री Canada, 03 अगस्त 2013
Short stay

Provided airport transfer (although was almost cancelled right before),
Liza S. व्यवसाय यात्री Indonesia, 09 जून 2013
nothing special

breakfast, friendly staff, large bedroom
Shazia A. समूह United Kingdom, 05 जून 2013
Big suite, good price

Breakfast, suite size
The hotel provided a large suite for three of us, two ensuite bedroom of good size, a living area with comfy sofa and t.v. The staff provided us with welcome drinks and a nice big breakfast. However, it wasn't too close to the beach and was just off a main road which got quite loud in the morning.
Almira R. व्यवसाय यात्री Indonesia, 15 मई 2013
A great place to stay

Nice staff, Good food, Comfortable room
I was so happy with the service, although it needs a hard effort to reach this hotel. You can search Jalan Soka near Bypass Ngurah Rai to help you find this hotel on Google maps. Overall, nice hotel to stay & I will recommend this hotel to my friends & relatives.
Harry B. अकेले यात्री Australia, 30 अप्रैल 2013
Had a room a bit far from the area you need to be

a bit far. no one's bothering you. in some way it s ok.
The hotel is far is away from where you need to be. But I would get away. Costing little bit money but i Was ok.
Debra P. अकेले यात्री United States of America, 13 अप्रैल 2013
Accommodating couple, close to airport

The woman who ran the hotel; the large sized room; the woman who ran the hotel!
Very difficult to find - more detailed directions and a contact number should be given online. My taxi driver was ready to throw me out of the cab. I loved the woman who was sooo hospitable - there wasn't much around the hotel, so she gave me a lift into town where I walked around and had dinner - she picked me up afterward. She got up at 5am to make me an early breakfast and called me a cab for my early flight. The room was large and clean, although the a/c could have been stronger.
Kiran S. युगल India, 02 फरवरी 2013
Great Hotel with peaceful location a bit of far

nice, clean rooms and helpful staff
A very good, nice and clean hotel located in a peaceful area. Should be a choice for those who wish to stay around Sanur.

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