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    निकटतम परिवहन:
  • Taksim Subway Station (0.7 किमी / 9 मिनट की पैदल दूरी)
    निम्‍न के लिए अनुशंसित क्षेत्र:
  • ख़रीदारी
  • रेस्त्रां
    हवाई अड्डा से दूरी:
  • अतातुर्क अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय एयरपोर्ट (15.5 किमी)
  • साबिहा गोकेन अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय एयरपोर्ट (31.1 किमी)
    क्षेत्र में प्रमुख आकर्षण स्‍थान:
  • Galerist Art Gallery (0.7 किमी / 9 मिनट की पैदल दूरी)
  • Taksim Square (0.7 किमी / 9 मिनट की पैदल दूरी)
  • Galata Tower (1.2 किमी / 15 मिनट की पैदल दूरी)
  • Galata Bridge (1.5 किमी / 18 मिनट की पैदल दूरी)

ध्‍यान दें: दूरियां सीधी रेखा में मापी गयी हैं।

Villa Zurich

Akarsu Yokusu Str. No.36-36A, Beyoglu, इस्तांबुल, तुर्की 34433 (मानचित्र दिखायें)

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Villa Zurich की विशेषताएं

होटल में सुविधायें

  • 24-घंटे कक्ष सेवा
  • एलिवेटर
  • कक्ष सेवा
  • कॉफी शॉप
  • दरबान
  • परिवार कक्ष
  • बार
  • यात्रायें
  • रेस्टोरेंट
  • लॉन्‍ड्री सेवा
  • व्यापार केन्द्र
  • सुरक्षित जमा बॉक्स
  • स्मोकिंग क्षेत्र
  • होटल/हवाई अड्डा स्थानांतरण


  • सभी कमरों में नि:शुल्‍क वाईफाई


  • वॉलेट पार्किंग

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होटल विवरण
Beyoglu में अच्छी जगह स्थित Villa Zurich इस्तांबुल में आपके भ्रमण के लिए एक प्रस्थान का एक आदर्श बिं...और देखें Beyoglu में अच्छी जगह स्थित Villa Zurich इस्तांबुल में आपके भ्रमण के लिए एक प्रस्थान का एक आदर्श बिंदु है। शहर के रोमांच से 0.5 km दूर यह 3-तारा होटल एक बहुत अच्छे स्थान पर है और शहर के सबसे बड़े आकर्षणों तक पहुँच प्रदान करता है। आराम और तनाव मुक्ति का स्वर्ग, यह होटल Cihangir Sauna, Galerı Apel, The Museum of Innocence जैसे शहर के असंख्य आकर्षणों से केवल कुछ कदमों की दूरी पर संपूर्ण नवीनीकरण देता है।

Villa Zurich पर, अतिथियों को सुविधाजनक महसूस कराने के लिए हर प्रयास किया जाता है। ऐसा करने के लिए, होटल श्रेष्ठ सेवाएँ और सुविधाएँ प्रदान करता है। अतिथियों के आराम और सुविधा के लिए, होटल सभी कमरों में नि:शुल्‍क वाईफाई, 24-घंटे कक्ष सेवा, वॉलेट पार्किंग, कक्ष सेवा, होटल/हवाई अड्डा स्थानांतरण देता है।

होटल के आवास बेहतरीन सुख-सुविधाओं से सुसज्जित हैं। कुछ कमरों में, मेहमानों के लिए इंटरनेट एक्सेस (वायरलेस), वायरलेस इंटरनेट एक्सेस (आदरस्वरूप), व्‍हर्लपुल बाथटब, धूम्रपान रहित कमरे, वातानुकूलन भी उपलब्ध हैं। इसके अलावा, होटल में मनोरंजन की कई सुविधाएँ हैं जो यह सुनिश्चित करता है कि आपके प्रवास के दौरान आपके पास करने के लिए बहुत सारी चीज़ें हो। आपकी यात्रा का उद्देश्य चाहे जो हो, Villa Zurich होटल इस्तांबुल में ठहरने के लिए एक शानदार विकल्प है।
होटल नीतियां
उपयोगी जानकारी
भोजन, ड्रिंक और मौज मस्ती
सभी समीक्षाएँ (7)
इसके द्वारा सॉर्ट करें:
Janine O. अकेले यात्री
Australia, 24 अक्तूबर 2012
Great location, terrible management

Rooms are spacious and very comfortable
The new owners are sadly lacking in experience and are running this once lovely hotel into the ground. I suspect they previously owned a cheap village pension and have the mentality that as long as they get your money, they could care less if you ever come back. Some of the staff are very rough and lacking any culture, training or class. The breakfast is truly awful and as cheap and nasty as they could possibly make it. Such a pity these people have purchased this once-lovely establishment in a perfect location. The rooms are worth staying in- eat at one of the many fab cafes around it and prepay your room to avoid problems, then I would still recommend it.
Jorge E. युवा बच्चों वाले परिवार
Spain, 13 जून 2012
Great location but poor service

location + fish restaurant with great views
it was my second stay in the hotel and unfortunately the beginning of my stay was not that great. we were allocated a tiny room when we got in, which was not a problem, but the smell inside was horrible. i guess that the lack of proper ventilation and previous guest smoking inside made impossible to sleep there. we did complain that night but the hotel was full. the day after, early in the morning, we asked for a room change but the lady working in the front desk wasn't of great help. from our point of view she was even rude to us. fortunately the man working there in the afternoon was really helpful and did allocate us another room. all in all we had a great experience in istanbul but probably won't come back to villa zurich...
Moller A. व्यवसाय यात्री
Egypt, 09 अप्रैल 2012
horrible hotel never ever book it again never

dirty rooms, very dirty bathrooms, very cheap breakfast,far away from Taksim square
it was such a very bad experience to stay in this hotel , I will never do it again and will never recomend it to any one to go there, there is much much better hotels around, the reciptionist is such a disrespectable people,they don't answer your phone, no wakeup call , the morning breakfast was very bad, the hotel location was very far away from every thing that you need to walk a very long hill to get to Taksim square which makes u unhappy,the room and specially bathrooms is very dirty and smell bad,u see the pictures on the website is something and when u get there is total different thing,I wish I read about it before going there
Mohamed G. समूह
Egypt, 15 नवम्बर 2011
Good location but small rooms

view from the resturat,rooms decoration.
I just came from one week stay there with my wife, my brother and sister. Me and my wife stayed in a room with a double bed , the room was clean and well decorated but the bed it self is very small it’s about 140 cm & the room it self was small for one week stay, the other room was twin bed so it was ok and it was a little bit bigger. My first contact to the hotel stuff in the reception desk that they don’t understand the reservation came from agooda, they thought the reservation was for two single rooms although it was very clear that the reservation was for two double rooms, we hade long discussion about this and we got it solved at the end but it made a bad background to have your first impression like this. The breakfast was very poor, and never changed in all the 7 nights I stayed there, no varieties, but the view from the restaurant there was amazing looking over the Bosporus. The room service was not good, you must have something missing in the room, one day no towels the other day no soap, I hade one lamp in the room which I cannot switch off, and I cannot sleep from its light, I call the reception on the daily basis to send my some on to fix it, some times they send some one and fails to fix it and others they ignore, in the last days when I go to sleep I have to remove the Room Card to have all the lights off and I cannot charge my camera or my mobile because of this lamp. The bathroom was very clean and the shower has a nice Jacuzzi. The location of the hotel was nice and near to Taxim square, althouth it is near to taxim but the way from the hotel to taxim is on a ramp so if you have a bag or something it will be a little hard for you. Overall, the hotel is ok, rooms were nice but the breakfast and the room service was not that good.
Ruediger W. युगल
Germany, 04 मई 2012
für Städtreisen gut geeignet/ Super Aussicht

gute Lage und Super-Aussicht von der Dachterrasse über Istanbul
gute lage in der nähe vom taksimplatz (ca.600m), gute verkehrsanbindung zur straßenbahn richtung sultanahmet-zentrum aber mit einem sehr steilen hang und vielen stufen (für die rücktour dann doch besser mit der tünel- oder fünikuler-standseilbahn richtung taksim). hotelzimmer zur ruhigen seitenstraße raus, größe war ok, gibt aber sehr kleine zimmer nach hinten raus. sauberkeit war ok, bad roch etwas muffig, aber das kenne ich aus vielen hotels. personal war sehr freundlich, frühstück standard (weißbrot, käse, oliven, wurst, gurke,tomate, cornflakes, marmelade, honig,butter, etwas salate, gekochtes ei, omelett)
LUCIA C. अकेले यात्री
Italy, 26 जून 2012
Hotel piacevole cortesia alcune camere rumorose

posizione vista panoramica area colazione
Soggiorno piacevole. Netto miglioramento dell' accoglienza e della cortesia.
Inara S. युगल
Latvia, 29 मई 2013
Viss bija lieliski

Laba atrašanās vieta. Laba istaba. Labas brokastis
Esam apmierināti. Sabiedriskais transports 10 min. gājienā. Taksimas rajons arī 10 min gājienā.Pilsētas centrs 4 tramvaja pieturas. Brokastis labas. Viesnīca atrodas klusā ielā, blakus omulīgi krodziņi - iesakām kafeinīcu "Smyrna". Ja negribas iet ar kājām nepārtraukta taksometru satiksme

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