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Wynn Macau Hotel

Rua Cidade de Sintra NAPE, Macau City, मकाओ, मकाऊ (मानचित्र दिखायें)

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Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - होटल बाहरी सज्जा Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - प्रवेश Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - सुइट कक्ष Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - सुइट कक्ष Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - तरणताल Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - ब्यूटी सैलून Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - होटल बाहरी सज्जा Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - दुकानें Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - बाथरूम Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - बाथरूम Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - स्पा
स्थान: Macau City कमरों की संख्या: 1000

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Karen H. बड़े बच्चों वाले परिवार United States of America, 03 अप्रैल 2014
wynn macau is tastefully fabulous,same decor as LV

decor,shops,location, pricey you get what you pay for
I booked in advance as dates/availabilty can be an issue, this is a first choice hotel in macau but I understand chinese clients perfer the encore macau over the wynn mac. the decor is similar to the wynn in las vegas(carpet,walls) I stayed in a one bedroom suite & it was unforgetably fabulous the suite had a huge bathroom& big jacuzzi tub big black granite shower a description of pure luxury, check in is private at the newly renovated wynn club, shops were all high end, service, concierge service excellent perfect english resourceful, confirming international flights. my visit to macau was alot of fun the wynn & venetian were similar to the las vegas wynn & venetian but theres only one las vegas, macau is a whole different experience completely well with kids you werent allowed to walk thur the casino gambling area, so seeing the hotel as entirely wasnt possible which felt like a smaller place & to get to the cantonese resturant you needed to walk outside around the building, macau makes more revenue from gambling than las vegas but theres more shows & shops & things to do in las vegas the show to see in macau was the "water dance" at the city of lights hotel on the other side of the island
Reena K. युगल United Kingdom, 20 फरवरी 2014
Wynn wants a fancy hotel,this is not a fancy hotel

the breakfast, free shuttle
We asked for a non smoking room. Our room had clearly been smoked in numerous times when you told customer services they didn't really care. No free wifi!!! Well the room decor is substandard border line tacky (I've stayed at all ends of the hotel spectrum and there are cheaper hotels that are so much more classier), smoking everywhere (come on, what centenary are we in?), casino had no atmosphere.
Sangwook P. युगल South Korea, 26 जनवरी 2014
Great city View with fabulous food.

CIty View, Bright Room,Toiletries and Vanity.
I liked this hotel because the room inside is Bright compare with other hotels. Of course, its' food is excellent & shopping area is also very convenient.
Jian B. अकेले यात्री Singapore, 12 दिसम्बर 2013
Centrally located Close to shopping areas

Large size Fast internet Large bathroom
centrally located where its easily accessible to amenities
Boon Y. बड़े बच्चों वाले परिवार Malaysia, 27 नवम्बर 2013

Musical fountain, nice night view of bridge and the beds are very comfortable.
Albert R. समूह United States of America, 05 नवम्बर 2013
Wynn Hotels... nothing but the best

service, cleanliness, luxury
I love Wynn hotels and the Wynn Macau did not disappoint.
Bambang T. बड़े बच्चों वाले परिवार Indonesia, 15 अक्तूबर 2013
Typical Casino hotel

Large Room, Large Bathroom, Nice Design
One thing I need to share with traveller especially with children under 21 years old. Once I walk surrounding the hotel. Suddenly rain comes. When we try to enter the hotel back from the other side, the security was not allowed us to pass the casino area with children. So we have to walk surrounding outside the hotel to reach the lobby.
William G. अकेले यात्री United States of America, 11 अक्तूबर 2013
top end resort casino

good rooms, food, casino
This is as good as it gets in the casino resort game.
Hiroshi O. अकेले यात्री Japan, 26 अगस्त 2013
This is brilliant hotel, totally nice

clean, huge, design
This is the best hotel I ever tried in Macau. Almost top class I think.
Sou Y. समूह Indonesia, 12 अगस्त 2013
It is really good

Well basically the room is perfect, food is nice, casino is not bad
I love it, love the room, the design everything is good, but i wanted at least a free wifi...

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Wynn Macau Hotel मकाओWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - होटल बाहरी सज्जाWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - प्रवेशWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - सुइट कक्षWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - सुइट कक्षWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - तरणतालWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - ब्यूटी सैलूनWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - होटल बाहरी सज्जाWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - दुकानेंWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - बाथरूमWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - बाथरूमWynn Macau Hotel मकाओ - स्पा