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  • Francisco Bangoy Nemeztközi Repülőtér (21.3 km)
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  • "Tiszta szoba", "Jó ételek", "Kitűnő személyzet"
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  • Talikod-sziget (2.4 km / 29 percnyi sétára)

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Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn

Poblacion Kaputian, Samal Negyed- Samal Sziget, Davao City, Fülöp-szigetek 8120 (Térkép)

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02 december 2015 - 04 december 2015 | 2 éjszaka
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Cottage (Cottage)
6 683 HUF
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Utolsó 2 szobánk
Standard (Standard)
8 353 HUF
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Utolsó 2 szobánk
Deluxe (Deluxe)
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13 922 HUF
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Nászutas Lakosztály (Honeymoon Suite)
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16 706 HUF
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Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn szolgáltatásai

Szálláshely szolgáltatásai

  • mosodai szolgáltatás
  • túrák

Sport és szabadidő

  • masszázs
  • saját tengerpart


  • ingyenes Wi-Fi az összes szobában
  • Wi-Fi a közös helységekben


  • parkoló

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Resort leírás
A(z) Samal Negyed- Samal Sziget városrész szívében található Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn ideális kii...mutass többet A(z) Samal Negyed- Samal Sziget városrész szívében található Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn ideális kiindulópont Davao City felfedezéséhez. Innen a pezsgő város minden látnivalóját és érdekes programját könnyen elérhetik a látogatók. Azokat, akik kedvet éreznek a város felfedezésére, olyan látnivalók várják, mint például: Talikod-sziget, Coral Garden Tengeri Park.

A(z) Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn magas színvonalú szolgáltatásaival és kényelmével biztosítja, hogy itt tartózkodása a lehető legkellemesebb legyen. A hotel vendégei olyan szolgáltatásokat élvezhetnek a szállodán belül, mint például ingyenes Wi-Fi az összes szobában, Wi-Fi a közterületeken, parkoló, túrák, mosodai szolgáltatás.

A szálloda 12 ízlésesen kialakított szobával rendelkezik, és szinte mindegyikben vezeték nélküli internetkapcsolat (ingyenes), légkondicionálás, erkély/terasz, ventilátor, televízió várja a vendégeket. Néhány példa a szálloda szabadidős szolgáltatásai közül: saját tengerpart, masszázs. Bármi legyen utazásának célja, a(z) Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn kitűnő választás Davao City városában.
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Nazmi A. Párban utazó
Turkey, 27 május 2015
Beautiful place but a bit far to the port

Beautiful , Value of Money , Nice View
Price is really good. But it is a bit far to the seaport. You need to hire a motorbike at the seaport to go there. It takes 30-40 minutes with motorbike and you pay 100 PHP per head. Beside of this, it has great beach. It was definetly beautiful.
Brent S. Család fiatal gyerekekkel
Canada, 21 április 2015
“Completely Off The Hook” Best Vacation Ever!

People, Relaxation, Snorkeling
If you want to go to the Pearl Farm and stay at a structured luxury resort, do that. The Red Parrot in is a completely relaxing do whatever you want get away that caters to families, couples, single travelers and large parties. In fact we made friends from China, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Canada, and of course the Philippines during our stay. Kaputian is a small community on the south end of Samal Island. It has a nice beach, many amenities, and super friendly people and is the location of the Red Parrot Inn. Other reviews have said that this place is Isolated. Not even close in my opinion, it is just off the beaten path enough to be awesome. There is a large boat from Davao to Kaputian and back 3 times a day. This is an easy way for travelers to get to the Inn. We were a family of 14 and stayed 7 nights. We took boat trips to Talicud Island where they have good beaches and some of the best snorkeling I have done in the Philippines. We rented motorcycles and explored the beaches on the south end and east side of Samal Island. Some days we just sat back l drank beer and listened to the waves lap at the base of the large covered patio while others swam in the clean blue ocean. The food at the bar was good and I thought reasonable. The drinks where affordable and if you wanted to save 10 pesos you could go across the street and get your own drinks. The Inn has cooking facilities for the guests if they want to walk one block to the local market and buy food to cook. The staff at the Red Parrot Inn are truly fantastic people! We had the pleasure of meeting Cleo Hook. We would like to thank her and her family for their exceptional hospitality!
Enrique S. Egyéni utazó
Norway, 17 november 2014
ANDREW A. Párban utazó
Philippines, 25 szeptember 2014

1) Cheap.
Alan Y. Párban utazó
United States of America, 21 szeptember 2014
Remote and simple

Friendly parrot, friendly staff, good price
First, be warned, this place is remote. The taxi from the main ferry terminal is 1000p. I wanted to take side trips to the bat cave and waterfalls but it was not practical due to the distance. Also, it's in a little village with nothing of interest, no restaurants or entertainment. So you’re stuck with the hotel kitchen, which closes at 6:30, so you can't even get dinner on tourist hours! The menu is pretty basic, but all the food was decent. The oddest thing is the portions. Two of us could only finish half of the huge tuna steak, try as we might. Order ham and egg for breakfast, you get enough ham for 4 servings but only one egg. They say they have a beach. Well, there's a shoreline where you can wade or snorkel over the reef, but the water is rather dirty. The only sand is still wet at low tide, and submerged at high tide. The town has a beach park about 600 meters away, though. So the only thing to do is talk to the parrot (Hello!) drink San Miguel, and hire the boatman for a few hours to take you to a good diving spot, or a much nicer beach on nearby Talicud Island. We first reserved a cottage, price too good to be true. The place smelled musty, like it hasn't been properly ventilated in months; hardly any ventilation or view. When we rejected that, they offered us a standard double, still a decent price but much nicer.
Ryan B. Család fiatal gyerekekkel
Philippines, 24 szeptember 2014
Our stay was good

the view and location
Our stay was good and its nice view from our room
Ryan B. Párban utazó
Philippines, 14 szeptember 2014
Good Hotel

The view from our room is great which it is facing the next island and can see Mt.Apo
Our stay was good, the room is clean just need a little bit of improvement in the comfort room, and not really recommended if you stay with your kids as there's no shore during high tide from early evening to early morning beyond that the view is good from our room.
Mitch N. Csoportos utazó
Philippines, 12 augusztus 2014
Red Parrot Inn

The place is safe. Rooms are well-kept. Staff are very friendly.
There's nothing much to do in this hotel unless you'll go island hopping and it is very near Isla Reta. But among other accommodation in Kaputian Island, i think this is the best place to go to.
Robert D. Párban utazó
Canada, 28 július 2014
Spacious, Local, and Friendly

Staff attentiveness, local feel, and spacious room
Captain Hook's Red Parrot Inn was a great place to stay in Samal. It is in a small local village on the western coast of Samal with a small attractive island offshore. The man who runs the place (forget his name! arrgh!) was incredibly nice and sweet and very helpful in negotiating transport and other items. Our room was spacious and comfortable and had an adjoining terrace (shared with neighbouring room but we had it to ourselves!) which was nice in the evenings. The restaurant is a good standard and possibly the best in the town. This area of Samal was incredibly local - we were dressed humbly and modestly yet still attracted stares from quite a few passers-by. The island offshore was fun to visit for a day of swimming and sunning but not much more than that, and the place was slightly chancy (a few local teens eyeing us and our belongings for longer than a while), but only just so.
Sabrina W. Csoportos utazó
China, 19 március 2014
parrot, near sea, value for money

parrot, near sea, value for money
Great stay!!!! But food is expensive, good to go Talicud island

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