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  • tengerpartja
  • családi szórakozásra
  • romantikára
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  • Francisco Bangoy Nemeztközi Repülőtér (4.0 km)
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  • "Gyönyörű kert", "Barátságos és figyelmes személyzet", "Pihentető hely"
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  • Robinson Cybergate (4.5 km)
  • Kínai Negyed (5.0 km)
  • Eden Park (5.8 km)
  • Victoria Plaza (5.8 km)

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Chema's by the Sea Beach Resort

Limao, Babak Negyed - Samal Sziget, Davao City, Fülöp-szigetek

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07 február 2016 - 09 február 2016 | 2 éjszaka
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Chema's by the Sea Beach Resort szolgáltatásai

Szálláshely szolgáltatásai

  • bár a medencénél
  • étterem
  • szobaszerviz

Sport és szabadidő

  • kert
  • külső medence
  • masszázs
  • saját tengerpart


  • parkoló

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Resort leírás
Azon utazók számára, akik meglátogatnák Davao nevezetességeit, a(z) Chema's by the Sea Beach Resort ...mutass többet Azon utazók számára, akik meglátogatnák Davao nevezetességeit, a(z) Chema's by the Sea Beach Resort egy kitűnő választás. Innen a pezsgő város minden látnivalóját és érdekes programját könnyen elérhetik a látogatók. Lanang Country Club, Francisco Bangoy Nemeztközi Repülőtér, Sasa Kompkikötő – e látnivalók mind csupán karnyújtásnyira vannak a hoteltől, így minden vendég imádja a szálloda elhelyezkedését.

A(z) Chema's by the Sea Beach Resort mindent megtesz, hogy vendégei otthonosan érezzék magukat. A szállodát tökéletes kiszolgálás és kényelem jellemzi. Hogy biztosítsa vendégei kényelmét, a hotel számos kitűnő szolgáltatást nyújt: parkoló, szobaszerviz, étterem, bár a medencénél.

Szinte minden szobában a kényelem és komfort legmagasabb foka, légkondicionálás, íróasztal, erkély/terasz, LCD/plazma televízió, műholdas-/kábel-TV várja a vendégeket. Néhány példa a szálloda szabadidős szolgáltatásai közül: saját tengerpart, külső medence, masszázs, kert. Ha kellemes és kényelmes szálláshelyet keres Davao városában, a(z) Chema's by the Sea Beach Resort második otthona lesz.
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Összes értékelés (77)

Párban utazók (30)

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Család fiatal gyerekekkel (11)

Család idősebb gyerekekkel (14)

Csoportos utazók (18)

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Szoba komfortfokozata
Összes értékelés
Maria O. Csoportos utazók
Philippines, 20 január 2016

privacy, ease, comfort
simply relaxing!
Richard Y. Párban utazók
Philippines, 10 január 2016
Resort worth falling in love with

Cozy, relaxing, and good food
We have been to beach resorts from Pagudpud, La Union, Boracay, Puerto Galera, Iloilo, Cebu, Bohol, and smaller places in between. But none of them have made us fall in love with the place as much as Chema’s by the Sea resort. We picked this place as it was the best rated within our budget. But even if we had the budget, I would have no regrets picking this place compared to Pearl Farm or the other more expensive resorts on the island. Chema’s is definitely not high class or new, but it’s the most quaint and homey resort we’ve ever been to. It completely captures that beach cottage getaway feel you see in movies. There are only a few cottages in the resort so it’s never crowded. The beach is clear, clean, and made up of fine white sand. The two other resorts on either side of Chema’s don’t have beaches as beautiful as Chema’s; they are rocky and dirty. The service is courteous, fast, and personal. A possible downside would be the isolation. It’s far from the main road so you’re pretty much confined to the resort unless you rent a motorcycle to go to the island’s other major attractions. With respect to food, this means you’ll have to order your meals mostly at the resort. But that’s okay too, because the food is great and value-for-money. Servings are large and the cooking is delicious. There is, however, no drinking water provided; you’ll have to buy bottled water from them. So you may want to bring drinking water with you when you come. There’s also no WiFi, but the disconnection actually contributes to the restful ambience of the resort. The cottage itself looks old and a little worn, but for the resort’s age (14 years), it’s actually well maintained. The bathroom is modern. There’s a fridge, a decent TV, and even a DVD player with surround sound. The terrace overlooking the beach has a dining area and several sofas and lounge chairs where you can relax and just watch the beach and listen to the chill music playing from the resort’s speakers.
Lois C. Csoportos utazók
Philippines, 01 december 2015
Nov 28-29, 2015

Beachfront, food and room
The resort was ok but the management was not accommodating at all. We are asking a favor, even asking them to extend us another night but the owner kept on saying "there's a policy". I think the owner have the rights to change that to accommodate guests' request. Or he could have just said it in a nicer way. Another thing, they have no free water (even service water). I cannot believe that a 10,000 php worth of room doesn't have at least 1 free bottled water. This is the first time I experienced this.
Charis P. Család idősebb gyerekekkel
Philippines, 03 november 2015
Nothing beyond physical beauty

Beach. Beach. Beach.
Hmmm where do I even begin..First of all, pls take note that some my comments are greatly influenced by my experience from another resort in Samal Island that relatively have the same price. On a positive note, the Chema's is truly a hidden gem in Samal Island. The beach was clean and pristine and the cottages were a bit old, but has a nice feel to it. However, physical beauty aside, the resort has nothing more to offer. With the price of their accommodation, other resorts would already have breakfast included. This one doesn't have that. There were no shampoos and conditions inside the bathroom. In addition, there were cracks on the restroom door, cleary covered up by some sealant. If Chema's rated themselves as a 3 star accommodation, they should have a least provided complete toiletries. When we asked for an extra towel (since ours got really wet after swimming), they informed us that it would cost us extra! The level of friendliness we received from the staff did not elevate our experience as well. One of them even told us that it was our fault we had difficulty finding our way to the place since we didn't call before heading to the resort. Newsflash, we did call beforehand but it is not our fault the resort doesn't even have a single signage in Samal Island. If you look at google maps, Chema's appears to be located in 2 different areas (one near Pearl Farm which is misleading). It is not their fault of course, but they should have known about this dilemma; hence, try to avoid misleading their costumers by placing directions. Even the gate entrance to the resort does not have a signage!! They should not assume that everyone knows their way around the area. Remember, a great number of costumers are tourists since they are a resort. Overall, value for money was not met. Compared to the previous resort I've been to, with almost the same price, this is a let down.
Hanna R. Csoportos utazók
Philippines, 21 szeptember 2015
soul searching 🙏

Food, Staffs and rooms
Angelica C. Egyéni utazók
Philippines, 06 október 2015
Relax at Chema's

Comfort, relaxed, quiet
I loved my stay in Chema's. I was there to relax and enjoy the view/beach. That was exactly what I was able to do!
colin D. Párban utazók
United States of America, 29 július 2015
I like Chema's

The cottage was great, the staff were excellent, the location was a thrill
Our stay at Chema's was very relaxing and private and everything was great. I give high recommendations of Chema's By The Sea To anyone wanting a peaceful get away.
Chona D. Csoportos utazók
Philippines, 04 január 2016
Everything is good except for poor wifi

1. room presentation
IVY B. Család idősebb gyerekekkel
Philippines, 22 június 2015
Nice place to unwind

Privacy, accessibility, relaxing
Nicholas F. Párban utazók
United States of America, 22 június 2015
Very Nice Hotel

Staff, cleanliness, pool
If you research this hotel, there are some bad reviews. My experience was very positive. I only stayed at the hotel one night but it was a very good night. The staff has been constantly the number one complaint in all the reviews. So I went to the hotel with smile on my face and positive attitude and that's the same response I got back from them. I think it's the attitude of the guest that ignites the bad experience with any staff. The hotel itself is a beautiful gem tucked away in the greens of the island. It's like the hotel was built around the trees....very cool. The pool is awesome. The beach is small but in high tide is very nice to swim in. I only stayed one night and the food we got was great. The fried chicken was perfect! Helpful tip, when booking this hotel, arrange transport in advance with the hotel so you can get a transport from Davao at the Watergront Hotel. Much better than taking the Ferry.

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