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Dewi Dewi Villas

Jl. Danau Buyan IV GG III No.8B, Sanur, Bali, Indonézia

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Jeff B. Párban utazók United States of America, 2016. április 24.
good value
A nice place with a good shower, A/C, a couch in the room, a small balcony and a nice (small) pool. The location is a bit away from the beach (10 min walk) but I think for the price range you probably cannot do better. You do have to cross a busy road, but there is a crosswalk so it isn't so bad as others complain about. The only two negatives for me were the bed (2 single beds pushed together to create a queen) and the bathroom smells a bit (not sure if it is mold or what causes the smell exactly - it isn't great but it isn't terrible either, just annoying). Other than that, a great stay and good, friendly staff. Breakfast is nothing to rave about, but for being included it isn't anything to complain about either.
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Selina T. Egyéni utazók Brunei Darussalam, 2016. április 8.
Fantastic value for money
Great little place tucked away down a narrow winding road, so can be quite difficult to find the first time. Might be a good idea to have the map loaded up on your phone so you can show the taxi driver how to get there (Google Maps location is accurate). Once you've walked around the area a little bit you'll have no trouble remembering how to get there or giving directions to your taxi :) The day staff are fantastic, friendly and helpful. The guy who takes the night shift is not as fantastic, but he is still good and helpful. His English is not the best so if you have special requests I would suggest asking the day staff where possible. The rooms are split into two sides, left and right, each with their own small plunge pool. Every room has its own porch area where you can have breakfast, and is quite private as it's closed on three sides so you won't have to chat with your neighbours if you don't want to! The wifi during my stay wasn't working very well, it was really hard to connect and it seemed that the router on the left-hand side where my room was wasn't working, so to access the wifi I had to move around to the right-hand side to sit by the pool there. (Not a big deal but could be inconvenient for some). I ended up getting an Indonesian SIM card for really cheap anyway (approx USD$5 for 1GB data) so didn't have to worry about wifi after that! I stayed here three nights in total, and would definitely come back again.
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Carl H. Egyéni utazók United Kingdom, 2016. február 27.
Good for some people. A little bit too noisy for me. Internet failed every day. Hopefully this is just a teething problem with the provider.
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Maria N. Párban utazók United Kingdom, 2016. január 27.
Clean hotel with marvellous staff

The staff at the hotel were absolutely amazing, the hotel is clean and the rooms are good size.
The best of the hotel for us is the staff, the location is far and difficult to find, but the staff rented us a motorbike so we didn't have problems to move around. The breakfast is basic but we were not expecting it other way as the price of the room was incredible cheap.The hotel is very clean but we had problems with the water, shower and toilet were quickly fixed but we never had water coming from the bathroom sink tap. We only stood for one night so for us it wasn't a big problem.
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David P. Párban utazók Australia, 2015. szeptember 3.
lovely stay

Value for Money Staff Performance Location
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Sophia A. Egyéni utazók United Kingdom, 2015. július 30.
Lovely villas

Our villa was extremely clean and well maintained. The staff were friendly and helpful and the price was very good for the standard of room we had.
Our stay was very relaxing and comfortable. We had everything we needed and the staff were helpful.
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Margaret J. Párban utazók United Kingdom, 2015. július 11.
value for cost

value, location. kitchen facilities in room.
Not a holiday destination but ideal for short term stay in Bali or in need of a clean comfortable bed with own cooking facilities.
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Sheila A. Üzleti utazók Indonesia, 2015. március 15.
Awesome. Semi-private pool. Nice staff.

They have new furniture. Nice semi private pool. Great staff. Nice ambience. Everything is awesome! But too bad that it's quite far from food place and quite confusing to find the exact place.
I'm having quite great holiday. Good job!
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Septi N. Egyéni utazók Indonesia, 2015. március 15.
no resto, breakfast only a slice bread

nice & warm staff, cheap, room clean
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Michael O. Egyéni utazók Australia, 2015. március 9.
Great Hotel Nice and helpful Staff

Rooms Staff Pool
I enjoyed staying here The rooms were very nice The pool was nice and the staff very helpful A very happy place to stay And good Prices WELL DONE
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