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Gie Gardens Hotel

18 M.H. Del Pilar St. , cor. C.P.Garcia Ave, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Fülöp-szigetek 6300 (Térkép)

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Kerület: Tagbilaran City Szobák száma: 16
Ingyenes Wi Fi

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Szálláshely állapota/Tisztaság
Szoba komfortfokozata
Összes értékelés (92)
Stephen B. Egyéni utazó United States of America, 2015. január 14.
Gie Gardens Hotel

the location
Chandrina T. Család fiatal gyerekekkel Australia, 2014. augusztus 5.
Excellent hotel

friendly staff, clean and near to the shops
It was excellent very happy with my stay and my children love it.
Mel M. Család fiatal gyerekekkel Philippines, 2014. június 15.
An ordinary budget hotel

location, price
The frontdesk area was a little gloomy. The checkin was fast and we were provided our room right away which was on the 3rd floor. There were no elevators so our grandmother had a hard time going up and down the stairs. The room was spacious although you can see that it's already old. The aircon is not that cold but that's alright for me as I don't really like cold temp that much. The staff was pretty attentive to our request. The toilet got busted but they were able to fix it in a few minutes. Pretty decent to stay if you just want a place to sleep. However, if youre with an elderly or you want a cool environment, better check out other hotels.
Bjorn B. Párban utazó Sweden, 2014. február 23.
Never coming back

Very high noisy Dirty air Old house not hotel Im afraid TO stay alone
Joy M. Család fiatal gyerekekkel Philippines, 2013. július 7.
I wont come back and recommend this hotel..

The staff were quite accommodating
I was surprise ...and my jaw fell when i saw the was an old building..on the ground floor there were so much people...well i just dont know what they are doing for the assembly but they are quite loud or noisy...the rooms were at the third floor...they have big rooms..but quite old and filthy...there were two single bed per old 14 inches aircon in a room we have was cooling enough...and NO HOT And COLD shower in the four rooms i got...i ask for a room with hot and cold shower according to the front desk they dont have a vacant room with that...anyway they lent us thermos with hot water but we have to wait for so long for the staff to fill it up because they only have ONE SMALL eletronic thermos...anyway on the second day we were able to transfer to a room with hot and cold shower after telling them that ill ask for refund..unfortunately there was a brown out...almost one hour we waited for them to lit the light using generator but sad to say they dont have for more than an hour we waited for the power to came back...very hot and very dark...i was really disappointed with the hotel i payment is not worth for pay because i saw other hotels within the vicinity that are much cheaper and more beautiful
Olusegun T. Párban utazó United States of America, 2013. június 9.

Very dirty,no service, not safe for decent person/family
Hanzel I. Egyéni utazó Philippines, 2013. április 15.

none at all....sorry but that's true
the aircon of each room is hot there is no hot and cold shower.... bad mattress....i hate this hotel
Robert G. Egyéni utazó United States of America, 2013. április 10.
the staff were wonderful and it was centraly locat

staff, location, clean
Maria T. Üzleti utazó Philippines, 2013. április 6.
budget friendly

budget friendly hotel
Gie Gardens is much nicer in the pictures of Agoda. haha It has no character...just a room that has affordable rates. You can stay here if you just need a place to sleep in. No customer service that you can count on. Aircon is lousy too. But if you're cheap..this is what you get. Enjoy the city and come home tired and will work.
Suzette S. Család fiatal gyerekekkel Philippines, 2013. április 3.

The staff are very helpful, nice and friendly.
we cant recommend this hotel to my friends or other guest, it is very noisy outside, and a lot of people were roaming aound,place is dirty, and really no space, not even a couch were you will be welcomed and wait til the receptionist will entertain you. the outside of the hotel is very dirty, it is directly in the road, when you are in the room is clean but the bed was a mess, you cant sleep there, its very soft that its almost hard to sleep. when you move, everybody beside you moved also, it was a hard night. will never recommend this hotel.

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