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  • Dumaluan part (4.2 km)
  • Alona part (8.2 km)
  • Fülöp-szigeteki Pápaszemes Maki Alapítvány (8.2 km)
  • Doljo Beach (9.6 km)

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La Pernela Resort

Barangay San Isidro, Dauis, Panglao Island, Fülöp-szigetek 6339

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08 február 2016 - 10 február 2016 | 2 éjszaka
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La Pernela Resort szolgáltatásai

Szálláshely szolgáltatásai

  • családi szoba
  • étterem
  • gyermekfelügyelet
  • hotel/reptér transzfer
  • kávézó
  • létesítmények mozgáskorlátozottaknak
  • mosodai szolgáltatás
  • széf
  • szobaszerviz
  • tárgyaló/bankett létesítmények
  • túrák
  • üzletek a szállás területén

Sport és szabadidő

  • gyógyfürdő
  • kert
  • külső medence
  • masszázs
  • medence (gyerekeknek)


  • ingyenes Wi-Fi az összes szobában
  • Wi-Fi a közös helységekben


  • parkoló

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Resort leírás
Azon utazók számára, akik meglátogatnák Panglao Island nevezetességeit, a(z) La Pernela Resort egy k...mutass többet Azon utazók számára, akik meglátogatnák Panglao Island nevezetességeit, a(z) La Pernela Resort egy kitűnő választás. A szálloda városközponttól való távolsága 7 km, így innen minden fontosabb létesítmény könnyen megközelíthető. Ez a modern hotel olyan népszerű látnivaló közelében található, mint például: Bikini Beach, Bohol Méhfarm, Hinagdanan Barlang, Dauis.

A(z) La Pernela Resort vendégszeretete és magas szintű egyéb szolgáltatásai feledhetetlenné teszik az itt tartózkodást. Íme néhány a szálloda szolgáltatásai közül: ingyenes Wi-Fi az összes szobában, létesítmények mozgáskorlátozottaknak, Wi-Fi a közös helységekben, parkoló, szobaszerviz.

A(z) La Pernela Resort 10 ízlésesen berendezett szobát számlál, amelyből számos szoba, számtalan kényelmet nyújt: internetkapcsolat (vezeték nélküli), vezeték nélküli internetkapcsolat (ingyenes), nemdohányzó szobák, légkondicionálás, íróasztal. Néhány példa a szálloda szabadidős szolgáltatásai közül: külső medence, gyógyfürdő, masszázs, medence (gyerekeknek), kert. Ha kellemes és kényelmes szálláshelyet keres Panglao Island városában, a(z) La Pernela Resort második otthona lesz.
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Összes értékelés (28)
Cody K. Párban utazók
United States of America, 22 február 2015
Peace and quiet

Clean rooms, friendly staff, peaceful
Good stay, it's not in the city, it's on a country road. They only caution would be to plan a lot of extra time for any airport transfers.
Breifne K. Párban utazók
Ireland, 27 február 2015
Three night stay

Near a beach. walks over rock pools. relaxing.
We booked this place without much research as the original place we booked had given our room away without informing us. Therefore we were pretty happy to get any place considering it was the day before Chinese New Year and one of the busiest times for people travelling. The place is wonderfully maintained, clean and natural. The rooms are comfortable, and clean and most certainly has a hotel feel to it. The service is good there and the owner is a nice, warm, friendly person who is interesting and helpful. We ate there everyday, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food was good, if a little small, but it tasted nice. The breakfast was a little too small for my liking, and forced me to have lunch there most days, but maybe that's the idea :) The only complaint i would have is the distance from Alona beach, the main night life area, and the need to get a taxi there. The location is great for those looking to read and relax, away from the night life, however the charge of 300 for the taxi was a little expensive i thought. We got a trike home one evening and it was 200 and i believe more experienced travelers could get it cheaper again. The distance isn't that far. To put it in perspective, we got a trike to Loboc 24km and it was 600!! But other than that, great!
Carmencita L. Család idősebb gyerekekkel
United States of America, 28 január 2015
"Beachfront" is misleading

clean, friendly staff, quiet
Reason we chose this resort because we thought it was "beachfront". It really is not, the front of the hotel is a cliff and beach is 5 minute walk from the resort. There is no beach in front of the resort! Location is too isolated, too far from town and breakfast was a disappointment. For all senior citizens, this resort does not honor SC discount, however, upon checkout I insisted on it and gave it to us anyway for food that we ordered.
chin P. Párban utazók
Singapore, 02 január 2015

Not a single one
not a holiday resort....
Aymon S. Párban utazók
Australia, 15 április 2014
A wonderful place to stay

Friendly staff, good rooms and quiet location
Our stay at La Pernela was amazing! The staff were all wonderful and so helpful with whatever we needed or asked about. The location of the hotel means that it is very quiet and relaxing. I would recommend hiring a motorbike or scooter to explore the island as it works out cheaper and much easier than organising taxis or cars. Our room was clean and a good size, with daily housekeeping. There was also sausage dogs that belong to the owner at the hotel which made for great company while relaxing and enjoying a meal. So cute!! I'll definitely stay here again the next time I visit Bohol.
tran P. Párban utazók
Philippines, 12 december 2013
A great location to unwind

Great location with quiet surrounding, close to beach and diving ground. Friendly staff with smiles and help at anytime on anything. Nice garden and hotel decor
We enjoyed very much our stay in this hotel. The nice garden and beautiful ocean view with a private diving ground are certainly the big plus. it is a bit away from the busy tourist areas in Bohol, but then it gives you a peaceful relaxing time. The hotel is a few minutes drive to the Bee farm where you can buy many intersting stuff and nice lunch. The Hotel owner and staff are friendly and helpful, very attentive to all your needs. We will definitely come back and recommend the hotel to our friends
Shirley M. Család fiatal gyerekekkel
United States of America, 05 augusztus 2013
Warm and hospitable owner.

Modern room, quiet environment, friendly staff
Relaxing, quiet but the beach was not swimmable at the time we checked in. I was expecting for a clear water beach but it was not.Anyway from what I was told it had been raining prior to our arrival. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay.
Roxie R. Párban utazók
United States of America, 22 május 2013
Very relaxing and peaceful

The owner Mirabell was lovely and attentive. The hotel is very tranquil and kept up to quite a high standard.
The hotel is located quite close to Alona beach, so enjoying some Panglao nightlife is accomplished easily enough, but La Pernela is also far enough away that there is peace and quiet when you come back to rest. The food is amazing and Mirabell, the owner, frequently made specialty dishes that were not on the menu because I had expressed a particular desire. She was incredibly accommodating and went to every length to make sure that our stay was enjoyable. The rooms were clean and stylish, and the grounds were really well groomed. The property also extends right to the ocean, and is within a 5 minute walk from 2 separate beaches - I would highly recommend staying here to anyone!
vivi J. Egyéni utazók
Denmark, 27 február 2013
Stylish rooms

The owner is a very attentive host
Rooms are nicely designed. Very clean. Beautiful garden and a very nice pool. Across the road there's a green area also belonging to the hotel, which is a nice place to hang out with a book with a nice view over the cliffs and the sea. There's a tiny beach 5 min walk away. Another beach about 10 min walk is very picturesque with a lot of fishing boats. The far end is the best for sunbathing, though we are not talking bounty beaches, but beaches with a very local touch. The hotel is in an isolated area, but it is not a problem to get transportation either arranged by the owner or if you walk to the mainroad you can easily get a moto. The owner can inform about prices etc. If you are travelling alone and want to go on a tour the owner will try to hook you up with agroup, to make it cheaper for you. For most privacy you should go for the rooms at the front and away from the restaurent.
Willy B. Csoportos utazók
Norway, 28 február 2013
A hotel with standard words" i'm sorry".

If You like to stay a long way from everything, and have no whises for service, its OK.
The Rooms were ok, nothing more. The food was no good, always server to late, from 45-90 minutes, and for us 2 couples who wanted to eat at the same time, That never happend. Only one and one person could be served, and If we Get the food together, it was COLD. The owner always said, I'm sorry for this, and sorry for that, smiling..

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